NATO in shreds
Like dropping a hot Polish potato, when political interests change and self-preservation at the voting polls becomes a priority, we see the rationale for "defending" Ukraine being dumped.

A sordid spat burst open this week revealing the absolute lack of principles among the NATO alliance supposedly defending Ukraine against purported Russian aggression. The chief antagonists in the latest row are Poland and the Kiev regime but the angry sparks are liable to explode the whole shaky facade of NATO and European Union support for the Ukrainian regime.

Poland this week said it would halt the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Warsaw declared that its priority was to modernize its armed forces. This is an astounding U-turn by the Polish authorities who up to now have been one of the most gung-ho supporters of the Kiev regime against alleged "Russian aggression".

The subsequent panic is palpable. Germany has accused Poland of "playing politics" in its solidarity towards Ukraine, while Lithuania and the other Baltic states are clamouring for drastic mediation.

Lithuania's President Gitanas Nausedá called on Poland and Ukraine to end the row as a matter of urgency:
"For the sake of our common and most important goal - the protection of Europe from Russia's aggressive expansionist policy - the difference between Ukraine and Poland must be resolved as soon as possible."
The United States-led proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is subjecting its supposed European allies to tremendous tensions that ultimately are threatening to shatter both the EU and the NATO military alliance. The European economies are buckling from the huge costs of the war, including the crippling loss of affordable Russian energy sources and the vast military expenditures that are diverting from the civilian economy and the public good, as well as the strain from the influx of millions of Ukrainian refugees. The genuine needs of the latter are highly questionable, as many EU citizens see their own needs being relegated to accommodate Ukrainians deemed to be exploiting "welfare tourism".

The 19-month-old conflict in Ukraine - the largest in Europe since the Second World War - could have been avoided if the American and European leaders had engaged in diplomacy with Russia as Moscow had been advocating at the end of 2021. Their intransigence and Russophobia made armed confrontation inevitable.

And the people of Europe are paying the heavy price of economic and social hardship. Not least of all from the war's disruption of Black Sea shipping of agriculture exports. Ukraine's prodigious exports of wheat, corn, sunflower seeds and other grains have inundated the markets of the EU with the effect of plunging produce prices for European farmers.

Initially, the European Commission bosses permitted the inflow of Ukrainian agro-exports as "an act of solidarity" with the Kiev regime. But farming communities in the eastern EU countries have seen their livelihoods decimated by the bureaucrats in Brussels who know no bounds in the lengths they will go to indulge Washington's proxy war.

Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia have seen their agricultural industries swamped with cheaper Ukrainian commodities which has, in turn, wreaked havoc on millions of farming families.

A temporary EU-wide ban was imposed on Ukrainian exports to alleviate the economic repercussions. As usual, the chiselling Kiev regime has continually carped about the ban and even threatened to take the EU to arbitration in the World Trade Organization.

The brazenness of the Kiev cartel was on maximum display this week when Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the United Nations in New York and mocked his European benefactors for "setting the stage" to help Russia by not permitting more Ukrainian agro-exports into their markets.

That was too much for the Poles. The next day, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the halting of weapons to Ukraine.

What is alarming Washington and NATO leaders is that the spat will unleash pent-up tensions among other European states who have also been reaping internal turmoil over the inordinate support for the Kiev regime to the detriment of their populations.

The Polish government is being cynical and unscrupulous in the extreme. It is facing a general election next month on October 15. Much of its electorate is in rural areas which have been hit hardest by the import of Ukrainian grain and other farm produce. No doubt, Warsaw is belatedly trying to show some backbone in a pretence of defending the national interests. However, the Polish government's slavish policy of following Washington's proxy war in Ukraine has led to the crisis in Poland. And the crisis is not just limited to Poland but all across Europe, thanks to the equally slavish behaviour of many other governments.

For too long, the European political leaders have acted against the interests of their people to appease the warmongering agenda of Washington and the insatiable demands of the Nazi regime in Kiev for ever-more military and other financial bailouts. It is estimated that American and European taxpayers have bankrolled the bandits in Ukraine to the tune of $200 billion.

Sooner or later, something had to crack in this racket and how it was racking the tolerance of Western citizens. The contradictions appear to be culminating now in a fatal breaking point.

What is especially odious and reprehensible is the evident lack of principle in the NATO support for the war in Ukraine. All the weapons pumped into that country have created a bloodbath from up to 400,000-500,000 dead Ukrainian troops. This was constantly "justified" because, we were told, it was to prevent Russian aggression towards Ukraine and the rest of Europe. Poland was one of the most vociferous in promulgating that narrative.

Well, just like that, like dropping a hot Polish potato, when political interests change and self-preservation at the voting polls becomes a priority, we see the rationale for "defending" Ukraine being dumped.

The sordid squabbling in Europe over Ukraine is disgraceful. But even more disgraceful, indeed obscene, is the evident lies and charade that the war in Ukraine has been premised on.

This war which is risking an all-out global confrontation and nuclear catastrophe is nothing but an imperialist dirty game of self-interest and geopolitical maneuvering led by Washington and its pathetic vassals in NATO and the European Union.