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Fri, 02 Jun 2023
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Ex-French colony may host Russian military base - ambassador

Leon Dodonu-Punagaza
© Sputnik / Alexey Nikolsky
Leon Dodonu-Punagaza
The Ambassador of the Central African Republic (CAR) to Russia, Leon Dodonu-Punagaza, has said his country is interested in having a Russian military base on its territory that could accommodate between 5,000 and 10,000 soldiers.

"Our country is the first country in Africa that resisted the French," he said in an interview published by Izvestia on Monday, adding that a Russian military base would help reinforce CAR, where long-stading security threats have worsened due to the inflow of refugees from war-torn Sudan.

The ambassador praised the role of Russian military instructors in strengthening his nation's armed forces and emphasized the importance of continuing military-technical cooperation, despite the opposition of some countries.

"In recent weeks, when Russia delivered six military aircraft to us, it was the French who began to resent it, yelling and yelling. But this is not our business; we are interested in cooperation with Russia," Dodonu-Punagaza noted.

Comment: A series of strategic missteps have set the collective West up for repeated failure, pushing more nations into the arms of Russia and China, a trend that will probably continue for the foreseeable future.

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Election body confirms Erdogan victory

© AP/Francisco Seco
Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves to supporters outside his residence
Istanbul, Türkiye • May 28, 2023
The announcement came after the Turkish president had already declared himself the winner...

The head of Türkiye's Supreme Election Council has announced that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a third term in office after defeating Kemal Kilicdaroglu in a runoff election on Sunday.

Erdogan claimed 52.14% of the vote to Kilicdaroglu's 47.86%, Supreme Election Council chairman Ahmet Yener told reporters on Sunday night. Erdogan defeated his rival by a margin of around 2.2 million votes, according to figures released by the council.

Erdogan, in his second victory speech outside the presidential palace in Ankara, said:
"No one has lost today. Every single one of our 85 million citizens has won. It is time to leave aside all the disputes and quarrels about the election period, and unite and band together around our national goals and dreams."
Erdogan's victory was all but assured for several hours by the time Yener spoke to the press, with a count by Türkiye's Anadolu Agency showing an unclosable gap between Erdogan and Kilcdaroglu within hours of polls closing earlier on Sunday evening.

Comment: Turkish traditions win over Western ideology:
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who portrays himself as a defender of traditional Islamic values, has once again labeled the opposition as 'LGBT', and insisted that liberal Western ideology will never infiltrate his ruling party or its nationalist allies.

In the run-up to the election, Erdogan repeatedly accused Kilicdaroglu and his allies of being pro-LGBT, and voiced similar charges in his victory speech in front of a jubilant crowd in Istanbul.

Listing off the factions in his rival's six-party National Alliance bloc, and a pro-Kurdish political party, he asked supporters if they agreed that CHP, HDP, IYI, and "some little guys next to them" are all "LGBT," to the rousing cheers of the crowd.

Erdogan asked rhetorically - Proclaiming that his ruling coalition and its allies will always stand in defense of traditional Turkish values, Erdogan asked rhetorically:
"But can LGBT infiltrate the AK Party? Can it infiltrate the MHP? Can it infiltrate other members of the People's Alliance?

"Every election is a rebirth for us. Family is sacred to us. No one can speak out against the family. Violence against women is forbidden, it is haram."
Kilicdaroglu is not an outspoken supporter of gay rights, but has promised to reinstate the Istanbul Convention if elected. Signed by 45 countries plus the EU in 2011, the convention aimed to strengthen legal penalties for violence against women.

Türkiye withdrew from it in 2021, stating that it had been "hijacked by a group of people attempting to normalize homosexuality." This was likely a reference to the treaty's listing of transgender women, who are biologically male, as women.

Many officials in Erdogan's conservative government view LGBTQ ideology as an American and European "religion" that is alien to Turkish morals.
"They are trying to... ungender the whole of our society under the name of LGBT,"
Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said in February. At a rally in April, Erdogan said young people should "not look at these LGBTs" and "not oppose marriage."
Giving it gas!
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to complete a gas distribution hub to pipe Russian natural gas into Europe via Türkiye. Erdogan said that the project, first suggested by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will be built with Russian assistance.
"We will strengthen Türkiye's position as an international hub even further. Actually, Mr. Putin mentioned again the creation of the hub in the region of Thrace in Türkiye in his congratulatory message. We will do that together with them. There will be a hub in Thrace."
In a congratulatory message to Erdogan, Putin praised the Turkish president's "personal contribution to the strengthening of friendly Russian-Turkish relations," and hailed the construction of Türkiye's first nuclear power plant and the creation of the gas hub as two significant joint projects.

Putin first proposed the gas hub in October, stating that Moscow could redirect gas transit from the two sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines to Türkiye, from where it could be used domestically and sold on to European consumers. The hub would be built in the Turkish region of Eastern Thrace, which already receives gas from Russia via the 930-kilometer TurkStream pipeline. The hub could begin operating as soon as this year.

The plan has faced criticism in the West, with US State Department spokesman Vedant Patel urging European countries not to purchase Russian gas via Türkiye, and to "take steps to diversify their energy sources, to reduce energy reliance on Russia" instead. French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that the proposal "makes no sense," given that the EU aims to wean itself off Russian energy.

Under Erdogan's leadership, Türkiye is the only member of NATO that has not sanctioned Russia, and Ankara and Moscow have strengthened their trade and diplomatic links since the conflict in Ukraine began. Erdogan describes his foreign policy as "balanced," and has sought to build Türkiye into a regional energy trading power and a middleman between producers in the east - such as Russia and Azerbaijan - and buyers in the West.


Washington's obsession with crushing Russia has dismantled its Middle East agenda

biden saudi arabia 2022
© Mandal Ngan/AFP
US President Joe Biden departing Saudi Arabia on July 16, 2022, at the end of his first tour in the Middle East as presideny
Prioritizing efforts to weaken Moscow, Washington has let slip its grasp elsewhere and failed to wake up to the multipolar world it now finds itself in

Once the undisputed hegemonic power in the Middle East, thought to be indispensable for the security and success of a range of regional leaderships, the US has been fading into the background to the benefit of its adversaries.

As armed conflict erupted between NATO-backed Ukraine and Russia in February of 2022, the Joe Biden administration in Washington decided to throw its weight behind Kiev and focus on a project to bog down Moscow, while unleashing wave after wave of sanctions. Despite spending at least $75 billion dollars on assistance to Ukraine and making Russia the most sanctioned nation on earth, the US has failed to bring Moscow to its knees. In fact, one could say that it is the US that has been cut down to size in the global arena, especially in the Middle East, an area it once considered its own backyard.


Russia issues arrest warrant for war criminal Lindsey Graham after Ukraine comments

mccain neo nazi ukraine maiden graham
© Petro Poroshenko/Twitter
Poroshenko tweeted in 2016, "Arrived at the command post in the Shirokino area with John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Amy Klobuchar to wish our Warriors a Happy New Year"
Russia's Interior Ministry has issued an arrest warrant for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) after he praised U.S. military aid to Ukraine as "the best money we've ever spent."

Russian officials reacted to a video of Graham's meeting Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which Graham acknowledged "Russians are dying" and later said, "it's the best money we ever spent."

Graham appeared to make the comments in different parts of the conversation, which was edited and posted on Zelensky's social media account.

The South Carolina senator Monday said it "brings me immense joy" to know that his support for Ukraine "has drawn the ire of [Russia President Vladimir] Putin's regime."

Comment: Graham has been beating the war drums in Ukraine for years:

Warhag Nuland ups the ante:

In a sane world, Congress would censure Graham, Nuland, and the rest of the neocons and then toss them out as an embarrassment to the U.S. government, not to mention a menace to society.


Democrat blackmail: No border security bill until US citizens accept more poor migrants

el paso illegal migrants trash sanitation problems
© James Keivom
El Paso says it also needs help addressing security and sanitation issues arising from the influx of illegal migrants.
Democrats will block a border security bill until American citizens accept more poor migrants into their workplaces and neighborhoods, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) told a GOP-led hearing on Tuesday.

"You're not going to get border security coming first," Lee told a GOP-picked witness, Rodney Scott, the former chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, who urged legislators to first protect the border before opening up more legal routes for migrants.

She continued:
You need to be able to balance it. You will not accept a border security and recognizing pathways to legal entry [bill]? ... When the late [Sen. ] John McCain, we had a very strong comprehensive bill — and it had border security and the legal pathway.
Lee's frank statement exposed the core politics of migration: Democrats — and their bipartisan business and media allies — will block any border security bill unless the GOP votes to let them legally import more poor migrant workers, consumers, renters, and poor people who will turn to government agencies for help.

Comment: The meme lords said it best:
breaking  bad illegal aliens migrants meme


Republican obtains document detailing warnings of Biden's blundering and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan

© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Secretary of State Antony Blinken
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was finally able to see a long sought-after 2021 cable from diplomats warning the Biden administration about the situation of Afghanistan that was ignored, according to Just the News. The chairman and the committee's highest-ranking Democrat Representative Greg Meeks (D-NY) managed to obtain a reading of the cable after much evasion by the Department of State. The Texan chairman had to warn the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that he risked being found in contempt of Congress after ignoring a subpoena for the document.

Representative McCaul proclaimed:
"The dissenters [in the cable] were absolutely right about everything they said...And it was a warning to the administration about what was going to happen and what they needed to do. [The dissenters] deserve a medal...Unfortunately, the administration didn't heed all their warnings and we got what we got."

Comment: Biden's plan: No screwup left unturned.

See also:


Feds hid JFK film that could prove 'Grassy Knoll' conspiracy: Lawsuit

© unknown
Home movie screen shot of JFK murder
A 60-year-old home movie could finally reveal whether multiple shooters, and not a lone gunman, assassinated President John F. Kennedy - but the federal government has been hiding it for decades, according to an explosive new lawsuit.

The heirs of Orville Nix, a Dallas maintenance man who recorded the moment of Kennedy's death with his home-movie camera, have tried for years to get his original film back from the government's clutches.

"It would be very significant if the original Nix film surfaced today," said Jefferson Morley, author of The Ghost and other books about the CIA.

With recent advances in digital image processing, the original film "would essentially be a new piece of evidence," Morley explained. "There's a significant loss in quality between the first and second generation" of an analog film like Nix's.

Nix's clip, unlike the better known film shot by Abraham Zapruder, was taken from the center of Dealey Plaza as the presidential limousine drove into an ambush on Elm Street in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Comment: Commenters on this clip claim it has been edited...still worth the watch from a different focal view.


Ex-Trump lawyer files $67 million lawsuit against former Jan. 6 House Select Committee

© Getty Images
Former Vice Chair of House January 6Th Committee, Liz Cheney
Stefan Passantino, a lawyer from Washington, D.C., who provided representation for ex-White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson during her testimony before the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, has filed a lawsuit against the committee, accusing it of damaging his professional reputation and causing harm to his career.

Passantino submitted a Federal Tort Claims Act Complaint amounting to $67 million against the congressional panel, alleging that the committee deliberately created and propagated a false narrative about him, intentionally interfered with his attorney-client relationship, and neglected his civil rights to advance a political agenda targeting former President Donald Trump.

Passantino's attorney, Jesse Binnall, said in a statement:
"Liz Cheney and her collaborators on the January 6th Committee decided to peddle a false tale about Mr. Passantino and his relationship with his client without any regard for the truth or whether they were destroying the reputation of a good man; a reputation built over decades."
Per the complaint, the committee is accused of engaging in unauthorized communications with Hutchinson, without the knowledge or consent of Passantino, thus violating the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. The complaint further alleges that these communications contributed to the creation of a "false narrative" that was then propagated to news outlets by a lawmaker or congressional staff member acting "outside of the scope of their legislative function."


Iran exchanges heavy gunfire with Taliban on Afghan border, escalating tensions over water rights

© Unknown
Border war between Iran and Afghanistan
The Taliban and Iran exchanged heavy gunfire Saturday on the Islamic Republic's border with Afghanistan, killing and wounding troops while sharply escalating rising tensions between the two countries amid a dispute over water rights.

Iran's state-run IRNA news agency quoted the country's deputy police chief, Gen. Qassem Rezaei, accusing the Taliban of opening fire first Saturday morning on the border of Iran's Sistan and Baluchestan province and the Afghan province of Nimroz. IRNA said Iran inflicted "heavy casualties and serious damage."

From the Taliban's view: Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Takor accused Iran of shooting first. Takor said the firefight killed two people, one from each country, and wounded others. He described the situation as now being under control.

IRNA, quoting Iranian police, said two border guards had been killed. However, that number may be higher. The semiofficial, English-language newspaper Tehran Times said the fighting killed three Iranian border guards. IRNA said the Milak border crossing with Afghanistan, a major trade route, was closed until further notice over the gunfight.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Enayatullah Khawarazmi said in a statement:
"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers dialogue to be a reasonable way for any problem. Making excuses for war and negative actions is not in the interest of any of the parties."

Che Guevara

The first thing every revolutionary regime does when it comes to power: Posobiec docs prove the government is using Antifa to purge the military

biden antifa military purge
© Revolver News
A recent revelation has exposed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) anti-terrorism program that has been misused to target conservatives. Through 80 grants and $39.6 million of taxpayers' money, the Biden administration, along with Secretary Mayorkas, is delegating their efforts to wrongly associate conservatives with terrorists.

The program is structured like a pyramid and aims to trace the path of a "right-winger" turning into a self-proclaimed radicalized domestic terrorist. It begins with influences like Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The University of Dayton — one of the most radicalized groups around — has received a substantial grant of $352k to hunt down Fox News and CBN viewers. They were awarded this taxpayer-funded grant from Biden's DHS even after submitting that absurd and fraudulent pyramid scheme graphic that attacks half of America for no reason whatsoever.