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Tue, 19 Feb 2019
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Extreme Temperatures


Flooding kills five in snow-hit Algeria

snow algeria

Deep snow in north Algeria, Jan 24th
While the victims were retrieved over the last 48 hours, around 100 people have been rescued in the last 24 hours in more than 17 areas.

Algeria's civil protection unit said on Saturday that five people died after being swept away by flood waters as a cold snap in the Maghreb brought snow to several of the country's regions. "All the victims have been retrieved over the last 48 hours after being swept away by waters in Annaba, El Tarf, Tizi Ouzou and Tipaza," the civil protection body said.


135-yr-old snowfall record broken in New York

Snow Storm Cleanup
© Jack Haley/Messenger Post Media
Still cleaning up from the weekend storm in Clifton Springs on Monday afternoon. Heavy winds pushed snow around and filled in driveways and made driving difficult in some spots.
First came the snow, which stormed into the Finger Lakes region Saturday night and left Sunday.

Like an unwanted party guest, the bitter cold stayed behind. A wind-chill advisory was to expire at 7 a.m Tuesday in Ontario, Wayne, Monroe, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties, as a red alert was put in place Monday throughout the area for wind chills around -20 to -25 degrees at times.

But it's still cold.

Looking back, total snowfall added up to 20 inches in parts of Western New York and the entire area has seen more than a foot of total snowfall. A daily record snowfall for Jan. 19 was broken Saturday with 7.8 inches of accumulation, beating the previous record of 6.3 inches set in 1884.

But it could have been worse - the city of Canandaigua only had one weather-related first responder's call.


Ice Age Farmer Report: NEW STUDY: "Rethink" global warming - Shrinkflation rampant

frost crop
50% Italy's seasonal crop lost to frosts. Shrinkflation is rampant in UK, Australia. A new study indicates "We must rethink global warming" after demonstrating that aerosols cause significant global cooling." Christian breaks it down.


Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Power prices spike up 4X - Coldest in a century across Canada

Canada snow
Power prices up 4X as Texas experiences extreme cold and record power demand, at the same time Quebec government asking people to turn down the heat as power demand exceeds supply as -50F temperatures make it the coldest January in over 100 years. Ottawa and Quebec break 100 year cold and temperature records.

Comment: Wild Canadian winter: 11 feet of snow, days of -65C windchill


Heavy snow hits the Pyrenees - up to 70cm ( 27 inches) of snow in 24 hours


The Pyrenees are seeing some of their biggest snowfalls for three months.

The French resort of Cauterets reports 50-70cm of fresh snow has fallen in the past 24 hours and other ski areas in the region have reported 30-40cm accumulations so far this morning.

Currently, there are blizzard conditions in many areas and some ski centres are closing their slopes for the day.

"The Cirque du Lys ski area is closed for the day due to strong winds and high avalanche risk following the accumulation of 50 to 70 cm of snow since that night," a Cauterets statement reads.

The new snow follows heavy snow on Sunday/Monday meaning resorts have had up to 65cm (26 inches) of snow in the past 72 hours.


Australian heatwave - Forgotten history

Don't believe your lying eyes - Australian newspaper archives are full of temperatures recorded higher than 121 in the shade which is 50C. All of these temperatures in the map below are found in historic newspaper archives. Measurements done after 1910 are even done with official Stevenson screens, yet the BOM "throws them away". It's true that ones done in the 1800s are often recorded on non-standard equipment, or are just literally "in the shade" under cover. So some of these, perhaps many, are one or two degrees too high. But even if we take two degrees off, how scary is global warming when Australia knew many days of 48C and 49C and some at 50C 120 years ago? The BOM - supposedly so concerned about the State of Our Climate - show little interest in talking about our history or in analyzing it, or even mentioning it.

And modern temperatures are recorded on electronic equipment, sometimes in areas affected by urban heat islands (concrete and cars).
Forgotten History
© JoNova
50C temperatures have occurred all over Australia before

Australians have been recording temperatures of over 50C since 1828, right across the country. In 1896 the heat was so bad for weeks that people fled on emergency trains to escape the inland heat. Millions of birds fell from the sky in 1932 due to the savage hot spell.

Australia heatwave: Dozens of wild horses found dead at dried-up waterhole

Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Winter Storms Indra & Harper - Record cold Boston - Falling iguana alert

snow boston
Winter storms Harper and Indra blend into the same weeks headlines, record cold and more records snows. Boston breaking records back to 1878, now three locations in the northern hemisphere mimic Maunder Minimum climate.

Iguanas will fall from trees last part of January.

More record cold to follow through first week of Feb even down to Cuba.


Snowflake Cold

Wild Canadian winter: 11 feet of snow, days of -65C windchill

Just as some Canadians were beginning to doubt if a true Canadian winter would ever arrive this year, it's now safe to say most parts of the country have experienced at least some of the season's wrath. Heavy snow, flash freezes, extreme cold alerts -- we've seen it all.


Storms dumped nearly 8 feet of snow in 7 days at Squaw Valley ski resort in California

Squaw Valley
© Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
Squaw Valley, looking squeaky clean after 6 feet (1.8m) fell there in the last week. Snowfall is already well above average in the Sierras and there’s more to come Sunday and early Monday.
Thanks to Mother Nature's onslaught of recent storms, skiers and snowboarders near Lake Tahoe are shredding across several feet of fresh snow.

Storms that rolled across the Sierra Nevada over the past week dumped nearly 8 feet of snow at Squaw Valley and multiple feet of powder at a host of other nearby resorts.

Check the list below to see how much snow fell across Lake Tahoe ski resorts over the past seven days, as reported by the resorts.

Snowflake Cold

Temperature extremes: Russia down to nearly -60 °C, Australia scorching at nearly 50 °C on January 18, 2019

Parts of Russia again plunged towards -60 °C last night, while parts of Australia are in the middle of the summer and a strong heat wave, with temperatures approaching 50 °C. Yesterday, the difference between the two areas was over 100 °C!

Temperatures plunged down to -57.5 °C in Delyankir (Oykmyakonski District, Sakha Republic) in far eastern Russia last night. This part of Russia is the one of the coldest places on Earth and the coldest inhabited area - the (fairly) nearby Oymyakon holds the official lowest recorded temperature in the northern hemisphere: -67.7 °C on February 6, 1933.