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Sun, 22 Oct 2017
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Extreme Temperatures

Cloud Precipitation

Will 2017 be remembered as the year without summer in Labrador, Canada?

Grey, cold weather like this seen in L'Anse Amour back in June was typical in much of Labrador this summer, according to David Phillips of Environment Canada
Cool temperatures, wet conditions and stubborn sea ice kept the swimsuits in people's closets

If you live in Labrador, you might be feeling a bit sun-deprived now that Labour Day is just around the corner.

Your feelings are justified. According to Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips, this has been one of the worst summers on record for the region.

"Canadians love to complain about the weather, but boy, this summer people in Labrador may be doing it but they're not doing it without reason," he told CBC's Labrador Morning. "It's almost as if nature has forgotten [Labrador] this summer."


Snow for parts of Labrador on the last day in August

© Mervin McDonald
When life hands you snow, make a snowman
Oh summer, where have you gone?

Parts of Labrador received a blast of winter weather Thursday evening into Friday morning.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary joked about the so-called "special treat," but urged drivers to slow down on the roads, including Route 500.
Our members in #LabWest received a special treat tonight while on patrol, SNOW❄️😳! #NotDounuts #nltraffic #nlwx @BigLandFM @weathernetwork pic.twitter.com/OCvXWkOJ6U

— @RNC_PoliceNL

Ice Cube

Arctic sea ice increases in August & Europe begins 1963 cooling repeat

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The 2017 summer melt season in the Arctic has come to an early end, as now sea ice is gaining an additional 10,000 square kilometers over the last 3 days. Along with a report linking cold European winters with the 11 year solar cycle and freezing Rhine River in Germany, the last time it froze 1963, and this year Finland, Romania and Russia all broke July snow records, last records they eclipsed, you guessed it, 1963. Cycles repeat.


Hot summer ends in the Sakha Republic, Russia with cold blast and abnormal August snow

The snowfall was especially strong in Udachny village, in Mirny district
Yakutia in a white blanket as temperatures dip to minus 6C as winter 'comes too soon'.

This region is the coldest in the world, yet locals also enjoy warm and even hot summers, but this year the season ended abruptly in several districts.

Snowfalls hit the towns of Neryungri and Aldan in stark contrast to a summer high of 37C in Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic.

The snowfall was especially strong in Udachny village, in Mirny district.

Local weather bureau specialists explained the unseasonal August snow by a strong cyclone coming from the Arctic.


Record-setting heat wave coming to Southern California

A sweltering heat wave will blanket Southern California through the middle of the week, elevating the fire danger and probably breaking many heat records, according to forecasters.

The National Weather Service on Monday issued an excessive-heat warning through Wednesday, saying the high temperatures will create "a dangerous situation" this week.

The Antelope Valley and other inland valleys are expected to face the worst heat this week, with triple-digit temperatures.

The record books are already being rewritten in places such as Lancaster and Palmdale.

On Sunday, temperatures ranged from the high 70s along the coast and in downtown Los Angeles to 106 in Woodland Hills, 102 in Van Nuys and 116 in Palm Springs.

Records were shattered Monday when temperatures reached 111 in Woodland Hills, 109 in Lancaster, 108 in Palmdale and 104 in Sandberg, according to the weather service. Records in the latter three areas were set in 2008, when temperatures had reached 107 in Lancaster and Palmdale, and 97 in Sandberg.


After the hottest British August Bank Holiday on record, UK set to get even warmer

© Alamy Live News
Holidaymakers and sunbathers flock to Hive beach at Burton Bradstock in Dorset
After the hottest August Bank Holiday on record, UK weather is set to get even WARMER.

Forecasters predict the mercury could soar to a whopping 30C as Britain enjoys a glorious Indian summer.

Brits basked in scorching sunshine yesterday as temperatures hit 28.2c - making the UK hotter than RIO.

Records were beaten across the country as revellers enjoying the sweltering day off work were treated to hours of scorching unbroken sunshine and cloudless skies.

Temperatures peaked in London where the mercury reached 28.2C (83f) in Holbeach, Lincs., which was warmer than beaches of Bora Bora, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney.

Ice Cube

Heavy sea ice stops another sailing expedition to the North Pole in August

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The Arctic Mission had set out with the objective to reach the the north pole by sailboat to prove there was global warming melting the Arctic sea ice. Problem is they are already bogged down in feet thick sea ice a couple of weeks out of Alaska. This is due to growing sea ice extent versus prior years and below normal temperatures registered the entire melt season of 2017.

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Cloud Grey

US land temperatures down, Arctic sea ice and Greenland melt update: August

US land temperature stations over the last 120 years show a down trend in Aug 01-Aug 15 maximum temperatures, also Arctic sea ice melt season is behaving strangely, showing signs of the end to the melt season already, as well Greenland has turned and the season for melting has come to an abrupt end. Something just shifted.


Cloud Precipitation

Cold and hot wet August - Are we repeating a 1300's Grand Solar Minimum?

Heat and Cold across the Northern Hemisphere in summer 2017, now tomatoes are so expensive in India that armed guards are required, wettest start in Norway reflects exactly 1315 famine that lasted seven years, Canadian beef prices rise, sugar up all on wet conditions. Cosmic rays and weakening magnetosphere are the factors, not CO2 warming oceans.



August snowfall hits the mountains of northern Romania

August Snow in Romania
Snow has fallen on the Pietrosu peak, in Northern Romania's Maramures county, during the night of August 22 to August 23. The snow layer reached 3 centimeters and was visible from the town of Borşa, where temperatures dropped by 30 degrees Celsius in just a few days, Mediafax reported.

Sorin Timiş, the mayor of Borşa, told Mediafax that he did not remember ever to have snowed in the area during the month of August.

"The temperature on the mountain dropped to 0 degrees Celsius, and in Borşa to 6 degrees Celsius," the mayor said. Only a few days before, the temperatures in town were at 36 degrees Celsius.