Yawn! Even if I wasn't actually tired, that would still be my response to the latest "terror alert" from the UK government office of machiavellian nonsense...

I mean, seriously, at what point do people start to smell a rat? Is the mass mind of the British public destined to be forever child-like and easily scared, or does the threat of the boogeyman eventually wear off? I mean, how many times can you arrest a group of patsies and claim that they were planning to attack the British public before people begin to wonder if you are just making it up?

Allegedly, the plot involved using carry on luggage to blow up 10 planes on routes from the UK to the US. Exactly how the "terrorists" were going to disguise bombs in hand luggage in such a way that they would not be seen by x-ray machines that are used as standard at all UK airports remains a mystery. Overnight, 21 homegrown British Muslims were rounded up and flung into a cell for being Muslim and therefore likely patsy candidates for MI5's most recent "terrorism" stitch up. There, they will wait for British securocrats to put the final touches to the made-up "evidence" against them, which will then be presented by British securocrats to themselves and later selectively released to the fawning mainstream media.

Referring to the alleged plot Deputy police Commissioner Paul Stephenson followed the script, like all good little Police Commissioners should, saying:
"This was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."
Strangely enough however, over the past 3 weeks, the whole world (minus Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson apparently) has not only been imagining but watching in almost real time the mass murder of at least 1,000 Lebanese civilians by Israel. Then again, Lebanese are all terrorists anyway according to Israel and its UK and US partners in crime.

It is, of course, a massive and uncanny coincidence (to which you should pay no attention whatsoever) that this "terror alert" comes just a week after UK home secretary John Reid's anti-terror campaign was dealt a serious blow when Britain's three most senior judges ruled that Reid's "virtual house arrest" powers were incompatible with human rights law. Why was the Blair government attempting to give itself powers that violated human rights laws? Well, because the Blair government seems to enjoy violating human rights laws and scaring the British people into believing they will benefit from draconian legislation that will ultimately be used against them.

Feel the fear and know WHY you need us.
Interestingly, it was just yesterday that Reid, speaking to the London Think Tank Demos, stated in response to the ruling that "traditional concepts of individual rights and freedom are outmoded in the face of the 21st century terror threat." Reid failed to mention however that the terror threat was entirely fabricated by members of the American British and Israeli intelligence services and other unnamed government back room boys. Reid further stated that Britain might have to modify its freedoms in order to fight an "unconstrained enemy" which posed the "most severe and sustained threat since the end of World War II". Hitler killed the Jews, Osama wants to kill everyone. See? It's the same thing.Reid continued: "It is up to each and all of us to ask the questions - what price security? At what cost preservation of freedom?"
Off the record, Reid continued: "At what cost the preservation of freedom? Freedom itself? If we we need to remove freedom in order to preserve it, is that not the best thing to do to secure it? Think about it. You need to give up your freedoms to retain your freedom. What's so difficult to understand about that? When challenged that he was simply parroting the nonsensical rhetoric of the Bush regime Reid countered:

"Terrorism Terrorists, Terrorists Terrorism. Islamic Terrorism, Kill Death Bombs Attacks, Terrorism Terrorists, Terrorists Terrorism. Islamic Terrorism. Hate us because of our Freedom, Take Freedom away. Fear, Obey government, Freedom Secured, Take Away Freedom, Terrorism, Freedom Safe. Terrorism Terrorists, Terrorists Terrorism. Islamic Terrorism, Bomb Bomb Bomb Kill Death Fear."
We should remember that, on the anniversary of the July 7 suicide bombings, London's police chief Ian Blair (who ordered and then covered up the murder of innocent Brazilian electrician Charles de Menezes last year) said the threat had "palpably increased" in the year following the attacks on the capital and that "further atrocities" were being planned. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Blair did not, however, say who was planning the atrocities, leaving open the very real possibility (supported by the many inconsistencies in the official report on the July 7th train bombings in London) that Blair himself is part of the cabal plotting fake terror attacks on the British public. Hey, wouldn't be the first time. As for the passengers stranded at UK airports; MI5's psyops manual dictates that, whenever possible, humiliation should be used to aid the process of melding the minds of the masses towards a strong belief in the reality of fantasy. To this end, any sheeple foolish enough to attempt to fly from a UK airport today are being forbidden from taking any hand luggage onboard and are being given clear plastic bags for things like their wallets and keys, essential medication unboxed sanitary items etc.

Clear plastic - soon to be the new citizens uniform in the UK?
It may yet be suggested that, on boarding, each passenger should hold up his little clear plastic bag and loudly declare "look, it's only my wallet and keys, I am not a terrorist." At which point the cabin crew should ask: "Are you sure you are not a terrorist?" To which each passenger in turn will have to respond: "Yes, I am sure I am not a terrorist because I am not Muslim." Female passengers would be required to make a statement to the effect that tampons, clearly visible in their little plastic bags, are not sticks of dynamite.

Muslim passengers however, are a different kettle of fish altogether, as we all already know. They will be required to leave open the possibility that they are indeed terrorists by affirming:

"While I believe I am not a terrorist, and the clearly observable contents of my little clear plastic bag would seem to suggest as much, since I am a Muslim, I may be harboring terroristic tendencies of which I am not consciously aware. As such, I would ask all non-Muslim passengers to please view me and may actions with extreme suspicion. Thank you, and god bless the Queen and Tony Blair."

For his part, the sniveling, whiny nerd that is Tony Blair, in true colonial style, is currently enjoying the hospitality of the natives in Barbados on his annual holiday, while also "keeping in touch" with developments and being regularly informed of national scareometer levels. Blair also took the step of briefing Bush on the situation, and is reported to have told him that he knows jack squat about the situation since it was all made up anyway, but that the British public have once again been successfully cowed by a non-existent government-promoted "terror threat". On hearing of the "plot" Bush stated that it was "a stark reminder that the United States is at war with Islamic fascists." No Islamic fascists were available for comment or to confirm or deny that they either existed or were at war with anyone. Nevertheless, coming at a point in time when more and more people around the world, and even in the US, are beginning to suspect that the real fascists reside in the US, British and Israeli halls of power, the 'plot' is something of a 'coup', a stroke of luck, a real 'coincidence', for Bush and Blair. But don't let your skepticism run away with you just yet...

Director of US Homeland Buffoonery Michael Chertoff seems to have the low down on the 'dern t'rrists', stating that the London Plot was "sophisticated, it had a lot of members and it was international in scope, it was in some respects suggestive of an al-Qaida plot."

The "respects" in which the plot was "suggestive of al-Qaeda" appear to be the fact that ordinary Muslims were involved because, as you and I know, all 1 billion Muslims are terrorists. Chertoff however, understands this fact better than anyone.

The son of a Rabbi and himself an ardent Zionist, Chertoff holds dual Israeli-American nationality and, despite this, was unanimously approved by the US Senate for the post of "Homeland Security Chief" on February 15th 2005. Indeed, it is this background that makes Chertoff eminently capable of distinguishing a terrorist from someone who poses no threat to the American people. For example, Chertoff's previous post was as head of the criminal division at the Department of Justice where he "helped trace the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the al-Qaida network." And what a fine job he did! In late 2001, Chertoff wasted no time in concluding that the 5 Israeli Mossad agents who were detained after being spotted filming, laughing and cheering the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11 should be released and sent back to Israel. Chertoff was also responsible for freeing the over 100 members of an exposed Israeli spy ring in the US in the months before the 9/11 attacks.

So take it from me, there are good people on the job; people in the know; people with their fingers on the pulse, or rather up the back of, the Islamic terrorism puppet show. Your job is to simply consent to the abolition of your civil freedoms. Of course, your government could just take those freedoms away from you, but it's nicer all round and helps to maintain the charade of Democracy - "the worship of Jackals by Jackasses" - if you can be scared into asking for it.