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Sun, 30 Apr 2017
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Extreme Temperatures

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Drought fake news update - It's all about money and power

A few months ago, the fake news New York Times and fake governor Jerry Brown announced the California Permanent Drought.
California is having their second wettest year on record, and precipitation has increased slightly over the last 120 years.


Earth's worst-ever mass extinction of life holds 'apocalyptic' warning about climate change, say scientists

Runaway global warming saw the planet's average temperature hit about double what it is today about 250 million years ag

Researchers studying the largest-ever mass extinction in Earth's history claim to have found evidence that it was caused by runaway global warming - and that the "apocalyptic" events of 250 million years ago could happen again.

About 90 per cent of all the living things on the planet were wiped out in the Permian mass extinction - described in a 2005 book called When Life Nearly Died - for reasons that have been long debated by scientists.

Comment: Aha! Finally a reasoned voice who admits that we have to 'wait and see' but that we are definitely in for some seriously dangerous and destructive weather patterns, which he probably concluded by checking the monthly Sott Earth Changes Summary!

Ice Cube

'Ice volcanoes' erupting on shores of the Great Lakes

© Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News
Ice volcanoes were visible Wednesday on the Lake Erie shore at Evangola State Park.
In a rare March appearance, a phenomenon of nature known as ice volcanoes formed on the shores of a few Great Lakes and began erupting this week in plumes of sand, water, ice and, yes, even fish, according to The Buffalo News.

Dave McCoy, an environmental educator at Evangola State Park in New York, told the News that more than two-dozen ice volcanoes sprung up along Lake Erie's shoreline for the fourth time this winter season.

"I've never seen them form in March," McCoy told the News.

They also formed on Lake Superior and Lake Ontario, the latter shown in video provided by The Weather Network:

Cloud Precipitation

Lanzarote in the Canary Islands turns white after freak hail shower

Lanzarote turned white on Sunday, after a hail storm turned parts of Teguise and Tinajo white.

The surprise weather came after a weather warning for heavy rain was issued for the area. However the rain fell as hail in a number of places, creating the wintry scene.


Northern Manitoba town desperate for groceries after series of blizzards

© Keith McDougal/YouTube
Churchill has been under a local state of emergency since March 10, after the area was hit with 60 cm of snow over three days.

Comment: According to the Canadian Press, after three weeks of blizzards, the first food arrived in Churchill, Manitoba on Tuesday.

Another winter blizzard is hitting the remote northern Manitoba community of Churchill, where people are already desperate for groceries that have been delayed since the last blizzard two weeks ago.

But there could be relief as soon as Monday afternoon, if the train can get all the way through to the town of about 900 residents.

OmniTrax, the Denver-based company that owns the rail line that brings supplies into Churchill, cleared the tracks and is trying to get supplies delivered as soon as possible. A train with supplies departed from the northern Manitoba town of Gillam, about 270 kilometres southeast of Churchill, at around noon Monday.

"A lot of families are suffering because they have young children and they need milk," said local resident Lana Bilenduke. No bread or vegetables are for sale at the local store and meat is scarce, she said. "Everyone's in a crisis until we get our groceries in."

© Lana Bilenduke
Locals say there is hardly any meat left at the one store in Churchill.

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Most of South Carolina's peach crop lost due to extreme cold weather

Damaged peach blossom
The freezing temperatures last week killed most of South Carolina's peach crop, but strawberries fared better.

"Peaches are a signature South Carolina crop, and this weather anomaly has devastated peach farmers," said Hugh Weathers, South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture.

South Carolina is the largest peach producing state on the East Coast. The state is second only to California nationally.

Weathers said 85 to 90% of the peach crop was lost last week during the extreme cold weather, and the impact will be felt in lots of areas across the nation.

He said, "The South Carolina peach has a great reputation moving up the East Coast, losing the South Carolina peach this summer will bring some tears to New York City."

Snowflake Cold

Chicago, Illinois an example of emerging Mini Ice Age climates

This years weather in Chicago, Illinois, USA is what we can expect for the beginning of an intensifying mini ice age climate. Out of place seasonal weather events as our jet stream shifts due to a weakening magnetic field on the Sun and a weakening magnetosphere here on Earth.



Heaviest snow in 30 years engulfs parts of Xinjiang, China

A once-in-three decades snowstorm has brought between 0.85 and 1 meter thick of snowfall to the Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region earlier this week.

This heaviest snowfall in thirty years has caused difficulties with feeding the sheep herds apart from affecting local traffic.

In all, over 60,000 heads of sheep and horses are threatened by acute fodder shortage, while 425 heads of animals were already dead due to various reasons including snow collapsed sheep pens.

In response to this rare climatic abnormaity, local authorities have mobilized heavy-duty machineries to clear the snow to reconnect traffic. The first shipment of 775 tons of fodder has already reached snow-affected pastures.

Snowflake Cold

Record cold in Bermuda, blizzards in China & increased ice growth across Greenland

© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Iditarod race coldest start ever, Bermuda record cold, rare deep snows in Tibet and Japan increases the snow total amounts from 500 to 800cm on the charts to adjust for higher snowfall totals across the country. Greenland continues to have record increases in ice growth and Iceland has record snow a week before.


Strange weather, new strains of rust and blight; global cold weather crop losses

The plant disease threatens the world's crops
New unidentified strains of blight and wheat rust have emerged on our planet which are causing 100% losses in the fields. Yellow rust continues to spread unchecked, but is now merging with as yet un-named strains of pathogens to create a super-rust strain. Crop losses around the planet continue with cold damage and now the hard freeze in the USA S.E. will reduce orchard output by 70%. India moves to WhatsApp pay to connect local farmers with local buyers.