Looks like we nailed it in our editorial of last week about the Iranian "defector". According to Iranian officials Asghari was, as we suspected, a long-term spy for "Western agencies" i.e. Mossad and the CIA, and his escape into the arms of the West seems to be herald the final stage in the building of the bogus case for a murderous attack on the Iranian people by the American, British and Zionist thugs.
Defector spied on Iran for years

Times Online

AN Iranian general who defected to the West last month had been spying on Iran since 2003 when he was recruited on an overseas business trip, according to Iranian sources.

This weekend Brigadier General Ali Reza Asgari, 63, the former deputy defence minister, is understood to be undergoing debriefing at a Nato base in Germany after he escaped from Iran, followed by his family.

A daring getaway via Damascus was organised by western intelligence agencies after it became clear that his cover was about to be blown. Iran,s notorious secret service, the Vavak, is believed to have suspected that he was a high-level mole.

According to the Iranian sources, the escape took several months to arrange. At least 10 close members of his family had to flee the country. Asgari has two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren and it is believed that all, including his daughters-in-law, are now out of Iran. Their final destination is unknown.

Asgari is said to have carried with him documents disclosing Iran's links to terrorists in the Middle East. It is not thought that he had details of the country's nuclear programme.

An Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Aharonot, claimed this weekend that Mossad, Israel's external security service, had orchestrated his defection. There is some evidence that the Mossad station in Istanbul was involved in shadowing Asgari after he arrived in Turkey via Damascus last month.

It is unclear which intelligence organisation he was spying for. "He probably was working for Mossad but believed he was working for a European intelligence agency" said an Israeli defence source.
While the Times claims that it is not thought that Asghari had details of Iran's nuclear programme, according to the Jerusalem newswire citing London-based Arabic newspaper and CIA/Israeli mouthpiece, 'Asharq Alawsat':
Iranian defector may hold catalyst for war

By Ryan Jones
Mar 11, 2007

An Iranian defense official who reportedly defected to the West last week may be in possession of evidence that could be used justify military action against Iran.

Former Iranian deputy defense minister Ali Rez Asgari was secreted away from Turkey to an undisclosed location in Europe by Western officials.

This after he informed American officials several weeks earlier that he wished to defect and provide assistance in bringing down those running his country.

According to a London-based Arabic newspaper, Asgari was in possession of documents definitively linking the Iranian regime to the actions of Lebanon's Hizb'allah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the two main insurgency forces in Iraq - the Mahdi Army and the Badr Corps. Asgari was also well acquainted with Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, as well as Tehran's preparations for possible military conflict with the US. If the evidence - particularly regarding Iran's role in Iraq's instability - is verifiable, it could be enough to prompt Washington to begin putting war preparations in motion.
Of course, Israel and the US are long past the stage of "putting war preparations in motion". At this stage, the cruise missiles on the US' three aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf are ready to launch, the only thing left to do is make a half-hearted attempt to convince the Western public that Iran poses an immediate threat to their very lives, or at least those of the Jews in Israel. The 'proof' that Iran must be attacked will have to be taken on faith alone, because there will of course be no way to corroborate the allegations of the double-crossing Israeli spy Asghari. Then again, at least for the American and British public, after 6 years of the outrageous lies of Bush and Blair, this shouldn't be such a tall order.

As with Iraq, the public will once again disbelieve their own eyes, ears and logic and sit quietly and wait for the results of a US-Israeli-led attack on Iran, at which point they will once again be given the chance to see quite clearly that the ONLY threat to the lives of people everywhere comes from the psychopaths in their own governments and those that make up the Zionst entity in Palestine.