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One soldier has died and eight have been hospitalized, including one civilian, as a result of an ammunition explosion at the Libava military training ground in the eastern Czech Republic, the Czech military reported.

Initial reports mentioned nine wounded individuals being transported to hospitals, of whom one died.

The explosion occurred during a sapper exercise, according to General Staff spokeswoman Michaela Dvořáková. The families of the injured and the deceased soldier have been notified.

"We are dealing with a serious accident at the Libavá training ground where unidentified ammunition exploded," the army wrote right after the explosion. "Unfortunately, there are injuries on-site. We are trying to provide assistance as quickly as possible, and a rescue helicopter is intervening. The incident is being investigated by the Military Police."

According to the local authorities of Libava, located near the training ground, there was no direct threat to residents.

Defense Minister Jana Černochová extended her condolences to the family of the deceased soldier and announced that she was on her way to Libava.

The media noted that in July 2021, an incident during the decommissioning process of the Brdy training ground in the central Czech Republic resulted in injuries to two soldiers.

In another tragic event in 2014, an ammunition explosion at military warehouses in Vrbětice, eastern Czech Republic, claimed the lives of two Czech citizens. Authorities attributed this incident to the Russian military intelligence agency GRU.

Comment: What with all the 'suspect' explosions and fires in Russia in the last few years, and considering the desire of some officials in the Czech Republic to have reasonable relations with Russia, it seems much more likely that the West was responsible: Czech senators mull HIGH TREASON lawsuit for President Zeman after he cast doubt on Russian role in 2014 ammo blast

Additionally, media and politicians have suggested a possible Russian connection in an attempted arson at a Prague bus depot. A Latin American national was detained at the scene. Prime Minister Petr Fiala indicated that the foiled arson attempt was likely organized and funded by Russia.