CLARKSTOWN, N.Y. - Isn't the 11th Commandment thou shalt not use the church's telephone to call a sex hot line? A homeless man has been charged with breaking into a Valley Cottage church by picking a lock so he could dial up some sex chat.

The man, James Macnair, was arraigned Monday night before Clarkstown Justice Scott Ugell on charges of burglary, possession of a burglar's tools and petty larceny. He admitted he had sinned before, breaking into the Elim Alliance Church days earlier for the same reason, the judge said.

A church treasurer found Macnair on the phone both times, police said. The first time, when he was in an office, she told him to leave, but the second time, when he was in a basement area used as a nursery for children, she called 911, they said.

Macnair, 35, was being held without bail Tuesday at the Rockland County jail and was due back in court Wednesday. A desk officer at the jail said it wasn't possible to put Macnair on the phone to speak to a reporter.