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SOTT Focus: Talking Peace, Planning War


Did you know that in the past 8 weeks, 200 Palestinians, most of them unarmed civilians and many of them children, have been mercilessly gunned-down by the forces of the state of Israel? Are you aware that almost every day at least one Palestinian civilian is murdered in cold blood by the state of Israel? Did you know that the US government whole-heartedly supports and finances this systematic slaughter? Did you know that the 1,300 Lebanese civilians that were murdered in Israel's turkey shoot in Lebanon last month would still be alive today if it were not for the financial and military assistance that the US government gives to Israel?


France: EU functioning worrisome

PARIS, Aug 29 (Xinhua) -- France's European affairs minister Catherine Colonna said on Tuesday that the European Union (EU) was in a worrying state and warned that the construction of bloc faced "dilution".

"The functioning of the Union, and largely the state of the Union seems alarming to me," she told a gathering of French ambassadors.

The EU was "suffering from a kind of wasting disease, a general fatigue that bodes ill for its ability to answer the needs of its peoples," she said.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Signs of the Economic Apocalypse - Update

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In October 2005, the editors of Signs of the Times sat down with John, a director of a Euro-zone bank, to discuss the state of the global economy. Ten months later, we follow up with John on what has developed. Is it possible that the control sought by the pathocrats over the rest of humanity can be achieved without bringing down the entire house of cards? What is propping up the illusory value of the US dollar? Does the doubling of the price of oil have anything to do with it? And, most of all, what can you do to protect yourself and those you love?

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SOTT Focus: Faking Palestinian Resistance

I'm pretty sure no one was as unsurprised as I when two Fox news employees were kidnapped in Gaza 10 days ago, 'coincidentally' right after the Israeli-Hizb'allah 'ceasefire'. Israel and America's dog and pony terror show must go on after all, and 'ceasefire' is a dangerous word when your goal is perpetual war. Use the word "ceasefire", and before you can say "nuke Iran" the damn bleeding heart pinko commies are talking about "Middle East peace".


Australia: In thrall to the Bush lawyers

Those who subject David Hicks to an unfair trial may breach international law, writes Geoffrey Robertson.

The term "Bush lawyer" is Australian slang for a hick counsellor, ignorant of the law. Thanks to recent decisions of the US Supreme Court and inquiries into torture at Abu Ghraib, it has been given a wider meaning, to denote the lawyers in US Government service who have misunderstood or misrepresented the fundamental rules of human rights in their advice to the President. Their mistakes have been so damaging that the British Attorney-General has taken to tendering his own advice to the White House about Guantanamo Bay - namely to close it. The case of David Hicks should provide his Australian counterpart with an opportunity to do likewise.


"I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq" - Fmr. Lincoln Group Intern Describes Paying Iraqi Press to Plant Pro-American Articles Secretly Written by U.S. Military

He held a loaded submachine gun while being driven through Baghdad by two Kurdish security men.

He had three million dollars in cash locked inside his bedroom in the Green Zone.

Armed with a gun, he interrogated Iraqi employees about whether they were doing their job.

He spent a summer in Baghdad paying to plant pro-American articles in the Iraqi press that were secretly written by the US military.

Today, we speak with that former intern of the Lincoln Group. Willem Marx is a freelance writer and a graduate student in journalism at New York University. His article detailing his experience is published in the latest issue of Harpers Magazine. It's titled "Misinformation Intern: My summer as a military propagandist in Iraq." He joins us on the line from Uzbekistan.

Broadcast: 08/21/06 Democracy Now! Transcript Below

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: In Search of the Miraculous Part 2

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George Gurdjieff had two aims: 1) to investigate from all sides, and to understand, the exact significance and purpose of the life of man, and 2) to discover, at all costs, some manner or means for destroying in people the predilection for suggestibility which causes them to fall easily under the influence of "mass hypnosis." We continue our discussion of this fundamental aspect of his work, its arising in a time of war and revolution, and discuss the parallels found in the teaching of Don Juan Mateus as recounted by Carlos Casteneda. Laura Knight-Jadczyk looks at the concept of the "petty tyrant", again an idea that comes from a period of war, the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and we see how it is applicable today. We, too, face a world of petty tyrants, the global pathocracy. How can the teachings of Gurdjieff and Don Juan help us today?

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Mossad missed Hezbollah threat

Israel's storied foreign-intelligence service failed to fully understand the threat posed by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, based on a view among many analysts that the guerrilla organization was an evolving political group, according to U.S. officials and private intelligence specialists.

The Mossad had intelligence about most Hezbollah weapons, including rockets fired into Israel and other hardware. But the service knew little about the military and intelligence side of Hezbollah, a diverse organization made up of Islamic terrorists, conventionally armed militia forces, a charity wing and a political movement.


Hamas: Mossad assassination bid fails

Israeli intelligence services planned to assassinate Khalid Mishaal, the head of the political wing of Hamas, last month sources in the group say.

Israel's intelligence and special operations force, Mossad, sent a team to the Syrian capital in July to carry out the killing, Hamas sources said on Wednesday quoting "Western intelligence sources".

Khalid Mishaal is living in exile in Damascus.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: In Search of the Miraculous

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Where did the teaching of George Gurdjieff come from? What were his aims? Laura Knight-Jadczyk discusses some clues left by Gurdjieff in his book "Life is Real Only Then, When 'I Am'". Gurdjieff's first aim had been "to investigate from all sides, and to understand, the exact significance and purpose of the life of man." To that was added a second, an aim that still has great relevance for today: "[to] discover, at all costs, some manner or means for destroying in people the predilection for suggestibility which causes them to fall easily under the influence of 'mass hypnosis.'"

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