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Mon, 19 Aug 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


2 feet of snow falls on first day of summer in Colorado

Colorado blasted with nearly two FEET of snow on first day of Summer

Colorado blasted with two FEET of snow on first day of Summer
Colorado residents simultaneously celebrated the summer solstice and the falling of snow Friday.

Snow began to blanket areas west of Denver, where some cities saw more than 2 feet of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

About 20 inches fell in Steamboat Springs, KCNC reported.

More snow is expected to fall throughout the weekend.


Snowstorm shuts down roads to Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Parks on first day of summer

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park
A snowstorm has temporarily shut down a popular mountain roadway leading to Yellowstone National Park as well as the scenic road through Rocky Mountain National Park on the first day of summer.

Beartooth Pass has been closed at the Montana-Wyoming state line since Thursday night. The winding Beartooth Highway reaches nearly 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) in elevation as it runs from the town of Red Lodge to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone, which is entering its busy season.

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park closed Friday, just over two weeks after it opened late for the season because of heavy snow this winter.


First day of summer and this part of Canada woke up to 25cm of SNOW

These snowy scenes may be difficult to digest, especially since it's the first day of SUMMER!

We're thinking Mother Nature may have our seasons confused as parts of western Canada face a HEAVY swath of snow right on the first day of summer.

Instead of abundant sunshine and pleasant temperatures more reminiscent of the favoured season, snowfall warnings have stretched across the higher elevations of the Rockies and into parts of the B.C. Interior this week. That's as an extremely slow and moisture-packed system dumps heavy, flooding rains on other parts of the Prairies.

While this early summer snow isn't completely unheard of for the region, more than 20 cm this late in June seems to be pretty excessive even by the heartiest of standards. Up to 25 cm had already fallen over higher terrain near Banff and Jasper by early Friday morning with another 10 cm expected before all's said and done for the Icefield Parkway Highway 93.


June snow falls on SilverStar Mountain Resort, British Columbia

SilverStar Mountain Resort gets a white surprise June 20, the day before biking season gets into gear.
© Brieanna Charlebois/Morning Star
SilverStar Mountain Resort gets a white surprise June 20, the day before biking season gets into gear.
SilverStar gets snow day before summer season starts

While SilverStar Mountain Resort is used to the white stuff, staff and bikers were not impressed with the winter-like conditions Thursday, June 20 - the day before the resort opens for the summer season. But that won't stop the Star from allowing bikers to hit the trails.

"We are still a go for tomorrow," said Chantelle Deacon, SilverStar's communications manager. "For all of our bikers and hikers who are headed to the mountain tomorrow for opening day I recommend wearing lots of layers and dress warm for sudden weather changes."


June snowfall in Marmot Basin, Alberta

Marmot Basin on June 20, 2019.
© Marmot Basin
Marmot Basin on June 20, 2019.
The ski hill's been closed for over a month, but Marmot Basin is covered in snow. In June.

Brian Rode, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at Marmot Basin says he can't remember seeing this much snow this late in June.

"Never! At least not that I can recall in my 41 years here."

A snowfall warning is in effect with about 10cm of snow expected in areas from Jasper to Banff, especially in higher terrain.


June snowfall hits highway in British Columbia for second day in a row

DriveBC highway camera shows snowy conditions
© DriveBC
DriveBC highway camera shows snowy conditions along the Okanagan Connector at around 2:30 p.m. Thursday.
For the second day in a row, late spring snow has hit the Okanagan Connector between Aspen Grove and Brenda Mines.

Shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday, Environment Canada posted to Twitter saying there was a "cool airmass" bringing snow to the area.

"Showers/flurries will end this evening," the tweet added.

On Wednesday, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for the area saying there was "unseasonable snowfall." The special weather statement ended that afternoon and another has not been issued since.

On Tuesday, forecasters warned of thunderstorms in the area, and that hail was possible closer to the Alberta border.

Comment: The earlier event: Snow falls on a major British Columbia highway in June

Short video of the first fall:


Snow falls in Montana the day before summer

big sky
Winter intruded into Montana on the day before summer.

Snowfall was reported in the Bozeman area Thursday, the last day of spring.

Watch the video to see this crazy Montana weather.

Ice Cube

If "Greenland is catastrophically melting", how do alarmists explain NASA's growing Greenland glacier?

Climate scientist Steffen Olsen took this picture while travelling across melted sea ice in north-west Greenland
Climate scientist Steffen Olsen took this picture while travelling across melted sea ice in north-west Greenland
This photo of a dog sled team going through some meltwater on ice in Greenland has made headlines....but it's just a snapshot of one place, with summer approaching. Nothing really all that unusual is going on.

Melting as summer approaches is natural, and spikes of fast melting due to lack of cloud cover and clear skies are not unprecedented, as some overwrought people (Bill McKibben comes to mind) like to claim.

We've covered it before in 2012 - along with the same level of catastrophic squawking.

Comment: Meanwhile Glacier National Park quietly removes its 'Gone by 2020' signs which stated glaciers were disappearing - because they're actually growing.


Then & now photos reveal wild amount of snowpack left in Colorado

Base of Panorama-June 11, 2019,
© Monarch Mountain
Base of Panorama-June 11, 2019,
Then-and-now photographs tell the story of just how much snow is still sitting around in Colorado's mountains.

Check out the photos below. You'll see some ski slopes that look drastically different this time this year compared to this time last year in Colorado. Then-and-now photographs from Monarch Mountain and Arapahoe Basin compare the slopes through a notably dry 2017-2018 ski season to huge snowfall totals in the 2018-2019 ski season.

This first photo, taken on June 9, 2018, shows barely any snow in sight on the slopes at Arapahoe Basin. The second photo, taken on June 8, 2019, of the same location reveals what an incredible ski season looks like - extending into the spring and even summer months.


Snow falls on a major British Columbia highway in June

snowy road
© Drivebc.ca
The morning after hot, dry conditions helped build four fires in the south and central Okanagan, there's plenty of rain this morning — and snow on the Coquihalla.

Drive B.C. cameras on Highway 97C connecting the Okanagan to the Coquihalla show snow near Elkhart Drive.