A painful sting for a Florida family whose beloved dog was attacked and killed by a swarm of bees. It happened in Largo, Florida Monday and authorities say the day's overcast skies may have stirred up the bee hive.


On a stretcher, Mimi, part boxer part pit-bull, paramedics try to save the family pet after it was attacked in the back yard by Italian Honeybees.

"She was covered I couldn't even see the color of her skin -- all I could see was bees," said dog owner Lisa Pham. Pham sprayed the bees with a hose and they turned on her. She got away; her dog, a Christmas gift to her children, would later die.

It's hard to believe, but the weather may have had something to do with the attack. "It was an overcast day. Bees don't like that. The dog, probably barking, just bad place at a bad time," said bee keeper Jim Forholt.

Forholt says the Italian Honeybees rarely are this aggressive, but it happens.

For Pham, as upsetting as this is, she said it could have been worse. "It could have been worse because it could have been another child at the park or even my daughter who is seven." said Pham.

Mimi died at the veterinarian's office from cardiac arrest. She was stung more than a thousand times.