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© Social MediaFILE: Israeli soldiers photographed with lingerie of Palestinian women in Gaza. Israeli media and hospital records show that 20,000 occupation soldiers have been wounded in Gaza in confrontations against the Palestinian Resistance.
Israeli Channel 12 revealed that 20,000 occupation soldiers have been injured in Gaza since October 7, with 8,298 being classified as disabled, coining the data as a "peak number".

While Israeli media and official hospital records have been revealing a large number of injuries in Israeli ranks, the occupation military has been attempting to conceal its losses as part of its censorship policy by not admitting the actual number of losses.

As the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood continues for the 239th day, the total death and injury toll among Israeli soldiers continues increasing, specifically as 14 occupation soldiers were wounded over the past 24 hours during confrontations in Gaza.

Under the "permit to publish" clause, the occupation military revealed that 3,657 Israeli soldiers have been wounded since October 7, 1,843 of whom sustained injuries since the ground invasion of Gaza.

20,000 soldiers will apply for disability by end of 2024

In January, the Israeli occupation army announced that it anticipated receiving up to 20,000 disability claims submitted by soldiers as a result of injuries sustained during the Gaza war by the end of 2024, the Israeli website Calcalist reported.

According to the report, the Israeli Security Ministry has contracted an external company to study cases of soldier injuries during military operations and previous wars to estimate the number of soldiers who "will be recognized as disabled and accommodated in the army's rehabilitation department in 2024."

The war on Gaza has proved very costly in terms of manpower for the occupation entity due to the fierce Palestinian Resistance and operational sophistication, which was described by top Israeli military and political officials as "not anticipated" and "surprising."

This has left the Israeli army grappling with unforeseen repercussions, particularly regarding severe injuries incurred by its soldiers, including disabilities and amputations, as well as deformities and burns in various parts of their bodies. These injuries result in substantial costs for the Israeli authorities.