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Alex Soros, the son of globalist billionaire George Soros, has urged Democrats to refer to Donald Trump as a "convicted felon," and to keep repeating the phrase over and over to drill it into the public consciousness.

While Democrats and Joe Biden have continually claimed that the trial against Trump was not political, this serves as a perfect example that it is completely political.

If you repeat the lie long enough and loud enough...

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was literally funded into office by Soros:

This is the US 'justice' system:

Alex Soros is dating Hillary Clinton's most loyal advisor and regularly visits the Biden White House to hob nob and mingle:

Alex soros clintons
But, this is totally not a political witch hunt, OK?

They have no idea what's coming in November.

In the 24 hours following the verdict against Trump, he has raised a staggering $53 million.

"In the 24 hours since Crooked Joe Biden and his New York henchmen got their sham trial verdict, the Trump Campaign has raised $52.8 million through the online digital fundraising platform. THAT'S MORE THAN $2 MILLION PER HOUR!," the Trump campaign noted.

"With more than one third of these donors being new to the campaign, it is clear that more and more Americans are seeing through the Biden election interference and joining President Trump in the movement to save our nation," Team Trump added.

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