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Mon, 09 Dec 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Record November snowfall in Switzerland affects ski stations and roads - almost 28 inches recorded

As a result of the heavy snow, road and rail transport are experiencing their first major winter disruptions
© Keystone/Jean-christophe Bott
As a result of the heavy snow, road and rail transport are experiencing their first major winter disruptions
Heavy snow over the weekend was recorded in the southern and eastern parts of the country. The record for November has been broken and ski stations at Saas Fee and Saas Grund are cut off.

According to the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, the southern ridges of the Alps have received "a great deal of snowfall" over the last three days with as much as 30cm recorded in some parts of the country. A record monthly snowfall of 71cm for November was registered in Santa Maria in canton Graubünden in eastern Switzerland. The previous record for November snow was 69cm, set also in Santa Maria, in 1959.


Record warm and record snow in the same day for Anchorage, Alaska

On Saturday, Anchorage saw a record high daily temperature of 45° Fahrenheit and a record high snowfall amount of 8.4 inches.

The normal high temperature for Nov. 16 is 27°F degrees so Saturday's high of 45°F was 18 degrees above normal. Once again, the observed overnight low temperature (31°F) was above the normal high for the day. Overnight lows have been equal to or warmer than normal highs for each day this month.

While Anchorage is still behind for seasonal snow totals, Saturday's storm made a big dent in the deficit. Friday, Nov. 15, Anchorage was 13.7 inches below the normal for seasonal snow totals. After the Saturday storm, Anchorage is 5.8 inches below normal.


Heavy snowfall hits Morocco earlier than usual

Mount Pueblan
© MohamMed HamMouki
Mount Pueblan
With an alpine style architecture and Middle Atlas Mountains, Ifrane is celebrating its first snow drops during this year's winter season.

The inhabitants of the city woke up on Saturday, November 16 to find their city covered with snow.

Morocco's weather office had issued a statement earlier this week announcing a cold wave with snowfall in several cities, including Ifrane.

Drop in temperatures led to the first snowfall in the Moroccan town, covering its roads and poplar trees.


A foot of snow blankets Tehran, Iran in rare event for time of year locally

People walk under heavy snow in the Iranian capital Tehran on November 16, 2019.
© Atta Kenare/AFP
People walk under heavy snow in the Iranian capital Tehran on November 16, 2019.
Heavy snowfall has caught residents of the Iranian capital Tehran off guard, bringing the city to a standstill and closing schools in the northern districts of the metropolis.

It all began with tiny hailstones hitting northern part of Tehran during Saturday morning rush hour but it soon grew into a full force snowfall and blanketed the streets.

The snow resulted in heavy traffic in many streets as it covered the city with a blanket of 30 centimeters.

Hamid Mousavi, mayor of Tehran's first district, told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) that the backed-up traffic prevented the use of snowploughs and forced the municipal workers to clear roads and pavements by hand.

Snowing is a rare occurrence in Tehran during the fall. It came following days of windless weather that pushed air pollution dangerously high.

Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Unsettling 150 year cold in the 'warmest year ever'

Record cold and snow in US
With the Arctic blast of early November 2019 being officially put into record, lets look back at the thousand or so all time cold records smashing and eclipsing the oldest records we have in the US and Canada. Even the Washington Post calling the event unprecedented coldest earliest ever recorded for this early in the year, which says a lot about how intense this event was. The UK and Nordic countries also setting dozens of all time cold records with record snow accumulations as well. Question, how do you think this will affect food pricing in the future?

Comment: Officials are using the word 'disaster' to describe the widespread crop failures happening all over America

Snowflake Cold

'Harvest from hell': 2.7 million acres of canola left buried under snow in the Canadian prairies

Canada canola crop 2019
Farmer David Reid checks on his Canola crop that is buried under snow near Cremona, Alta., Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019.
Heavy snow and rain during harvest on the Canadian Prairies have left several million acres of canola buried until spring, the latest blow in a miserable year that may compound farmer problems into 2020.

Canola is renowned as Canada's most profitable crop, exported to China, Japan and Mexico to make vegetable oil and animal feed.

But in March, Beijing revoked the licences of Canadian exporters Richardson International and Glencore Plc's agriculture unit, Viterra Inc., slowing China's overall purchases amid a broader diplomatic dispute.

Canola futures are down three per cent year over year in the world's biggest canola-growing country despite severe harvest problems that normally would lift prices, adding further pressure to declining farm incomes.

This year will be remembered as the "harvest from hell," said farmer John Guelly, chairman of the Alberta Canola industry group.

Canola's problems may even frustrate some from sowing it next year, he said.

"I think there will be a pullback in acres for sure."

Comment: Meanwhile in the United States officials are using the word 'disaster' to describe the widespread crop failures happening there.


Still more massive November snowfalls in the Alps - up to 3 feet in 24 hours


There have been more huge snowfalls in the Alps overnight with one resort reporting 90cm (three feet) of snow in the past 24 hours and a total of 2.4 metres (eight feet) in the last week as heavy snow storm after heavy snow storm has moved in across the Alps.

Cervinia in Italy (pictured below) reported the heaviest snow but many other resorts are reporting big accumulations too. Zermatt, over the border from Cervinia, says it has had 70cm of snow in the past 24 hours - both areas are already open from the 19-20 ski season.

Snowflake Cold

Heavy snow in southeastern France downs trees, kills 1, knocks out power to 200,000 households

snow france
© Infos Françaises
Large snowfall in southeastern France led to a disruption of electricity supply to about 200,000 households, media reported early on Friday.

The power cuts were registered in the departments of Drome, Ardeche, Isere and Rhone, the BFMTV broadcaster reported, citing electricity supplier Enedis.

Enedis said that the power cuts had been caused by ruptured transmission lines due to trees falling on them.

Comment: And winter has yet to begin:


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: This cycle is going to be different

US arctic blast
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
With heavier more powerful cycles at our door step we as a society need to have conversations on global food security. We as a species have even forgotten major celestial events as recently as 200 years with the meteor shower of 1833 in SE USA and the Carrington event that aurora were seen in South America. Now this year unprecedented blizzards, Arctic freezes cover the N. Hemisphere and the coldest temperature ever recorded in October in the N. Hemisphere in Utah. Changes have begun.

Comment: See also:

Snowflake Cold

Snowfall on mountain in Oman as mercury drops below 5°C

With mercury dropping around the Arabian Gulf, winter has officially begun in the region - with heavy rain, hail, strong winds and even snow lashing parts of the region.

A video of snowfall on a mountain in the Gulf has gone viral after it was posted on Thursday.

According to Times of Oman, snow fell in Oman's Jabal Shams early on Thursday morning as temperatures fell below 5°C.