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Sun, 17 Jan 2021
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Extreme Temperatures

Snowflake Cold

At least 7 die in mountains near Tehran, Iran during heavy snowfall, blizzard

The number of climbers who died in incidents in mountains north of the Iranian capital on Friday has reached seven, while twelve others remain missing, the managing director of the Tehran Red Crescent Society said.

Shahin Fat'hi told Tasnim on Saturday that 13 climbers had been reported missing after an incident occurred on the summit of Kolakchal.

Of those, three have returned home while seven are confirmed dead and the other three have not been found yet, he said.

Fat'hi added that there has been no trace of twelve more hikers who went missing in Darabad and Ahar mountain areas as well as another area north of Tehran.

The search and rescue operation will continue on Sunday morning using helicopters, the official went on to say.


30 cm of snow with strong winds closes roads in Croatia

Snow and sleet has been falling this morning in Gorski Kotar and Lika, as well as in Banovina, Moslavina, and western Slavonia in Croatia.

According to the latest information, snow cover is the highest in Gorski Kotar where 30 centimetres fell in the village of Begovo Razdolje in Mrkopalj.


World Snow Wrap, December 25 - Epic powder days in the US, Canada and Japan

Dylan Siggers having a fun time in Fernie, BC on Dec 20
© Steve Reed
Dylan Siggers having a fun time in Fernie, BC on Dec 20.
Merry Christmas and if you are lucky enough to be somewhere snowy in the Northern Hemisphere, we hope you're getting in a few Chrissy day turns. Not long to go before we say goodbye (or good riddance) to 2020 and it looks like there will be plenty of powder to wrap up the year with snow on the way in Japan, Europe, Canada and the US.


It has been a pretty good week in Canada with solid snow storms earlier in the week delivering some pre-Christmas powder to Whistler, Interior BC and the Banff resorts. There are some very impressive 7-day totals through to Tuesday with Revelstoke and Kicking Horse getting 105cms, Fernie 83cms, Whistler 83cms on the upper mountain while Big White received 60cms. After a couple of days of settled weather, another storm is due Christmas Day with Whistler Blackcomb likely to receive 15-20cms over the weekend while resorts in Interior BC are expected to get around 10cms.


Summer snow in parts of South Island, New Zealand

It may be summer, but snow has been falling in some parts of the South today.

Reports are coming in of snow settling in Oturehua in Central Otago this afternoon, following rain and some heavy hailstorms.

Forecaster Niwa earlier said there was snow on the hills near Lauder.

Snowflake Cold

Siberia braces for close to record-breaking cold over New Year, with temperatures predicted to hit a freezing -50 degrees

record cold siberia December 2020
© REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin
A man takes pictures in a forest on the bank of the Yenisei River outside Krasnoyarsk
Russia's Hydrometeorological Center has forecast that Western and Central Siberia will see temperatures as low as -50 celsius before the end of the year - around 20 degrees lower than the typical December cold.

Earlier this year, in the height of summer, the highest-ever temperature seen above the Arctic Circle was recorded, with the small town of Verkhoyansk seeing the mercury reach as high as +38.


Rare blizzard warning for Twin Cities

Golden Valley, Minn. — Blizzard warnings issued by the National Weather Service yesterday in the Twin Cities metro were a rare occurrence. A blizzard is when visibility is less than 1/4 of a mile for 3 hours or more, due to falling or blowing snow. White-out conditions covered the state, along with the metro.
Blizzard Warning
© KARE 11.com
The last blizzard warning that included the Twin Cities was only two years ago, April 14th, 2018. However, the one before that was the famous Halloween blizzard back in 1991. Let's look back even a little further, to another blizzard event back on April 14th 1983.

Why are blizzard warnings rare for Minneapolis and St Paul? This is due to the urban influence. Warmer temperatures are typical in cities due to the presence of lots of metal, and urban areas usually have less moisture and less vegetation.

Snowflake Cold

Punishing snow moves into Manitoba, totals skyrocket to 70 cm (27.5 inches) in Alberta town

Alberta begins to dig out after 40+ cm of snow buries towns

Alberta begins to dig out after 40+ cm of snow buries towns
With the Pacific low tracking further east and pushing snow into northern Ontario, conditions are beginning to ease up on the Prairies. Snow is all but gone in Alberta and it will taper off in Saskatchewan in the overnight hours. However, heavy snow in Manitoba won't subside until Wednesday morning.

Coupled with strong winds, this will make for difficult travel. Saskatchewan will also see some blowing snow Wednesday morning, so caution is advised before venturing out on the roads.

Snowflake Cold

Unprecedented December freeze engulfs Russia, Asia, Alaska, Canada and Australia sending global temperature plummeting

Ice age

Even in the face of such insurmountable odds, the powers-that-be are continuing to push their anthropogenic global warming narrative.

Record-breaking cold has swept large swathes of the planet of late: from Alaska to the Alps; from India to Iceland; and from Australia to Russia, unprecedented lows have been rewriting the record books.

Currently in Russia, an immense mass of debilitating cold is gripping 80+ percent of the 17.1 million km² transcontinental nation, cold that is only set to expand and intensify as the holiday season nears.

Temperatures across central and eastern areas have plunged more than 20C below the seasonal average as Arctic air rides anomalously-far south on the back of a weak and wavy Meridional jet stream flow. In Russia in particular, 20C below the seasonal average is not to be taken lightly. The mercury is challenging lows of -50C (-58F) and even -60C (-76F), some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Car Black

Snow causes traffic jam with a 1,000 cars stretching for 9 miles in Japan

Vehicles are stranded on the snow-covered Kanetsu expressway in Niigata Prefecture on Friday.
© KYODO/Reuters
Vehicles are stranded on the snow-covered Kanetsu expressway in Niigata Prefecture on Friday.

Heavy snow in Japan causes a traffic jam stretching for nine miles. More than 1,000 cars are involved, with highway officials working to clear the roads.

Comment: Army deployed as record snowfall of 7 FEET blankets parts of Japan

Snowflake Cold

Vicious feedback loop brings intense winter conditions across India

ice road
Jammu & Kashmir's 2020/21 winter season is off to a brutal start after the mercury plunged to -6.6C (20F) in Srinagar on December 19, compounding the misery caused by the recent disruptive snowstorms.

Jammu & Kashmir's winter months are divided into three stages: Stage 1) the intense 40-day period known as "Chillai Kalan" starting Dec. 21, Stage 2) the less intense 20-day spell called "Chillai Khurd", and finally Stage 3) the 10-days of mild cold entitled "Chille Bache".

This year, two days before "Chillai Kalan" had even begun, Srinagar recorded the bone-chilling low of -6.6C (20F) — a reading that was not only the lowest of the season so far, but also the second-coldest December temperature of the past decade, according to the region's meteorological department.