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Thu, 22 Apr 2021
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Objective:Health #12 - The New Red Scare - Freaking Out About the Measles

O:H Measles Header
The measles are coming! The measles are coming!

Recent "scare media" reports would have us believe the measles is a deadly 'disease', and our governments are reacting to any surfacing of measles infections with quarantines worthy of an Ebola outbreak.

However, prior to the release of the vaccine, measles was thought of as being relatively benign - requiring only a few days of rest before being completely free of the infection, while getting the benefit of lifetime immunity from future infections.

So why is measles currently treated as a deadly modern plague while the last generation used it as a plot device for comedy on sit-coms? Is all the panic really justified?

Join us for a fascinating discussion of the measles, including the media and government's overreactions, mandatory vaccinations, as well as actual health BENEFITS of natural, wild measles infections and new research involving therapeutic uses of the measles virus in fighting cancer.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she talks about reading cat behavioral cues.

Additional links:

Measles Virus as a Cancer Fighter https://youtu.be/qRy-IAPJLBA
Measles to the Rescue: A Review of Oncolytic Measles Virus https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5086626/
ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported/

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Running Time: 01:09:01

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MindMatters: The Great Peterson Vs. Žižek Debate: Ideological Slugfest or Meeting of the Minds?

zizek peterson
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What happens when two of the biggest and best known minds in the Western world decide to come together under one roof and publicly debate one of the most contentious and divisive of all political ideological issues - Capitalism Vs. Communism - and which one confers happiness to the greatest number of people? Well that's exactly what Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek did recently much to the delight, disgust or confusion of many thousands. How would Žižek defend Communism? How would Peterson take it apart? Would there be rancor between these two intellectual giants - who both ostensibly fall squarely on either side of the fence? Or could they accommodate each others' points of view in a coherent and respectful manner? Join us this week on MindMatters as we share our reactions to their truly great discussion and point to its virtues, its values and its deficiencies - as well as how it excelled in defying many expectations.

Running Time: 01:00:15

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MindMatters: Suffering To Be Happy: The Fool's Paradise of Feeling Good

mindmatters happiness
Today's Western cultural landscape seems to give us all the wrong messages of what happiness is, and how one should go about attaining it; we're programmed for unhappiness and seemingly trapped in ways of thinking and being that only make for more unhappiness! On this week's MindMatters we discuss John F. Schumaker's book In Search of Happiness - Understanding An Endangered State of Mind and delve into what happiness actually is, what it isn't - and some of the perennial values which nurture the meaning in our lives that deep happiness is quite often an outgrowth of.

On this week's show we'll also be looking at what some great minds had to say on bringing happiness about. Everyone wants to 'be happy,' but how does this feeling really come about and what, if anything, is the process to be engaged that could make it available to us? Can happiness even be experienced without knowing its opposite - and how willing are we to sacrifice short term gratification for the deeper more fulfilling life that nurtures true happiness. Join us this week as we put away the happy pills, the happy meals, the happy faces, and choose to suffer through a more objective understanding of a mostly elusive state of mind.

Running Time: 01:10:42

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Objective:Health #11 - Dr. Chandler Marrs on Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - Mitochondria's Gateway to Energy

Dr Chandler Marrs
This week our resident health experts Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale interview Dr. Chandler Marrs on the essential roles of vitamin B1 (thiamine), mitochondrial bioenergetics, and how to stay healthy in our toxic modern world.

Dr. Chandler Marrs is a researcher and writer who holds a PhD in experimental psychology/neuroendocrinology, where the research focus was on female hormones and women's health. She co-authored the book "Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition", and is also the founder of the health website and online journal "Hormones Matter".

In her time as a writer she has written well over 200 articles, and her research has gradually moved over to medication-adverse events, the mitochondria, and examining the roles of nutrition in mitochondrial function.

When she is not busy at work, Dr Marrs is involved in competitive powerlifting and is also a self-proclaimed long-time jock!

Here's where you can find Dr. Marrs:
Her website: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chandler.marrs
Old Ladies Lift: https://oldladieslift.com/
YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCopTDVMrTYb6K3UvucQ7P_g

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Running Time: 01:08:47

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NewsReal: Interview With The Moriartys - New Light on Benghazi, And Liberating Libya

newsreal moriartys libya benghazi
On this NewsReal, Joe & Niall interview James & JoAnne Moriarty, a couple who witnessed the mayhem unleashed on Libya in 2011, and who have since dedicated their lives to speaking out about what's really happening to that country.

Libya has been in the news recently because of a huge push by forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army to retake Tripoli - a development that could end 8 years of hell for the Libyan people.

The Moriartys had much to tell us on that front, but they also wanted to share vital new information on the 'Battle of Benghazi', the attack on 9/11/12 at two classified US compounds that killed US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans.

Running Time: 01:32:21

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MindMatters: Fragments of the Divine: Analyzing Jordan Peterson's Conception of the Soul

peterson soul
In Jordan Peterson's latest YouTube Q&A, a subscriber asks about the nature of the soul. Peterson's answer touches on the nature of consciousness, ethics, responsibility, character, theology, and what it all might mean metaphysically. In short, many of our favorite topics here on MindMatters!

So join us as we dive into Peterson's ideas on the soul, their applications to everyday life, and the implications for what they might say about the nature of the universe, and our place within it. And as always, if you appreciate our discussions, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Running Time: 01:02:03

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Objective:Health #10 - Unlocking the Doors to Natural Healing with Guest Dr. Jeremy Ayres

Dr. Jeremy Ayres
This week our resident health experts Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale interview Dr Jeremy Ayres on the underlying causes of dis-ease in our modern world and how many people suffering are not sick, but are actually tox-sick. Dr Jeremy explains how purely mechanistic approaches to dis-ease are fundamentally flawed in many ways, and provides precious insight into the natural, intuitive methods of healing and detoxification intelligently employed by the body.

Dr Jeremy Ayres is a Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopractic Consultant, and Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine. He believes in the Noun definition of Doctor which means Teacher & Educator. For more than 29 years Dr Jeremy has helped many 1000's around the world, often from so called in-cure-able dis-ease to become vibrantly well and pain free. His own wife before he met her was diagnosed terminally ill and 6 years on (and now husband & wife) is vibrantly well and cancer free. His regular broadcasts, lectures and blog are widely acclaimed and he is a sought-after guest on numerous Internet, TV & radio shows.

Dr Jeremy's vision has been to bring the truth to the people concerning all aspects of what dis-ease is and what it most certainly is not, as well as the powerful and simple protocols that can bring people back to vibrant health and help them evolve into better, healthier human beings. His upcoming book "YOU'RE NOT SICK, YOU'RE TOX-SICK" fully explains all the major causes and solutions to mans dis-ease.

His website: https://www.naturallybettershop.com/
Blog: https://www.naturallybettershop.com/blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naturallybettershop/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjeremyayres

And be sure to check out testimonials from those who have benefitted from his approach:

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Running Time: 01:11:31

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Objective:Health: #9 - The Hidden Dangers of Oxalates in Your Food‌ - Interview With Sally K. Norton

Sally K Norton
This week our resident health experts Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale interview Sally K. Norton about the hidden dangers of a certain toxin hiding in our vegetables: oxalate. Otherwise known as oxalic acid, oxalate is made by plants and some fungi and serves their biological needs. Oxalate crystals have the potential to inflict a great deal of mechanical injury on the body. It is corrosive and toxic, yet many of the vegetables, nuts, grains and fruits that contain the most oxalates are promoted as health foods!

Sally K. Norton earned her Bachler of Science degree in Nutrition from Cornell University and a Master's degree in Public Health Leadership from UNC-Chapel Hill.

She's spent over three decades promoting health, wellness, and holistic healing both at the community level and also through academic research. She is now a self-employed health consultant, oxalate educator, and researcher. She regularly presents introductory seminars on the therapeutic value of low-oxalate eating. Since 2014, she has led a monthly educational study-group in Richmond, VA to support people using diet to heal and recover from difficult health issues.

Here's where you can find Sally:
Her website: https://sallyknorton.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeFreetoThrive/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BetterLowOx
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sknorton/

And be sure to check out the Susan Owens' Facebook group 'Trying Low Oxalates (TLO)'

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Running Time: 01:57:11

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MindMatters: Matter, Information, or Mind - Which Is The Most Fundamental?

information mind matter
On today's show we discuss the research of computer engineer Bernardo Kastrup, a man who has devoted a significant amount of his professional life to developing a robust and comprehensive critique of the materialist worldview. He is the author of numerous books, including The Idea of the World: A multi-disciplinary argument for the mental nature of reality, and Why Materialism is Baloney, as well as many articles. Today we'll be discussing one of his latest articles, "Physics Is Pointing Inexorably to Mind".

For centuries the extreme success of the physical sciences have lent credibility the materialist worldview. However, the success of the scientific enterprise as a whole continues to reveal a world of startling intelligence that cannot be explained by the mere accidents of matter but seem plausible only in the light of an intelligent mind. As Kastrup writes, "This mental universe is what physics is leading us to." We'll be discussing this mental universe, the problems of materialism and more today, on MindMatters.

Running Time: 01:04:17

Download: MP3 - 58.9 MB

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Objective:Health #8 - Attention, Memory and Focus in a Distracted World

O:H header image
Attention seems to be getting a lot of.... attention these days. Whether it be due to the rise in attention deficit and related disorders or because new technological devices seem to be robbing us of this essential resource is difficult to say. Yet the mystics have been telling us about our lack of attention and our inability to recognize this since time immemorial. Is the modern world actually withering away our ability to attend, focus and remember, or are we simply more cognizant of our limited abilities against a modern technological background? Is technology shaping us, or simply reflecting what we already are?

Join us on this episode of Objective: Health, where we discuss attention, memory and focus in its many forms, exploring ways of using and improving attention, taking control of what we attend to and the consequences of not paying attention.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she tells us all about doggie dementia.

Time stamps:
Selective attention test: 34:02
Misdirection: 49:26
Pet Health: 1:22:09

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Running Time: 01:32:34

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