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© Università di MacerataThe Only Known Roman Brewery, Discovered in Italy by July 4, 2024 General view of the excavation in Macerata.
Archaeologists have discovered the only brewery from the Roman era found to date on the peninsula, famous for its winemaking tradition, in the region of Macerata. The find, which also includes kilns for pottery production and metal forges, was revealed during the 30th excavation campaign conducted by the Università di Macerata at the sites of Urbs Salvia and Villamagna.

In Villamagna, archaeologists found a Roman villa with impressive monumental structures and the mentioned brewery. This unusual discovery could be linked to the ancient Gallic roots of the region, as the Celtic tribes, before their arrival in Italy, were known for their beer consumption.

In the 4th century BC, the Senones Gauls, a Celtic tribe originally from present-day France, occupied various areas of the Marche region, including the province of Macerata, and it is likely that the owners of the villa maintained this ancestral tradition influenced by Celtic culture.

In Urbs Salvia, also in the municipal territory of Urbisaglia, the excavation has revealed extraordinary finds in the Forum of the Roman colony and in the area of the cryptoporticus. The University has reported the discovery of kilns for pottery production and metal forges from the Republican era, shedding new light on the process of Romanization of the Piceno.

The Regional Directorate of Museums of the Marche plans to expand the area accessible to the public, enriching the visitors' experience with these new discoveries.

Founded in the 3rd century BC as a Roman colony to consolidate control over the Adriatic regions, Urbs Salvia thrived thanks to its strategic location along the Via Flaminia, becoming an important political, commercial, and religious center over the centuries.

Today, visitors can admire well-preserved monuments, such as the Theater, with a capacity for 3,000 spectators, and the Temple dedicated to the goddess of health, Salus. Archaeological excavations continue to reveal new secrets, enriching our understanding of the life of the ancient Romans in this region.

In addition to its historical richness, Urbs Salvia offers a unique cultural experience, especially during the summer when the site hosts theatrical performances and events that revive the ancient grandeur of the city. Visitors can also participate in guided tours to deepen their knowledge of Roman history and archaeology.

The presentation of the excavation results will take place on July 6, 2024.
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