russia gas pipeline
© APThe EU still cannot agree on the introduction of sanctions against Russian gas.
Russian gas has started flowing again into the Czech Republic, an EU member country.

This was reported by the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Josef Sikela, as written by "Novinky."

The Czech Minister wrote on their page on X network that in October, some traders began importing Russian gas into the Czech Republic. Out of the total supply volume from January to the end of October this year, Russian gas amounted to 79.6 million cubic meters, or 1.2 percent.

Local publications emphasized that information about specific importers is considered commercial secrecy.

The fact that Russian gas has started flowing into the Czech Republic is also evidenced by data from the transshipment station in Lanzhot in the South Moravian region.

Lukash Kovanda, Chief Economist at Trinity Bank, citing information from Bloomberg, noted that currently, up to 40% of the gas imported into the Czech Republic comes from Russia.

He explained that despite some countries still relying on Russian gas, its import into the EU does not fall under sanctions.

It's worth noting that the EU has banned the import of Russian crude oil delivered by sea and petroleum products. However, it still cannot impose sanctions on liquefied gas. Interestingly, the EU remains one of the biggest clients of Russia for purchasing fossil fuels.