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The 'Voluntary Covid Quarantine Facilities' are up and running - and it's no surprise where they're up and running first. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall pay a virtual visit to Howard Springs, Australia, where the government has been sending 'Covid cases' for 'isolation holidays' in order to 'protect the general population'. But the brutal reality behind such euphemisms are already showing. What was 'conspiracy theory' in 2020 is now lived fact.

Meanwhile, several European governments have followed Austria's NAZI lead, announcing 'lockdowns for the unvaccinated', including Germany, where outgoing Chancellor Merkel made it her last 'democratic' act after almost two decades in power. Waiting in the wings, ex-German Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen, now the EU's top Eurocrat, wants to force vaccinations (which her husband's company produces) on the 33% of people still holding out across Europe.

Against all (true) science and reason, the UK government reported last week that it expects 'boosters' and 'Covid measures' to be around for 'the next ten years' - and is preparing the ground by ordering all frontline doctors to forego check-ups of anyone older than 75 so that they may instead function as full-time jabbers of the entire populace. No matter the scale and scope of protests and public resistance, governments are as determined as ever to 'vaccinate' every living thing - in perpetuity, apparently.

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