Kuwait Friday was hit by a sandstorm that blew at 56 km/hr from the East and the Southeast of Kuwait, causing showers at a couple of places in the country, says Musaed Al-Hammad, Head of Mirzam Observatory. He was talking to the Arab Times soon after studying the recordings of the weather conditions from his observatory. The visibility during the storm in the desert was zero, about a kilometer in the city and 4 km in Wafra. The unexpected storm uprooted trees, damaged minor structures in different parts of Kuwait and flooded the Gulf Road. All shipping movement at Kuwaiti ports was stopped. The Sharq area was also flooded.

Musaed said short and indecisive showers are a characteristic feature of the Al-Sarrayat season, which lasts for a month and is due to end on May 3. This is one of the last rains of the year, he added. "There is a 70 percent chance for some more showers on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. "During this season, clouds fleet by close to the ground shedding incessant rainfall at various places, causing wet and dry conditions in the state. Since the clouds move very fast, the season has been named Al- Sarrayat or 'The fast mover.'" This month can upset plans as the weather can be very indecisive and people have to be prepared for unexpected sandstorms and rains, the astronomer noted.

He said there are two types of sandstorms: one that blows from the neighboring deserts in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and the other kind which blows from far off zones, which are more powerful. Friday's sandstorm was mild. Three people were killed in separate incidents during the storm, Major Khaleel Al-Ameer, Head of the Public Relations at the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) told the Arab Times. In the first incident, two Egyptians were burnt to death after their car collided with another vehicle in Kabd. Firemen rushed to the scene and removed the vehicles from the scene before referring the remains to the Forensics.

A man drowned in the beach water after he and his son had gone fishing near Shaab. Major Al-Ameer added that the boy was rescued by passers by while a rescue team managed to fish out the body of the man after a massive search. No further details were available. Al-Ameer also said that a total of 21 rescue operations were conducted and that 11 fire incidents were reported until 9 pm. Al-Ameer further added that several incidents of trees being uprooted and cars damaged were reported. According to Al-Ameer, four firemen were injured in a two-vehicle collision, even as the firemen were on their way to an accident site.