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Mon, 09 Dec 2019
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Extreme Temperatures

Snowflake Cold

France shivers in early cold spell of winter

Temperatures across France dip 2C below seasonal norms ahead of the expected arrival of a period of 'very bad weather' later in the week

Motorists in mountainous areas of France have been urged to ensure their vehicles are ready for winter driving as the first cold snap of the season sends temperatures plummeting.

A mass of cold, humid air from the north has descended across the entire country, meaning temperatures are about 2C lower than normal for the time of year - and conditions are set to worsen towards the end of the week.

The cold spell comes exactly one month after France basked in summer-like temperatures.

Snowflake Cold

Anomalously severe cold in Siberia for the time of year

russia cold
I wonder how much ice will melt at −44°C (-47F).

On November 11 in Yakutia, the daily temperature never rose above −30°C (-22F). Some parts of Siberia were even colder: In Evenkia and the northern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the temperature dropped to −41 ... −44°C.

This temperature is considered very low for this time of year.

"""It is important to note that this is not a short-term cooling, but a prolonged atmospheric process. Further it will become even colder. The cold anomaly will expand."""

Ice Cube

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Antarctic sea ice gain causing global cooling

antarctic sea ice seal
© University of Chicago / Yvonne Firing
A new study shows how an increase in Antarctic sea ice could have triggered a chain of events leading to an ice age.
New article describes how growth of Antarctic sea ice moves ocean circulation currents enough to cause mini ice ages or full blown ice ages, and Antarctic sea ice is growing. Eleven thousand scientists sign petition for climate emergency, but there are heaps of fake names on the list including Mickey Mouse, no kidding. Sun spotless days continue in the solar minimum.....

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8 inches of snow blankets southern Alberta

Calgarians clear fresh snowfall from cars and driveways Sunday morning after and estimated 20 centimetres blanketed most of the city.

Calgarians clear fresh snowfall from cars and driveways Sunday morning after and estimated 20 centimetres blanketed most of the city.
As much as 20 centimetres of snow fell in southern Alberta this weekend.

The wintry storm meant snowfall warnings were issued for large parts of the province. As of 3 p.m. Sunday, Environment Canada had lifted most warnings, and all were cleared by the evening.

City crews were busy plowing Calgary streets, although despite the heavy snowfall, the city said it wasn't anticipating a snow route parking ban.

Apple Red

35 % of apple orchards heavily damaged by 5-feet deep snow in Kashmir

Snowfall in Kashmir damages apple orchards

Snowfall in Kashmir damages apple orchards
Kashmir's biggest economy — Rs8,000 crore apple industry — received a major jolt, as first snowfall of the season ravaged the apple orchards across the Valley.

Preliminary reports suggest that the orchards have received "heavy to huge damages" as foliage-laden trees got uprooted or cracked under the weight of 3 to 5-feet snow.

"As per initial reports, apple orchards suffered 30 to 35 per cent damage. Final figures will be available only when officials of our department and the revenue department will visit the orchards," said Aijaz Ahmad Bhat, director, horticulture, Kashmir.

Mr. Potato

Weather likely to cause drop in US potato yields

Weather issues in both the upper Midwest and Idaho mean potatoes could be in short supply this year.

In the Midwest, Minnesota has experienced a number of issues that could cause its volume of potatoes to be lower this season. "We got a late planting—so Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota—and that knocked some yield off of the crop," says Rett Landers of Northern Star Co. in Minneapolis, Minn. He says that while the growing season went well, harvest was wet which also caused issues. "So I'd say in the upper Midwest, the yield will be off probably five per cent," he adds.

North Dakota saw cold temperatures that affected harvest as well. "There were a number of acres that didn't get harvested before the cold weather hit. I think the red volume will be affected there," Landers says, adding that Minnesota's yields will likely be off between three to five percent.

Arrow Down

Two men killed in avalanche in the Austrian Alps

Rescuers can be seen on the slopes.
© Snow Camps Europe
Rescuers can be seen on the slopes.
Two skiers have been killed in an avalanche in the Alps, authorities in southern Austria have said.

Austrian broadcaster ORF reported the men were skiing off marked tracks in the Otztal region Saturday.

They were caught in a snow slide, according to reports.

ORF reported one of the men was wearing an avalanche air bag

The avalanche warning service in Tyrole state had warned of the increased risk due to heavy snowfall on Friday.


Big Sky Resort in Montana hit with over 51 inches of snow in October - 250% above monthly average

Big Sky Resort
© Big Sky Resort
Winter arrived early in Big Sky. With over 51″ of snow falling on Lone Mountain in October, the resort reported nearly 250 percent above average snowfall for the month. Those numbers made this past month the third snowiest October of the last two decades.

Colder temperatures also allowed the resort to fire up snow machines for over 100 hours, blanketing the lower mountain with "snow whales," or large piles of snow used to maintain a thicker snowpack at lower elevations.


Northern Michigan gets 18 inches of snow in 24 hours

© Kim Cianciolo
Fresh, heavy snow at Copemish
Nine places in northern Michigan received at least a foot of snow in the past 24 hours.

The most snow, 18 inches, fell in Marquette, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Like Marquette, most of the dozen places were in the Upper Peninsula but Fife Lake, which is southeast of Traverse City, received 16 inches of snow.

Snowflake Cold

Successive Arctic plunges could bring North America to its knees

US weather cold temps forecast
© National Weather Service
I rarely curse, but kiss my jim-jams these next few weeks look truly brutal North America! Unrelenting too, as wave after wave of destructive Arctic conditions could stretch key services to breaking point.

According to latest GFS runs, temperature departures of 20C below the seasonal average will infect ALL of the central & eastern United States for long spells over the next two weeks, with only a pocket to the far-west spared.

The Arctic cold looks set to really take grip during the early part of next week (Nov 11 & 12).

The fronts will also deliver heavy, potentially record-breaking early-season snow to many.

The Northeast looks set to bore the brunt, with up to 30 cm (11.8 inches) accumulating here — but there are even some super-rare flurries showing-up in southern Georgia into Alabama, too.

And Canada won't be missing out, not by any means.

Bone-chilling lows and widespread snows are also forecast north of the border.

This all serves as yet more evidence of the lower-latitudes COOLING, and cooling fast.

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