The poisoning of pet food, as a stand-alone event, could reasonably be assumed. Such a mistake could happen and by terrible accident. But the problem is that pets, and their extraordinary numbers in American hearts and households, bother a lot of "non-profits," community "partnerships," emergency responders, and other such governmental agencies (making note that most everything is now a governmental agency). Couple this with the fact that "experimentation" upon the American people, soldiers, inmates, and people in many, many other nations of the "over-populated world" is common place, on-going, and a corporation government status quo.

When clouds are seeded, chemtrails are spewed unfettered, super viruses are manufactured; when food is genetically modified against the will of the world's people; when liquor, street drugs and pharmaceutical drugs, depleted uranium, and Agent Orange are used as weapons of mass destruction, when drugs are legislatively "Act-ed," and enforced upon all people - from infancy through eldership - and when massive global depopulation is mandated by the political elite, the environmental elite, the United Nations, and the global feminist lobby, why would we not consider that "pets" would also come under the umbrella of pre-planned and mass reduction?

I can't help but to consider the NAIS at this point in pondering. Not only the chipping/tracking of farm animals, but also the chipping/collaring/tracking of "reintroduced" wild animals into areas slated for human removal - you know - the "human relocation" initiatives via Agenda 21, "weather and fire emergencies", national "crisis," and my favorite legislative phrase - "and for other purposes."

As the "new" government in America continues masterminding and power grabbing, and as the depopulation agendas continue to cross-breed with unrelenting financial support - coupled with the massive growth of emergency powers, players, and systems on U.S. soil - one wonders about the problem of hundreds of millions of pets.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association's 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey, we the people "choose" to care for approximately 73 million dogs, 90 million cats, 139 million freshwater fish, 9 million saltwater fish, 16 million birds, 18 million small animals, and 11 million reptiles.

Now, imagine, if you will, a declaration of Martial Law. No Constitution, no rights whatsoever, forced relocations, forced and unpaid civilian labor forces assigned to designated work camps, and the rationing of food and water. you think our pets will get to go? I think not.

I recall a recent comment from David Paulison, our new FEMA director, who stated that, "Politics is being taken out of top assignments as regional directors are hired based on their experience as career staffers. FEMA has filled many vacancies and brought in advisers to help with critical issues such as planning for people with disabilities and pet owners," he said.

Paulison's first statement, frankly, is astounding - the "removal" of politics (or oversight, vote, or public opinion) to be replaced with unelected, unknown, and dictatorial "regional" directors. Sorry, Mr. Paulison, but this comment fully questions your Constitutional integrity and devotion to the people of this nation. Secondly, I find that lumping people with disabilities and pets under the umbrella of "critical issues" to be equally unsettling. As we know, people with "disabilities," or in global language, unfit gene pools, useless eaters, and incapable "community" servants are undesirable. And our nearly 400 million pets are equally problematic to many paramilitary missions at hand. Critical issues - indeed.

So, suddenly, pet food comes up contaminated - probably those darned Red Chinese - and probably trying to "hurt" the American people. Yeah...and I've got some Biosphere Wetland to sell you with a big chunk of its conservation corridor to boot.

Let us remember that experimentation upon multi-billions of animals continues unabated for corporate profits, and that such experimentation precedes the now "forced" delivery of our pharmaceuticals and genetically modified food supplies. And let us also remember that billions of animals have been euthanized by that compassionate governmental agency - the "Humane" Society - and simply because they were caught, trapped, had naturally re-wilded, were just walking down the sidewalk, or born feral or free from human domestication. Don't you just love these agencies of compassion and "nature?" Don't you just love governmental agencies that are funded to kill?

And now, we are dealing with veterinarians who 1) chip our pets, 2) force vaccine drugs into our pets, 3) slice off the tips of ears of sterilized pets, 4) and bully pet owners into mass sterilization of all pets - minus, of course, the "thoroughbred" pets of the wealthy. Wow. Depopulation trends overlap - human to the disabled to pets - minus, of course, the rich. And then to the red flag heap, we add the environmentalist nature Reich, who believes that pet "ownership" is evil - in spite of the fact that animal lovers tend to care faithfully for God's creatures.

I present the red flag because it is easy to make depopulation connections when so many "agendas" operate in sync and on every political level. Poisoned pet food? You bet. A terrible accident? When pigs fly. Perhaps David Paulison will tell us what is in store for "people with pets" during our next "regional" crisis - or better yet, should his agency take Executive Ordered control of the united States.

Head's up, folks. There's more in the making each and every day, and your pets are equally vulnerable to synchronized missions in play. Depopulation has been mandated. "Pets" are put down to the tune of multi-millions each and every year, decade after decade and billions in total, and under the (dis)guise of compassion, and laws have been enacted nationwide (not voted upon) that disallow "pets" to even go outside. There's more to this picture than meets the tell-a-visioned eye.