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Tue, 19 Nov 2019
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Bad precedent: Supreme Court clears way for Newtown shooting victim families to sue AR-15 gun-maker

Sandy Hook memorial
© Robert F. Bukaty/AP, FILE
A makeshift memorial with crosses for the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre
The case will now proceed to trial in Connecticut for the families of the victims of the shooting, which took place in December 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty children and six adults were killed at the school.

The justices did not offer an explanation for their decision to deny the request to take up the case.

"The families are grateful that the Supreme Court upheld precedent and denied Remington's latest attempt to avoid accountability," the attorney representing the families, Josh Koskoff, said in a statement. "We are ready to resume discovery and proceed toward trial in order to shed light on Remington's profit-driven strategy to expand the AR-15 market and court high-risk users at the expense of Americans' safety."

The lawsuit was first filed over four years ago and has overcome a series of hurdles to go to trial.

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New study reveals that US poverty has plunged

abandoned trailer
© Getty Images
The government says that America's poverty rate is 11.8 percent. It also says that the poverty rate has hovered around 11 to 15 percent since 1970 suggesting little or no progress against poverty in decades.

But the Census Bureau's official poverty rate is biased upwards and kind of meaningless. In terms of material well-being, families near the bottom are much better off today than in past decades because of general economic growth and larger government hand-outs.

In a Cato study, John Early recalculated the U.S. poverty rate using more complete data and found that it fell from 19.5 percent in 1963 to just 2.2 percent in 2017. (The study's charts are updated here.) Early is a former Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Comment: It's hard to reconcile the competing lines on poverty in the US. Just last year, the UN Poverty in the US Report was released stating that poverty in the US is the worst its ever been, and only sinking. It was criticized, however, for being politically motivated and really just an attempt to smear Trump.

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UN Envoy's grim warning over Assange's life

julian assange video conference
© Wikimedia
A United Nations expert in torture diagnosis has in the past week issued a stark warning that Australian whistleblower Julian Assange is in danger of dying from extreme prison conditions in Britain.

It is testimony to the rank hypocrisy of British and American governments who lecture others around the world about democracy, human rights and international law.

One can only imagine the hysterical outcry among Western governments and media if somehow Assange was being detained in a Russian prison.

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Canada's identity crisis: Wokeness clashes with WWI remembrance in Don Cherry scandal

don cherry
© Reuters / Chris Wattie
Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry speaks to journalists on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on November 7, 2006.
Calling out immigrants who do not wear a poppy in memory of WWI veterans got legendary Canadian sportscaster Don Cherry fired and further polarized the nation struggling to reconcile "woke" values with its history and tradition.

Red poppy badges are a must-have accessory around Remembrance Day - November 11 - across the British Commonwealth, symbolizing the armistice that ended the First World War. When Cherry - the octogenarian sports commentator and former hockey coach - called out immigrants who refused to wear the badge, however, he was fired from Sportsnet and accused of being xenophobic and racist.

During an episode of his Coach's Corner show on Saturday, Cherry lamented that "nobody wears the poppy" in downtown Toronto, unlike in smaller towns across Canada.

Comment: In reality, there was nothing bigoted or racist in what Cherry said. And despite the fact that his co-host, Ron McLean, nodded in agreement at the time, he has since apologized and toe'd the line. Good on Cherry for sticking to his guns.


Nuclear plant leak is coming from pipe at South Carolina power station, safety regulators not worried

south carolina nuclear plant
© Tim Dominick tdominick@thestate.com
SCE&G’s V.C. Summer nuclear plant in Fairfield County, S.C.
A leak at the V.C Summer atomic power plant north of Columbia is occurring on the welding of a six-inch pipe that is losing one-fifth of a gallon of water every minute, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

That isn't much of a leak and it poses "little to no safety significance'' as employees work to make repairs, NRC spokesman Joey Ledford said in an email Tuesday. Ledford said the leaking pipe is among hundreds in the nuclear reactor's containment area.

Atomic safety watchdog Tom Clements questioned last weekend why Dominion had not notified the public of the leak, saying atomic safety should not be taken lightly.

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NBC, ABC And CBS appear to have run cover for world's most powerful rape rings

Epstein Weinstein
© Left: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/Handout via REUTERS Right: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
NBC, ABC and CBS News have all now appeared to run cover for some of the world's most powerful rape rings, allegedly killing stories and firing employees who tried to expose the outlets.

As three of America's biggest networks, these outlets have each become embroiled in controversy in 2019 following multiple separate reports that they have played a part in covering up some of the world's most powerful rape and pedophile rings.

The allegations range from killing entire stories outing disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, shutting down an interview detailing accusations against alleged child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and firing an employee who might have tried to hold an outlet responsible.

Comment: Given this damning evidence, it's a wonder that anyone trusts the mainstream media with ANYTHING.

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Police bust Antifa hideout in Athens' Economics and Business University

Athens University of Economics and Business

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019
The shut-down of the embattled grounds of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB).ahead of the commemoration of the Nov. 17 student-led uprising in 1974 that helped bring down a military dictatorship set off protests that had to quelled by riot police.

Dozens of radical left-wing demonstrators and about 200 students joined to protest the decision by university officials to close until after the annual marking of the Nov. 17 landmark moment in Greek history, that sets off in turn often violent responses.

The protest, said Kathimerini, also followed a police investigation at the AUEB premises which found a cache of full face masks, helmets and rocks that are used as weapons against police in demonstrations and apparently gathered for Nov. 17.


'There's a difference between Jordan Peterson and a film about him'

Mike Sheridan on his viral interview with controversial professor and why he was impressed by new documentary
jordan peterson
© Holding Space Films
In 2016, Jordan Peterson released a series of Professor Against Political Correctness on YouTube which made him a very divisive figure.
In July 2018, after much chasing of his publisher, I managed to get an interview with polarising professor and "rock star intellectual" Jordan Peterson. It was for a new show which would go out first as a video and podcast and later on the radio station 4FM; I got the time with Peterson by promising that the interview would go out in full, as live.

I'd recently finished his book 12 Rules for Life and was fascinated by the surge of fame that had engulfed him. I'd read enough features and listened to enough podcasts with the 57-year-old Canadian to know he was displeased with how his words, as he saw it, had been twisted in different ways to besmirch his name and misrepresent him.

When Peterson arrived into our small studio that day it soon became clear how polarising he was; two workmates wanted to meet him and told me they'd do anything to make that happen; one excitedly met him and brought him up the three storeys, while the other waited outside the building, hoping to grab a picture. But others in the office were appalled that he was even there; when I asked one co-worker why, he spoke passionately about Peterson's views on the Muslim religion. It soon becoming clear he had mixed up Peterson with American neuroscientist and author Sam Harris, who would be joining him on stage the following night in the 3Arena for a discussion about religion and the "War of Ideas". Others branded him "transphobic" and "misogynist" offering quotes and derided the picture-seeker for asking for a snap.

Over 70-odd minutes, we discussed everything from Peterson's depression, equality of outcome, his rise to fame, Chris Rock quotes ("he's right, we're all fools") and Donald Trump.

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Chilean riot police knock down & drag elderly protester in brutal arrest amid massive anti-neoliberal protests

Chilean riot police
© Reuters / Pilar Oliveres
Five Chilean riot police were caught on camera brutalizing an elderly protester, dragging him through the street and manhandling him into a van as gargantuan protests against the Piñera regime's austerity policies continue.

The protester is shown struggling to keep up as a group of heavily-armored Chilean police with riot shields rush him down the street. At one point, someone out of frame complains about how they are "pulling" the old man along, so they knock their prisoner to the ground.

Three officers then grab hold of a limb each and drag the man the rest of the way, the video posted to Twitter by Redfish on Tuesday shows.

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Dallas woman accused of selling 11-year-old for sex at hotels for months, police say

Victoria Nicole Bautista
© Dallas Police
A Dallas woman was in custody Monday, accused of trafficking and selling an 11-year-old family member for sex at various North Texas hotels.

The 29-year-old woman also is accused of trafficking a 16-year-old family member.

Dallas police identified the suspect asVictoria Nicole Bautista, who was arrested Oct. 18 and remains in the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $201,000 bail.

Dallas police began the investigation on Oct. 17 after the 11-year-old made an outcry to a family member. That family member contacted Balch Springs police, who contacted Dallas detectives.

An arrest warrant, which was written by Dallas detective J. Ortiz-Vives, gave this brief account of the investigation:

The younger girl, a 16-year-old cousin and Bautista had been staying at a Motel 6 in Mesquite in March. The young girl had just turned 11 in March.

At some point in March, a black Mercedes Benz pulled up into the motel parking lot and Bautista ordered the young girl and her cousin to have sex with the people inside of the car.

The girl asked why, and Bautista just told her to go and do it.

The 11-year-old and her cousin got in the car, where there were three men. The driver handed her some unknown amount of money.

Within seconds, the three men began touching the two girls and taking their clothes off. At some point, the three men had sex with the young girl and her cousin.

When the men had finished, the girls got out of the car and ran to an apartment where they were staying.

Bautista asked for the money, but she never asked the girls if they were OK, according to the warrant.

Every two weeks since her birthday in March, the 11-year-old was forced to have sex with men.

On Oct. 15, the 11-year-old was having sex with a man at a motel when he struck her in the head and she passed out. She woke up to another man having sex with her.

Bautista faces charges of trafficking persons under the age of 18, compelling prostitution under the age of 18, theft of property $100 to $750, and possession of drug paraphernalia.