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Thu, 25 Apr 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Snowplow driver at South Lake Tahoe, California finds woman alive inside car buried in snow

This was the back of the car the snowplow driver hit.

This was the back of the car the snowplow driver hit.
It was just an ordinary day for a snowplow driver in California, until he struck a car buried in snow -- then his day turned into a rescue mission.

On February 17, the driver was clearing the snow-covered roads of South Lake Tahoe when he struck the back of a car that was illegally parked on the street. The driver contacted police to start the process of getting the vehicle towed out of the way, but as police and the driver started to dig out the car, to their surprise, a woman stuck her hand out of the car window waving for help.

She said she had been there four to five hours, but the amount of snow covering her car led officials to believe she possibly was there longer.


147 inches of snow in Caribou, Maine, and counting

“Several office windows at NWS Caribou are covered in deep snow and drifts,” the National Weather service wrote. “This is a common view looking out windows in Northern Maine.”
“Several office windows at NWS Caribou are covered in deep snow and drifts,” the National Weather service wrote. “This is a common view looking out windows in Northern Maine.”
Bostonians missing a lot of snow may need to plan a vacation to Caribou, Maine, where 147 inches have fallen so far this season, according to the National Weather Service.

Meteorologist Mark Bloomer said this is way above the average, which is 81 inches for the end of February, and they're tracking a few storms this weekend and early next week.

The record snowfall was set in 2008 at 197.5 inches, Bloomer said.

The windchills and hours of snow drifts Tuesday night helped make the 8- to 10-foot snow walls in the parking lot of the Caribou National Weather Service headquarters, Bloomer said.


Sierra ski resort hits 300 inches of snowfall in February, and that smashed monthly records

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
© Richard Hurn
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort hit 300 inches of snowfall for February, smashing monthly records at the Lake Tahoe area ski resort.

Squaw Valley came away from the most recent storm with 42 inches in 24 hours, according to the National Weather Service. The mountain smashed the previous February record by more than 100 inches, the resort reported, and the record for most snow in any month by 18 inches. Even more snow may fall before the month is out on Thursday.

As far as the two-day snowfall totals go, Boreal ski resort saw the most accumulation with 55 inches over two days, followed by 54 inches at Sugar Bowl, according to the National Weather Service.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Winds across our Earth have shifted

Himawari-8 infrared image of Super Typhoon Wutien at 2:10 am EST Monday, February 25, 2019.
Himawari-8 infrared image of Super Typhoon Wutip taken at 2:10 am EST Monday, February 25, 2019. At the time, Wutip was a Category 5 storm with 160 mph winds--the first Northern Hemisphere Category 5 tropical cyclone on record in February.
It is apparent with the increased wind speeds across the Northern Hemisphere that there has been a shift in Earth's jet streams, cloud cells and atmosphere. Looking at 171 mph winds on Mt Washington, world record commercial flight times as tail winds propel jets to hyper-sonic speeds, Norway 120 mph winds, Iceland 120 mph winds, Croatia 120 mph winds, fish blown from the sea in Malta and Sicily, huge waves in Sicily, never before seen cloud formations in Romania and first ever super typhoon in the Pacific in February all in the last week.



Too much snow! Soldier Mountain ski area in Idaho to close while crews continue 'digging out' - 5 feet in 5 days

Too much of a good thing?

Soldier Mountain said on Wednesday that the ski resort near the small town of Fairfield will be closed on Thursday due to too much snow. Most of Idaho's central mountains are under extreme avalanche danger and workers "continue digging out and getting the Mountain safe for skiing" the ski resort said.

Idaho's mountains have been hit especially hard by several feet of snow this month. In Featherville, for example, a weather spotter measured 60 inches of snow since Feb. 22, the National Weather Service said.

Snowflake Cold

Global Warming? Los Angeles experiences coldest February in 60 years

Los Angeles
© Mario Tama / Getty
Los Angeles is officially experiencing the coldest February in nearly 60 years, according to the National Weather Service, as the city has endured a series of storms and is bracing for more later this week.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday evening:
This month is the coldest February in downtown Los Angeles in nearly 60 years, with the average high temperature at 60.6 degrees as of Sunday. That's a full 8 degrees below the normal average temperature, the National Weather Service said in a news release announcing the record lows.

It hasn't been this cold since 1962, when the average high temperature for the month in downtown L.A. was 59.8 degrees, the weather service said.

Snowflake Cold

Hurricane-strength winds create bizarre 'ice tsunami' in Great Lakes region (VIDEO)

ice tsunami great lakes
© Town of Hamburg Emergency Services
High winds haranguing the eastern seaboard of the US are also launching vast sheets of ice off the Niagara River onto dry land in what has been dubbed an 'ice tsunami,' much to the consternation of local residents.

Wind speeds of up to 75 mph, hurricane strength, have damaged power lines and felled trees in some parts of the Great Lakes region, including both the Canadian and US sides of Niagara Falls.

"Strong winds blowing ice over the retaining wall from the lake," local police warned. "Drive with caution."

Snowflake Cold

Phoenix, Arizona shatters 122-year-old LOW temperature record


Sure there's snow and rain all around Arizona, but it's been darn cold outside, too.

How cold was it Friday?

So cold, that Phoenix smashed a 122-year-old record for the lowest high temperature ever recorded in the city on Feb. 22, according to the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

And it wasn't even close.

The official high temperature on Friday was a frigid (well, for Phoenix) 47 degrees.

Comment: Also pertinent: Flagstaff, Arizona digs out from a 36-inch snowfall that shatters 126 year record - UPDATE


UK: Hottest February day ever as temperatures soar to 20C/68F


Thousands of crocuses have started to bloom weeks early after unusually high temperatures at National Trust's Wallington Hall in Northumberland
Today is the warmest February day on record in the UK with temperatures reaching 20.3C in Ceredigion, on the west coast of Wales, the Met Office has announced.

It is also the first time the country has seen a high over 20C during winter, according to the weather service.

The previous all-time record for February - 19.7C - was logged in Greenwich in 1998.

The balmy weather has been enjoyed across Britain, with places as far north as Carlisle seeing the mercury soar into the high teens today.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, told The Independent earlier on Monday that the rising temperatures were putting the UK-wide record within touching distance.

Comment: It would be premature of the global warmists to declare victory because, while Northern Europe may be basking in unseasonably warm temperatures, across the pond record cold is causing chaos: 'Bomb cyclone' strikes eastern US: 550,000 still powerless from fierce winds

As we've seen in the past, these wild swings in the seasons are merely a prelude of what's to come. After all, this time last year the UK was being battered by the "beast from the east":

As we enter what appears to be a period of extreme cooling, we can find clues for what to expect from previous mini ice ages in recorded history. As noted in The Little Ice Age and Europe's Encounter with North America: A Cold Welcome:
And the reason for this is the harshness of the said country, with the cold that lasts for eight months of winter, to the point, as he has stated, that the rivers freeze over, and the people are always shivering by the fire and there is little firewood...
And this witness has heard that after the said winter come four months summer, when the heat is almost worse than the cold winter; and so the saying there is, winter for eight months and hell for four [ocho meses de invierno, cuatro de infierno]
See also: And check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?


Snow and gale force winds sweep across Greece

‘Oceanis’ Storm Buries Northern Greece in Snow

‘Oceanis’ Storm Buries Northern Greece in Snow
Temperatures dropped by around 10 degrees Celsius as the cold front "Oceanis" settled over Greece on Saturday, bringing icy cold weather that has disrupted both road and sea transport.

Gale force winds of 8-9 Beaufort, with gusts reaching up to 10 on the Beaufort scale, have led to the cancellation of all scheduled ferry departures from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio on Saturday afternoon, as well as hydrofoil ferries to the Saronic Gulf ports. Also closed are the Rio-Antirrio, Kyllini-Kefallonia and Kyllini-Zakynthos ferry links.

A scheduled journey from Volos to the Sporades islands in the Aegean was cancelled on Saturday and the Keramoti-Kavala-Thassos, Alexandroupolis-Samothrace ferry lines were closed.