What kind of people would deliberately massacre dozens of people attending their place of worship? Are these agents of MI5 and the Mossad human at all? Because let's face it, it is absolutely clear that the only beneficiaries of the spate of shrine bombings in Iraq are the ones currently illegally occupying that country - Britain America and Israel.Today, there was another attack. at least 50 dead and 130 injured, and like the previous bombings, there are again conflicting reports that suggest that this was NOT a "suicide bombing". The BBC reports that:
"there was initial confusion after the blasts, with first reports suggesting the explosions were caused by mortar fire, but police then said they believed three suicide bombers were responsible."
The Associated Press tells us how they knew that suicide bombers and not mortars were involved:
The Associated Press reported that at least 30 people were killed in the blast in northern Baghdad today. Police officials had originally described the incident as a mortar attack, but later found shrapnel inside the shrine that indicated a suicide bomber, the news service said.
Yet what does "shrapnel" have to do with 3 suicide bombers walking in to a mosque? The presence of shrapnel would suggest a car bomb rather than suicide bombers walking into the building. Of course, none of this will be analysed by the mainstream press. They are not interested in the truth. Thankfully, we have past evidence of British involvement in fake "suicide bombings" to prove that the push towards civil war in Iraq is part of the American, British and Israeli strategy to divide and conquer the greater Middle East.