An ice jam has flooded homes in Wilmington,
© Chicago & Midwest Storm ChasersAn ice jam has flooded homes in Wilmington, Illinois on the morning of Jan. 26, 2024.
River ice and rain are causing flooding on the Kankakee River in Wilmington, Illinois, about 50 miles southwest of Chicago, according to ABC7 Chicago's Stephanie Wade.

Police told residents to be prepared to take action, including evacuation if necessary, after the river rose at least 3 feet overnight. More than a dozen people were evacuated Friday morning.

"The ice jam on the river has not fully broken, and there is the potential for flooding throughout the day as ice begins breaking apart at a rapid pace," Will County Emergency Management Agency said.

"It's just really a freak incident, a combination of the ice and water at the same time. Warm weather coming in at once. It's not usually 50 in January and February," said Marvin Mack, Papa's Pickins Antique Shop owner on North Water Street in Wilmington.

Videos showed downtown flooded, roads buckling with ice, the ice jam on the river, and cars and homes surrounded.