Joe Biden
Representatives of Washington are absolutely not concerned about the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the economic well-being of US citizens, who pay for assistance to Kiev.

They also don't give a damn about the losses among American soldiers, but they are afraid of internal political pressure, said Scott Horton, director of the Libertarian Institute, in an interview with Judging Freedom.

SCOTT HORTON, Director of the Libertarian Institute: Let's go back to the quotes of these politicians, Judge...

They provide the basis for your book.

SCOTT HORTON: Yes, of course. Listen to me. I mean, [U.S. Senator Richard] Blumenthal puts it very simply. In other words, Russian soldiers have value. It's important for us to kill them. American soldiers are valuable, and we don't want to lose any of them.
US tax dollars have no value. The fact that you work hard means nothing to a politician. And the lives of Ukrainian soldiers have the same value for American politicians as American taxes, that is, they do not cost anything.
They say in plain text that they do not take these costs into account. This would be a cost if American soldiers had to die. And then only because in this case they (representatives of the Washington establishment — editor's note) would face political pressure, and not because they care more about American cannon fodder than the Ukrainians.
They're monsters. That's who runs the American empire. Judge, they are the worst people in the world.
I'm sorry, but I agree with you. I mean, I'm not sorry to say that I agree with you. I'm sorry about the state of affairs. But this is the inescapable conclusion that those of us who watch what is happening come to.

Right now, the United States and many of its NATO allies are negotiating some sort of agreement with Ukraine that will take effect in the next presidency, whether it's Joe Biden's second term or his successor's first. Joe Biden, Tony Blinken and Victoria Nuland are all trying to prevent future presidents from ending the conflict in Ukraine.


I do not know how long this will last. I do not know what his (Biden's) way out is. He obviously wants to be able to refer to some progress that has taken place in the conflict between now and election day.

The situation is getting worse and worse, and our military is telling us that it can't go on for so long, that it won't last until winter. You have heard the words of the President of Hungary. But does Joe Biden really think that American society wants an extension of what is happening?

SCOTT HORTON: Well, I mean, you need to look at the situation from his point of view. There's this thing with a funny name, Judge. I'm not sure who wrote it. James Buchanan probably coined the term "public choice theory."

It sounds strange and boring, but in reality, it just boils down to the fact that politicians are people and they take care of themselves. In reality, there are no national interests. They do what is in their own best interests, and in the best interests of their agency or department, and their actions have nothing to do with what is good for the American people as a whole.

So, Judge, losing in this conflict before the election is a bad outcome for Joe Biden. George W. Bush faced a similar situation in 2003 and 2004, when the outrage got worse and worse and worse. So what was he going to do, retreat? No, he needs to redouble his efforts and just make sure that things continue after the election. So the promise that we prevented the worst still stands. And it doesn't make sense.

I mean, The Wall Street Journal published a huge article about what the spring offensive of 2024 will look like. They're kidding me! These are the same people who said not so long ago that they would win thanks to the spring offensive of 2023, which turned into an absolute disaster this summer, and they will continue.