The trichinellosis epidemic, caused by infected sausage, is spreading in the city of Szczechin, northwestern Poland, said in a provincial deputy veterinarian doctor in Szczecin.

The number of people, afflicted by the disease, has topped 180, with nearly 70 of them are being hospitalised. Medics assess the state of most of them as "moderate to serious".

The epidemic started early in June when the first patients turn to doctors. It was found out soon that all of them had eaten sausage of the "Polish" trademark, produced by one of local packing yards.

Attempts by the local sanitary and veterinary service to confiscate goods of the packing yard from shops failed. Nearly the entire batch of trichinellosis-infected sausage was purchased by citizens over its cheapness.

Trichinas cause strong headache, pain in muscles and facial edema.

The disease can be fatal if not treated in good time.