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Sat, 30 May 2020
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Extreme Temperatures


Spring snowfall and widespread floods across Iran

Sringtime snow in Heyran pass, NW Iran

Sringtime snow in Heyran pass, NW Iran
Iran is grappling with potentially devastating floods in 16 provinces amid a coronavirus epidemic that has killed thousands, with tens of thousands infected.

Unusual snowfalls have blanketed many highland regions in Iran since April 8 and countries to the east, including Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries. Rain has inundated many cities and villages.

Emergency services have come to the rescue of many settlements and stranded passengers from western Iran to central regions and farther east near Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iran suffered devastating floods in March and April 2019, that killed hundreds and wrecked economic havoc for more than three weeks. The high level of precipitation for two consecutive years comes after years of drought that brought the country to the verge of a serious water crisis. Many regions hit by this year's floods had not yet recovered from the 2019 disaster.


Winter returns to northern New England as potent storm unleashes heavy snow

Photos taken by the Dover-Foxcroft police show fallen trees causing power outages in central Maine.
© Twitter/@NWSCaribou
Photos taken by the Dover-Foxcroft police show fallen trees causing power outages in central Maine.
Residents throughout New Hampshire and Maine woke up on Good Friday morning to a blanket of snow far more customary for January than April. An early-spring snowstorm had painted a similar scene across much of northern New England as it lifted off into Atlantic Canada Thursday night.

The National Weather Service (NWS) recorded over a foot of snow in nearly 50 locations, almost all of which were in Maine. In New Hampshire, the areas of Pittsburg, Jefferson and Berlin all recorded over 6 inches.

After Bangor, Maine, recorded one of the least snowy stretches in its history, the storm dumped nearly 8 inches of snow on the city according to a NWS spotter at Bangor International Airport. AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson previously noted that the city averaged less than 4 inches of snow in April most years.


Spring storm brings more rain and snowfall to California - Mountain High resort tops 31 inches of snow

Mountain High

Mountain High on April 9
Rain and snow continued to fall Thursday on parts of California as a wet spring following a no-show winter pushed back against resurgent dryness that spread over three-quarters of the state this year.

Mountain peaks from the Sierra Nevada to major ranges crossing Southern California glistened with new coats of white as hillsides sported increasingly vivid shades of green fueled by precipitation that began in March after a largely withering January and February.

The latest storm entered the state from the north last weekend and slowly moved down the coast.

In its fifth day, it was still drawing bands of rain into Southern California and producing remarkable amounts of snow at higher elevations.

Comment: Two days prior to the above report 4 FEET of spring snow had already smothered Mammoth Mountain in the same state.


Spring snowstorm leaves over 264,000 Maine customers without power - up to 21 inches of snow dropped

An ambulance crew checks on a vehicle off the road on the northbound side of the Maine Turnpike in Saco during Thursday's snowfall.
© Shawn Patrick Ouellette
An ambulance crew checks on a vehicle off the road on the northbound side of the Maine Turnpike in Saco during Thursday's snowfall.
A spring storm featuring rain, snow, thunder, lightning and gusty winds knocked out power to more than 264,000 customers across Maine at its peak and created hazardous driving conditions that closed state government.

Central Maine Power reported around 200,000 customers without power in its service area at 9:30 a.m Friday, down from a peak of more than 204,000 earlier in the morning.

Customers in areas hardest hit by strong wind gusts and heavier-than-expected snow should expect to be without power for more than a day and restoration times may not be immediately available as crews wait for safer road conditions, a CMP spokeswoman said Friday morning.


Fresh spring snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, India


Intense cold wave conditions continued in Himachal Pradesh on April 08. Koksar area received fresh snowfall in the higher reaches.


3 record snowfalls in 6 days for Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

All city snow-clearing equipment,
© Ian Graham
All city snow-clearing equipment, including two plow trucks last used to clear snow after the March 2017 blizzard, has been pressed into action since April 3, the second day of a six-day span that saw 65.6 centimetres of snow fall, with three of those days setting daily snowfall records.
An unprecedented six-day stretch of early April snowfall in Thompson has led to the biggest snow-clearing effort since the blizzard of March 2017 and, with everyone's nerves already frayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, harsh words from the city's mayor for citizens "whining" about the state of city roads.

Snow fell in Thompson four of the six days from April 2 to April 7, setting records on three of them. The 15.6 centimetres that fell last Thursday was the most since 6.8 cm of snow in 1995, while the 34.4 cm that fell on Friday beat the previous record of 6.4 cm from 1967 by 28 cm. Only 2.8 cm fell April 4, well below the 1973 record of 8.4 cm, while the 12.8 cm of snow on April 7 was close to double the previous record of 6.5 cm in 1981.


Snow falls in Dushanbe,Tajikistan in April - first time in 26 years

The snow has fallen in Dushanbe in April for the first time during the past 26 years, Asia-Plus reported.

The snow is 18-20 cm thick in different parts of the capital city.

Snow is rare for Tajikistan in mid-spring. The country almost did not have snow during the past winter.

Snowflake Cold

100% fruit losses in many parts of central Europe and the Balkans

Poland frosts
One of the coldest April mornings in decades.

2 Apr 2020 - With temperatures dropping below -5 °C (even to -8 °C in some valleys) during the time of blossoming trees, the damage is almost complete - 100% in many vineyards and fruit plantations.

There are numerous reports of destructive frost to the fruit trees (cherry, peach and almond orchard) and some other crops across Slovenia, northeast Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

Snowflake Cold

Frosts will not stop in Italy - 100% damage to some fruit crops

The wave of night frosts that are affecting much of Italy goes on. In the north, the situation has reached an unprecedented level, with 8 hours below zero on the night of April 2 and minimum peaks of -6 °C. Even the anti-frost systems are struggling, because protecting an orchard with 5 °C below zero is not easy.

After three sleepless nights operating the anti-frost system, Davide Vernocchi, president of Apo Conerpo, is dispirited: "With these temperatures, this defense system is in crisis. We are talking about 5, 6 degrees below zero in some areas of the province of Ravenna. Apricots, peaches, plums, kiwis: in some cases, the damage is of 100%. There will be less work for everyone. Nature has cruelly solved one of our great concerns: the lack of manpower. Paradoxically, several farmers in the next few months will have to go looking for work somewhere else".

Comment: Severe Spring frosts destroy crops across Europe


4 FEET of spring snow smothers Mammoth Mountain in California

Heavy snow buries empty ski resort

Heavy snow buries empty ski resort
The resort is closed, but the heavy snowfall is good news for the snowpack. Suzanne Marques reports.