JAKARTA - A strong 6.2-magnitude quake rattled the remote Indonesian island of Nias, off the west coast of Sumatra, early Wednesday, leaving one person dead and four injured, the police said.

'There was only one death and there were no substantial damage to the buildings and structures in town,' First Sergeant Muri of the North Nias district police said, speaking from the district capital of Gunung Sitoli.

The source of the quake was 10km below the surface some 24km southwest of Gunung Sitoli, the Indonesian meteorology and geophysics office said.

The quake struck at 12.14 am (1714 GMT Tuesday), the US Geological Survey said. The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not immediately issue an alert following the quake.

Nias island was hit by a 8.7-magnitude earthquake in 2005 that killed some 850 people and left tens of thousands homeless.