To Monday noon, the total rainfall recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory in June had reached 1,346.1 millimeters, which has become the wettest month since records began in 1884.

The new record broke the one previous monthly rainfall record of 1,241.1 millimeters set in May, 1889.

The heavy rain in Hong Kong in June was associated with the active southwesterlies over the south China coastal areas and Typhoon Fengshen.

Other areas in the Pearl River Delta were also affected by the heavy rain in June.

To June 29, the total rainfall for June recorded at Guangzhou and Macao had respectively reached 872.7 millimeters, with data provided by the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau and 1,200.8 millimeters, according to the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau.

These figures also were the highest monthly rainfall records at the two places.

The previous highest monthly rainfall record for Guangzhou was 684.0 millimeters set in June, 1959 and for Macao it was 975.2 millimeters set in May, 1972.