Meanwhile, snow falls across areas of southwestern North Dakota, and did we mention it's June.

It's the first time since 1951that Dickinson residents have seen snow in June and it is the latest snowfall on record for the city.

Here's the white stuff in Richardton this afternoon.

According to the National Weather Service... there were unofficial reports of a couple of inches of snow in several southwestern towns...

Meteorologists say snow in North Dakota in June is uncommon, though it's not unheard of. Other parts of the state have seen June snow within the past 10 years.

The snow was sticking to the ground about 20 miles west of Bismarck... and for people in Richardton... it's quite the sight to see.

(Bryan Rubin/Minnesota )"I've never seen anything like it. Never. Not this late in the year. I mean, it's supposed to be colder where I'm from and it's not. When I left the house this morning I thought I was dressed appropriately, but shorts and a t-shirt aren't cutting it."