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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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Twitter files reveal DNC requested censorship of James Woods

© Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
James Woods
Internal Twitter emails released on Friday by Elon Musk via journalist Matt Taibbi revealed that Twitter censored a tweet about the Hunter Biden laptop story by actor James Woods at the behest of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The communications revealed that a political party was able to successfully suppress a private citizens' speech on Twitter for posting content that could be politically damaging for the Democrat presidential nominee at the time of a presidential election.

The email posted by Taibbi showed that a Twitter employee emailed a co-worker with suspension requests, writing: "An additional report from DNC." Listed were two tweets, including one by Woods.


Arizona secretary of state calls to investigate Cochise County supervisors who refused to certify election

katie hobbs
© Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Then-Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs holds a campaign event at the Carpenters Local Union 1912 headquarters on Nov. 5, 2022, in Phoenix.
Arizona judge ordered county to canvass election last week.

The Arizona secretary of state's office is calling for an investigation into, and enforcement action against, potential violations of state law committed by two Cochise County supervisors who refused to certify results for the midterm election.

In a Friday memo directed to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre, State Elections Director Kori Lorick noted that it took a court order for the board to canvass the election - with one who she said "continued to defy his statutory responsibility" as well as the Thursday ruling of Judge Casey McGinley.

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Brazen or just stupid? Sam Bankman-Fried claims he 'misaccounted' $8B in FTX funds

Sam Bankman-Fried
© CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Sam Bankman-Fried's net worth was valued at nearly $16 billion last month.
Math doesn't seem to be the MIT graduate's strength.

Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried — an alum of the vaunted university — gave a bizarre explanation for an $8 billion budget shortfall that helped force the doomed cryptocurrency platform into bankruptcy last month — claiming he had simply "misaccounted" the cash.

Bankman-Fried scrambled to explain what happened at FTX during an interview with Bloomberg from his luxury penthouse in the Bahamas. During the interview, the broke crypto bro pulled out a spreadsheet detailing the bad math he used while approaching investors for a potential last-second bailout of FTX and its sister trading firm Alameda Research.

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Former top intel chiefs silent after Musk Twitter disclosures

james clapper
© AFP via Getty Images
James Clapper and other former intelligence officials were silent after the release of internal Twitter documents detailing how The Post’s bombshell revelations were censored.
America's top former intelligence officials were mostly mum Saturday after the release of internal Twitter documents detailing how The Post's bombshell revelations were censored by the social media company.

Leon Panetta, a former CIA director and defense secretary, John Brennan a former CIA director, Mike Hayden, a former CIA director, and Jim Clapper, a former director of national intelligence — who all once said The Post's reporting had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation," — declined or did not respond to request for comment about whether the latest disclosures had changed their opinion.

Comment: Why take responsibility for what you said when you can just refrain from commenting until the news cycle shifts at which point all is forgotten? After all, it's always worked in the past.

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Musk says Twitter might have interfered in Brazil elections

Bolsonaro Lula
© AFP via Getty Images
The social media platform's personnel may have tried to swing the political tide in Brazil toward left wing stalwart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, right.
Twitter might have interfered in another national election, Elon Musk said.

The social media platform's personnel may have tried to swing the political tide in Brazil toward left wing stalwart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who ousted the country's far right leader, Jair Bolsonaro.

"I've seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election. If those tweets are accurate, it's possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates," Musk tweeted early Saturday in response to a user who asked him to get to the bottom of any other national elections Twitter had inserted itself into.

Within minutes, Musk also faced calls for disclosures about recent elections in Israel, India, and Canada.

Lula da Silva eked by Bolsonaro during an Oct. 30 runoff election with 50.90% of the vote.

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Russians are 'like cockroaches,' Ukrainian analyst Alla Poedie tells French TV

Alla Poedie
Ukrainian-born Alla Poedie on French TV.
During an appearance on French television, Ukrainian-born analyst Alla Poedie compared Russian citizens to pests and urged France to crack down on them and their culture.

Poedie, who describes herself as an expert on the former Soviet Union countries, made the controversial claims on the LCI news channel on Tuesday during a talk show dedicated to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

"It's necessary to make sure that Russia is held responsible [for its military operation in Ukraine] with all its citizens around the globe, who sometimes cause a lot of harm," she said.

The expert insisted that it was "shameful" that the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center remained open in the center of Paris. The complex, which also includes the Holy Trinity Cathedral, was "packed with [Russian] spies," she said, without providing any proof for her claim.

"And we accept them. We don't kick them out. Why? This complex must be closed and completely destroyed. It has no right to exist," Poedie said.


FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election, agent testifies

Mark Zuckerberg
© Reuters
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the FBI came to his company to warn about Russian "disinformation."
An FBI agent testified to Republican attorneys general this week that the FBI held weekly meetings with Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley ahead of the 2020 presidential election to discuss "disinformation" on social media and ask about efforts to censor that information.

On Tuesday, lawyers from the offices of Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana deposed FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan as part of their lawsuit against the Biden administration. That suit accuses high-ranking government officials of working with giant social media companies "under the guise of combating misinformation" to achieve greater censorship.

Chan, who serves in the FBI's San Francisco bureau, was questioned under oath by court order about his alleged "critical role" in "coordinating with social-media platforms relating to censorship and suppression of speech on their platforms."

During the deposition, Chan said that he, along with the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force and senior Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency officials, had weekly meetings with major social media companies to warn against Russian disinformation attempts ahead of the 2020 election, according to a source in the Missouri attorney general's office.

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Disabled Canadian veteran & Paralympian blasts gov't for offering to EUTHANIZE her when she complained about chairlift installation

Christine Gauthier

Army Veteran Christine Gauthier, a former Paralympian, testified in Canadian Parliament on Thursday that a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) caseworker offered her euthanasia after she expressed frustration about delays in installing a wheelchair lift at her home
A disabled veteran in Canada has slammed her government for offering to euthanize her when she grew frustrated at delays in having a wheelchair lift installed in her home.

Retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier, a former Paralympian, testified in Parliament on Thursday that a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) caseworker made the assisted suicide offer.

After years of frustrating delays in getting the home lift, Gauthier says the caseworker told her: 'Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now.'

The worker who made the offer hasn't been named, but they are feared to have offered three other veterans who contacted VAC with problems the same 'solution', Global News reported.

Comment: The West is turning into death cult where mutilating gender-dysphoric children is considered progressive, and suicide and abortion are considered solutions to life's struggles.


Video shows Bitcoin millionaire kidnapped from his Bentley in Moscow

© PYMNTS.com
The victim claims that the masked perpetrators were after his cryptocurrency, a police source says
A Russian businessman has made a statement to police, claiming that masked men kidnapped him from his luxury car and intimidated him into revealing the key to his digital wallet with 250 bitcoins (around $17 million) on it, a law enforcement source has said.

The victim told the officers that the incident happened in Moscow on Thursday, with the perpetrators jumping out of a van, apprehending him, putting a bag on his head and driving him to an unknown location, a source who talked to RIA-Novosti news agency revealed.

"According to the claimant, the criminals took his mobile phone, on which an app was allegedly installed, allowing access to the so-called digital wallet. On it, there were 250 bitcoins. The attackers forced the man to reveal the password to this wallet," he said.

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Protesters rally near derailed train carrying NATO tanks in Greece

greece nato railway
A group of Greek protesters gathered near a train carrying NATO equipment that derailed on Friday. The demonstrators were rallying against the presence of US military bases in Greece and the involvement of Western countries in the Ukraine conflict.

The train went off the tracks near the port of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece. According to local media, it was heading to the Balkan and Baltic states as part of NATO's campaign to ramp up defenses against Russia.

It was transporting tanks, armored vehicles, and a number of containers.