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Thu, 20 Jun 2019
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Extreme Temperatures

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: ARK Storms intensify rainfall shifts across the globe

ARK storm intensity is being given a new category of 5+ as the west coast of both North and South America is experiencing incredible changes in rainfall patterns. Great Lakes fill to record high in all five bodies of water, record feet of May snow in Corsica, Slovakia and Italy.


Cloud Precipitation

Spring's record-late arrival in parts of the U.S. has a serious consequence

crop snow
The calendar might've said it was spring more than a month ago, but the physical signs of it around us told a much different story.

Spring and its typical green growth arrived later than usual in much of the U.S., save for parts of the South, thanks to a stubborn weather pattern that most noticeably affected parts of the central and southern Plains, Northwest and northern New England.

Spring was more than 10 days later than usual in those areas, according to data from The USA National Phenology Network, which tracks the physical arrival of spring by looking at when leaves and other growth appears and blooms.

Using data that dates back to 1981, the group also examined how unusual this spring's lateness was compared to previous years.

Comment: Total catastrophe for U.S. corn production: Only 30% of U.S. corn fields have been planted - 5 year average is 66%


Fresh heavy snowfall in Mid-May hits California

Heavy snow is falling in California where four ski areas are still open into the latter half of May.

Forecasters are predicting up to two feet (60cm) of snow will fall over the next 72 hours and Mammoth mountain has reported 20cm (8 inches) already overnight as pictured.

It, and another Californian resort Squaw Valley, both have nearly 5 metres of snow still lying and both have said they'll stay open to the start of July.


Mediterranean island of Corsica witnesses heavy snowfall in May - almost 12 inches

Cold weather and heavy snow blanketed the island on Wednesday, taking many locals by surprise.

Summer may be around the corner but the Mediterranean island of Corsica is firmly gripped by winter.

"It's very rare and very remarkable to have snow in Corsica in May, but we need a little more hindsight to decide just how exceptional this is," Patrick Rebillout, head of Meteo Meteorological Center of Meteofrance in Ajaccio, told AFP news agency.

"In May, the weather is usually nice, but there can still be big cold descents," he added.

As much as 30cm of snow was reported at some of the mountain stations. Even away from the peaks, the snow proved heavy.


Early snowfall in Dunedin, New Zealand as temperatures plummet

Snow on the Rock and Pillar Range, near Middlemarch.
Snow on the Rock and Pillar Range, near Middlemarch.
Snow flurries have been reported on Dunedin hill suburbs, as temperatures plummet.

Snow was spotted falling on suburbs more than 100m above sea level on Thursday afternoon, but just like the sun, it did not overstay its welcome.

The snow was believed to be the first near an urban area this year, a Metservice spokeswoman said.

"This is the lowest fall we have seen so far."


Nor'easter brings at least 4 inches of May snow to Vermont and upstate New York

Snow also covered areas in Stratton Mountain and Mount Snow, Vermont

Snow also covered areas in Stratton Mountain and Mount Snow, Vermont
Winter just won't go away for certain parts of the US.

Four inches of snow fell in Vermont and parts of upstate New York overnight just a day after a hail storm hit North Carolina.

Parts of western Maine and northern New Hampshire were getting snowfall Tuesday morning
, but most folks were seeing more rain.

Several Vermont residents took to social media to blast Mother Nature for bringing more snow to the state.

'I blame myself. Sunday I said, "At least I can feel confident that it's not going to snow anymore." Mother Nature: "bahahahahahah,"' one user wrote.

Rangers at Vermont State Parks tweeted: 'Another 4″ at Woodford State Park overnight. Park staff are shoveling instead of raking to get the park ready to open.'

Comment: Winterlike weather pattern tightens grip on U.S. Northeast, unloading snow in some areas


Snow is falling in Bosnia and Herzegovina as though it were January!


Snow in Bosnia
In addition to the rain and floods in great number of places in BiH, residents of Bosanska Krajina, more precisely the places of Korcanica, near Sanski Most, were also surprised by the snow.

The video shows snowfall near Sanski Most, where the truck driver is seen to be struggling with snow on the road.

Korcanica is located 32 kilometers from the Sanski Most and part of the mountain Grmec.


Thick snow falls on Sljeme, Croatia

Sljeme, just north of Zagreb today
© Zagreb Facts
Sljeme, just north of Zagreb today
The official start of summer is just over a month away but heavy snow has been falling today on Sljeme, just north of Zagreb.

It might be the middle of May but today's photos from Sljeme look more like the middle of December.

Croatia has been hit with storms, severe winds and torrential rain this week and on Wednesday even snow in parts of the country.

The road leading up to Sljeme has been closed.

Comment: See in addition: Coldest and snowiest early May on record in Dalmatia, Croatia


Coldest and snowiest early May on record in Dalmatia, Croatia

croatia cold
If you're in Dalmatia and have said this is the "coldest May of your life", you're absolutely right - and thanks to official data measured at the DHMZ Split Marjan station, your claim can be confirmed.

Namely, Dalmacija Danas reports that the first 13 days of May had an average air temperature of 14.6°C, while the average from 1948 to 2018 was 19.1°C. At the moment, we are experiencing temperatures in Dalmatia 4.5°C cooler than the monthly average, which is an extreme temperature deviation.

Of course, a lot of this can change by the end of the month, and it is certain that the second part of the month will not be as cold as the first. However, there are also no significant positive deviations - on the contrary, temperatures will be around the average or even a little cooler.

Let's note that until now, the official coldest May was recorded in 1991 with an average temperature of 15.6°C.

Comment: For more, check out SOTT's Earth Changes Summary - April 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs:

Ice Cube

Record snowfall kills over a thousand yaks in the Himalayas

yaks cold

To keep each other warm, the yaks were found mostly in clusters of 20-50 when their carcasses were found in the end of April|
Over 1,000 yaks have reportedly died due to the unprecedented snowfall in the cold desert region of North Sikkim over the course of January until the roads cleared in the end of April.

The place in contention includes Munguthang, Tso Lhamu, Kala Patthar, Chopta Valley and other regions which collectively make up the Kanchenjunga National Park and Biosphere Reserve and Singhba Rhododendron Sanctuary. Yaks, which qualify as an endangered species, are catered by herders who are called as Dokpas locally, a traditional practice since ancient times. Numbering about 1,600-2,000 in the region, they are owned by residents of Lachung and Lachen valleys along with those from Gangtok.

The official count released by the North Sikkim district administration puts the death toll to be around 300, but local herders argue that the number could reach as high as 1,000 as many of the higher regions above Munguthang are still inaccessible. The numbers are more towards the Lachen Valley belt rather than the Lachung Valley belt, as Lachung has grazing grounds in the lower belt in comparison to Lachen.

Comment: All over the planet seasons are becoming more erratic and extreme, for some winter drags on into spring, resulting in delayed planting, young crops decimated by late frosts or new born cattle buried under snow and, for others, unseasonably warm springs are creating tinder dry conditions leading to unprecedented wildfires: