two FBI agents intimidate a nurse
This is where we are right now as a country.

The Biden regime has sent two FBI agents to intimidate a nurse who exposed controversial practices at Texas Children's Hospital.

Christopher Rufo recently shared on X, "The Biden Administration sent two FBI agents to intimidate a nurse who told the truth about the child sex-change program at Texas Children's Hospital. The regime is mobilizing to threaten and imprison anyone who opposes 'transgender medicine.'"

Writing for the City Journal, Rufo detailed the events that led to the FBI's intimidating encounter with the nurse.

Vanessa Sivadge, a registered nurse at Texas Children's Hospital, saw a dramatic rise in the number of "transgender children" treated at the hospital beginning in 2021.

These patients struggled with depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide attempts, physical abuse, and discomfort with puberty. However, instead of addressing these underlying psychological conditions, doctors at the hospital diagnosed them with "gender dysphoria" and assigned them to a regimen of "gender-affirming care."

When Sivadge voiced her concerns about this practice, she was visited by two FBI agents, Paul Nixon and David McBride, who told her she was a "person of interest" in an investigation targeting the whistleblower who had exposed the child sex-change program.

"They threatened me," Sivadge told Rufo. "They promised they would make life difficult for me if I was trying to protect the leaker. They said I was 'not safe' at work and claimed that someone at my workplace had given my name to the FBI."


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Both the Department of Justice and the hospital leadership were ideologically committed to "transgender medicine." They had been embarrassed by the investigation that had exposed their actions, and they were looking for revenge.

Things went quiet for a while afterward. Sivadge resumed her work as a nurse, and the FBI did not reappear.

Texas Children's Hospital continued its sex-change program but focused instead on patients who had reached the legal age of 18. Sivadge saw the same terrible medical regimen being prescribed for these young adults: testosterone for girls, estrogen for boys, and referrals for specialty services. While Roberts and Paul had stopped providing sex-change procedures for minors, the gender clinic still overflowed with "transgender" teens.

Sivadge's duties as a nurse included providing medication refills and working with doctors to provide parents with information about treatment plans, scheduling, and diagnostics. She worked with patients' charts and saw their complex psychological diagnoses and the treatments administered by the doctors.

Then Sivadge noticed discrepancies in the paperwork. After the FBI visit, she followed some of the medical charts for these patients and came to believe that doctors might be violating the law.
Texas law prohibits hospitals from billing Medicaid for transgender procedures. However, Sivadge alleges that this was a standard practice at Texas Children's Hospital. Several "transgender" patients were enrolled in Texas Children's Health Plan STAR, a "no-cost Medicaid managed care plan."

"The largest children's hospital in the country is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures," Sivadge said. "It is evident that the hospital continues to believe it is above the law not just by concealing the existence of their transgender medicine program from the public, but by stealing from the federal government."

This is not the first time that the Biden regime has used the FBI as its mafia.

In May 2023, Dr. Eithan Haim leaked the sex change documents to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo. Dr. Haim was careful not to disclose any patient information but the Biden DOJ indicted him on four felony counts related to HIPAA violations.

One day after Dr. Haim exposed the Texas Children's Hospital, the Texas state legislature voted to ban transgender medical treatment and procedures on minors.

Dr. Haim was informed last year that he was under federal investigation for leaking documents to Christopher Rufo.

Last week, heavily armed agents showed up at Dr. Haim's door and told him that he had been indicted with four felony charges.

"Had three heavily armed agents at my door 7AM Tuesday to inform me I was indicted with four felonies...for blowing the whistle about the largest children's hospital in the world lying to the public about their transgender program," Dr. Eithan Haim said on X.

On Monday, the Biden Regime unsealed the indictment against Dr. Haim. Dr. Haim was indicted on four felony counts. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 maximum fine.