The Wertach in Göggingen near the Wellenburger Bridge
The Wertach in Göggingen near the Wellenburger Bridge has now become a raging river. On Saturday morning, warning level 2 was reached here.
Heavy rain and floods hit parts of Germany and Italy - with hundreds being advised to leave their homes and some missing.

Parts of Southern Germany are under flood warning, with the highest levels applying to western Swabia, the Upper Allgäu and Upper Bavaria.

A state of emergency has been declared in Augsburg due to the extreme rainfall and rising water levels. Water levels are expected to continue to rise sharply in the coming hours. The communities of Fischach and Langenneufnach will be particularly affected.

The Lake Constance region has also been affected and is under risk of flooding. Around 1,300 people in Meckenbeuren, Baden-Württemberg have been advised to evacuate.

Rivers at risk of bursting their banks are also under observation further north on the Danube and its other tributaries. Floods statistically only occur every 50 to 100 years.

The Rhine and Neckar are also at risk of bursting.

In Italy, local media report that three young people have been missing since early Friday afternoon due to flooding of the Natisone river in the north-east of Italy.

They had called for help as they were on a small island and the water was rising fast due to torrential rain. They are now reported missing. A search is currently underway.