A pygmy sperm whale found stranded off the Florida Keys was in critical condition at a rehabilitation center on Sunday.

The 10 1/2-foot long male was discovered Saturday off Islamorada and transferred to the Marine Mammal Conservancy in Key Largo.

pygmy sperm whale
©Florida Keys News Bureau, Bob Care
In this photo released by the Florida Keys News Bureau, marine mammal rescue volunteers Bob Coakley, left, and Lloyd Brown, right, closely examine a pygmy sperm whale at the Marine Mammal Conservancy Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008, in Key Largo, Fla. The 10-foot-long male, estimated to weigh 1,000 pounds, was discovered stranded off the Florida Keys early Saturday, Feb. 23, and was subsequently transported to the Conservancy for care.

"We've taken blood work, cultures, sent off blood to test for viruses and have done an electrocardiogram," said Robert Lingenfelser, the center's president. "We've got endoscopes and ultrasound scheduled, so we still have a lot of testing to do on this guy to find out exactly what is going on."

The roughly 1,000-pound whale was swimming a little on his own.

"He's still dehydrated," Lingenfelser said. "We're giving him fluids every four hours and giving him a bit of a fish soup to start putting protein in him."

Volunteers will be with the whale 24 hours a day helping to support and comfort him in the rehabilitation lagoon.