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The IDF has withdrawn the 36th Division from Gaza for an R&R and training period, leaving three other divisions fighting Hamas in the Strip.

The withdrawal of the division comes as part of the IDF's plans for a long war against Hamas, while maintaining the troops' competence.

The division's units will be given a short break, then will return for a training period, after which the IDF will decide if and where to redeploy them according to its latest assessments.

Over the past two months, the 36th Division operated in northern Gaza, dismantling Hamas's battalions.

Comment: There's little reason to believe they're having the kinds of successes they claim to be having: Israel's ground war conundrum

The 162nd Division remains in northern Gaza, carrying out clean-up operations to locate Hamas's infrastructure and kill or capture its remaining operatives; the 99th Division is operating in the central part of the Strip; and the 98th Division is fighting Hamas in the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza.