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Sun, 17 Jan 2021
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Iceberg size of Delaware heading for collision with South Georgia Island splits into two pieces

iceberg penguins
An iceberg the size of Delaware that was heading straight for a penguin colony island has broken into two pieces Strong underwater currents caused the massive iceberg to turn nearly 180 degrees and break into two pieces.

An iceberg the size of Delaware, which was on course to crash into an island populated by a penguin colony, has broken into two pieces, scientists tracking its journey said on Friday.

In the last few weeks, the iceberg, dubbed A68a, came dangerously close to South Georgia Island in the south Atlantic, threatening to cut off vital ocean access for the island's penguin and seal population.

Comment: As noted in the following article, calving, whereby an ice berg splits off from a glacier, is caused by glacial expansion, and thus a process associated with cooling, not warming: Iceberg the size of London calves off Antarctica - Caused by a glacier EXPANDING, not melting

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Winter strikes early in North Africa with snow blanketing the Sahara

Europe's "beyond exceptional" week of snow also sunk south impacting North Africa — large areas of both Morocco and Algeria have registered heavy and disruptive out of season accumulations.

Here was the scene in the northern Algerian city of Tlemcen Sunday, Dec. 6:

"A lot of snow" has also been hitting Algeria's Djurdjura Mountains this month:


New Hampshire snow totals from December 17 storm - 4 feet for Danbury, almost record-breaking

Digging out in Manchester.
© Jeffrey Hastings
Digging out in Manchester.
On Dec. 17 New Hampshire had quite a snowstorm, one for the record books - almost!

Although the national weather service reports the state's snowfall record still stands at 49.5 inches, Thursday's snow set several records, including in Concord, where the official totals are monitored. Manchester saw an official 12 inches.


Snowfall tally at Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska at 260 inches - 8 feet more than last season

Skiers wear masks while waiting in a lift line at Alyeska Resort on opening day, Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 in Girdwood.

Skiers wear masks while waiting in a lift line at Alyeska Resort on opening day, Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 in Girdwood.
Alyeska Resort opens for the season with a 100-inch base and new pandemic guidelines.

Alyeska Resort starts counting how much snow falls at the top of the mountain each year on Oct. 1.

By opening day this year, the tally was 260 inchesover 8 feet more than last year.

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Roof of athletic dome collapses from heavy snowfall in Binghamton, New York

snow collapse
The roof of an athletic dome in Binghamton — one of the largest in the state — collapsed Wednesday night as the area was pummeled with over three feet of snow.

Bahij Kashou, the owner of The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, told WICZ the roof couldn't handle the reported 40 inches of snow that fell in the area.

"Usually, you know depending on how the snow comes, if it comes around two or three days it's different," Kashou said.

Snowflake Cold

The Nor'easter dropped almost 4 feet of snow on this Vermont town

This week's big storm dropped anywhere from 9 to 15 inches of snow across Greater Boston

The big winter storm continues to wind down this evening across New England, with some very impressive snow totals.

A whopping 44 inches of snow fell just 3 miles south of Ludlow, Vermont, at 1,800 foot elevation. Ludlow reports 41 inches at 1,500 feet, Windsor was the next highest total with 39 inches of snow, according to the fire department at 10:25 Thursday morning.

Comment: Record snowfall - More snow in parts of northeast US than all last season - over 3 feet in many areas

Snowflake Cold

"Outrageous" snowstorm breaks all-time records across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast

man shovel snow
© Geoff Forester/Concord Monitor
A homeowner digs out the family driveway in New Hampshire so his son could get to work on Thursday morning, December 17, 2020.
Times are changing. The mid-latitudes are cooling. The snowpack is building. Thanks, in no small part, to a slumbering Sun.

Record-busting snow buried the Northeast United States Wednesday and Thursday this week as a mass of brutal Arctic air rode south on the back of a weak and wavy "meridional" jet stream flow.

Centre County, Pennsylvania was overwhelmed Wednesday by more than a foot of unprecedented pow-pow.

State College was hit by 15 inches of global warming goodness, which broke the 24-hour December snowfall record by 2.5 inches in weather books dating back to 1893 (the previous record being the 12.5 inches set Dec. 11, 1992). In fact, more snow fell Wednesday than during the entire 2019-20 winter season.

Comment: The signs are coming faster and faster now.


US: Deadly 'brain-eating amoeba' has expanded its range northward

Naegleria fowleri
© Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
Naegleria fowleri
The organisms' expanded range may be due to increased temperatures from climate change.

Deadly "brain-eating amoeba" infections have historically occurred in the Southern United States. But cases have been appearing farther north in recent years, likely because of climate change, a new study finds.

The study researchers, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), examined cases of this brain-eating amoeba, known as Naegleria fowleri, over a four-decade period in the U.S. They found that, although the number of cases that occur each year has remained about the same, the geographic range of these cases has been shifting northward, with more cases popping up in Midwestern states than before.

Comment: SOTT has been tracking the rise in unusual infections and diseases for many years now, and it's possible that our changing climate is but one contributing factor:


Record snowfall - More snow in parts of northeast US than all last season - over 3 feet in many areas

A man clears snow as snow falls near Bryant park in Manhattan, New York City Wednesday.
© Jeenah Moon/Reuters
A man clears snow as snow falls near Bryant park in Manhattan, New York City Wednesday.
More than three feet (more than a meter) of snow in many areas.
"Isn't it ironic that the US Northeast, home to so many AGW academic radicals, is being chastened by reality?"
- Bill Sellers
Tens of millions of Americans in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states were blanketed with more snow in one dump than during the entire 2019-2020 season.

Large parts of the eastern United States woke this morning to more than 3 feet of snow as a major winter storm hit parts of New York and Pennsylvania, led to hundreds of accidents and travel disruptions, airport delays, power outages, and left at least four people dead.


Army deployed as record snowfall of 7 FEET blankets parts of Japan

Yuzawa Town is hit by heavy snowfall in Niigata Prefecture

Yuzawa Town is hit by heavy snowfall in Niigata Prefecture
Japan deployed the military on Thursday (Dec 17) to help residents trapped by record snowfall that has blanketed parts of the country, with 10,000 homes losing power in the north and west.

Prime minister Yoshihide Suga called an emergency cabinet meeting and urged the public to be cautious, as local media reported more than 1,000 cars were stranded on an expressway connecting Tokyo to Niigata in the north.

Over 72 hours, a record 2.17 metres of snow fell in Minakami, Gunma prefecture, reports said, while Yuzawa in Niigata prefecture — famous for skiing — got a record 1.8 metres of snow on Thursday morning.

Comment: Other videos: Record-breaking heavy snow up to 5 feet deep blanketing Japan