Land of Nod
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Anthony Blinken is Secretary of State. He runs the White House Daycare Center for Seniors, and makes sure that Biden takes his naps, and gets his diapers changed. With Joe in — what? — his fifth childhood? — Tony reads him stories from pictures books and sings him songs to sleep. While Joe is in la-la land - -which is most of the time — Tony makes speeches, as in Finland.

I read the one below in the NYT — and I am writing what I recall.
Mr. Biden's war has been a strategic failure — greatly diminishing America's power, its interests and its influence for years to come. When you look at President Biden's long-term strategic aims and objectives, there is no question, America is significantly worse off today than it was before the full-scale invasion — militarily, economically, geopolitically. Where Biden aimed to project strength, he has revealed weakness. Where he sought to divide, he has united. What he tried to prevent, he has precipitated.

Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State
ASD Blues

"What"", you say? He didn't say "Biden" — he said "Putin"? He didn't say "America" he said "Russia? Oh my, oh my....

Sorry, sorry, sorry.... Got it wrong. Guess it's my ASD acting up again. But you can't blame me — that wouldn't be woke.

I guess I just assumed Blinken and President Biden, were living in the same world I — and you are — which they are obviously not.

In the official version of Blinken's recent speech in Finland, which was the subject of the NYT's article, Blinken talks about "Putin's War diminishing Russia's power".

Blinken Winkin'?

Was Blinken winking at the world when he did this speech?

For one thing, Russia is growing more powerful by the day, taking on the West militarily, economically, diplomatically and most important of all, morally — and winning on all counts.

To date, the Russians have destroyed three NATO armies in the Ukraine and are now destroying a fourth in the "Spring Counteroffensive", which doesn't really exist because

a.) it aint Spring any more

b.) The Ukrainians haven't called it a 'counteroffensive" — smart — since when when somebody says, "Hey your counteroffensive failed", they just reply, "What counteroffensive? We just wanted to go to the beach to swim".

My ASD is working overtime. I blame it on Blinken.


In any case, the Russian army has grown — aiming at a 30% increase to 1.5 million. It is now modernized, battle tested, with improved intelligence, communications and a streamlined command structure. Before the UkroNazis began their counteroffensive-that-wasn't, General Gerasimov was in place in the Donbass to coordinate and manage the Russian response.

In addition, the Russians have a lot of new weaponry that nobody else has.
Military Power
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They have the edge in hypersonics, air defense, and EW systems. For example. "stealth fighters" like the much touted, ever-buggy F-35s are now no problem for them thanks to the Khibiny electronic warfare system.


Economically, the mostly debt-free Russian economy is doing just fine.
Ruble vs Dollar

Russian industry is on a roll. For a while, the Russians could barely supply the DPR and LPR militias with enough ammo to kill Ukrainians since they were killing so many more than expected. Now, they are on top of that.

The US, by contrast, has enough ammo for just about two weeks of real war. And, while it says it plans to ramp up production, it lacks the means. No tools. Simply put — the US doesn't make anything anymore.

Russian industries of all kinds are springing up to replace the Western companies that fled Russia.

In addition, Russian exports are booming now to China and India, with the G7 suffering the consequences, with Germany, for example, already in "technical" recession and the UK facing a real one. A majority of economists predict a recession for the US in 2023.

The US's attempts to isolate Russia economically protect the Russian economy.
Russia Exports
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Brain Power

Russia's lead in many areas - is simply a result of brain power.

Russian polytechnical institutes are turning twice as many engineers annually as the US, despite half the population. The US turns out MBAs who have no brains to drain.
Brain Power
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Descartes said, "I think therefore I am". The US doesn't think, therefore is not.


Diplomatically, the US is more and more seen as a bully.

Russia, however, is steadily forming new alliances worldwide thanks to its concept of multipolarity, its honesty and keeping its promises. Security Agreements are the measure.
Russia Diplomacy
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Cultural Integrity

While the US faces division — the equivalent of a cultural Civil War — the existential threat posed by the West has brought the diverse cultures of Russia together, with a moral and social consensus that respects local values systems. Russia has social integrity; the West does not.
Russia's Ethnic Groups
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A nation must be judged by its principles.

Blinken says Putin has sought to "project strength". No — that's what the US does — the biggest bully on the block, flexing his muscles and beating up little kids, and stealing their oil — er — lunch money.

Putin didn't even call the SMO a "war". That's because it was just self-defense. He was defending Russian people in the former "Ukraine" from ethnocide which would have been the result of the NATO/ Ukrainian "final solution" for Donbass and Lugansk planned for the Spring of 2023.
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Putin never sought to divide. It was he who brokered the Minsk accords which were designed to bring Ukraine together, but which were torpedoed by the US and NATO who never planned to let that happen, according to Angela Merkel.

The 2022 "war' therefore was never Putin's — it was always Biden's, the follow-up to the hybrid war begun earlier by Obama, precipitated by American decline, neoliberal greed, and neocolonial opportunism.

By their deeds you will know them. (Matthew 7:16)

Ultimately, Russia is winning morally, too.

The Land of Nod

So, the US Secretary of Defense lives in a fantasy world. Then again aren't most people in the US.

What do ya' expect with a guy named Blinken, who makes millions by telling GranPa and the kindergarten kiddies that comprise the mainstream media stories to comfort them as the storm clouds billow outside.


Sorry, my ASD is cutting in again...

Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, and Nod is a little head,

How cute.

Is Biden "Nod" in this poem? Maybe not — his head is rather big — although his brain has undeniably shriveled to walnut size.

The Land of Nod

Let us remember that children's rhymes and fables — not to mention the stories that adults tell themselves so they can remain children and not think about the hard realities of real life often hide deeper and darker meanings.

Nod was the land where God exiled Cain after he murdered Abel, as explained in Genesis 4:16.
Land of Nod
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The earliest Democratic National Party Convention.
Wikipedia explains...

Nod is said to be outside of the presence or face of God. Origen defined Nod as the land of trembling and wrote that it symbolized the condition of all who forsake God. Early commentators treated it as the opposite of Eden (worse still than the land of exile for the rest of humanity). In the English tradition Nod was sometimes described as a desert inhabited only by ferocious beasts or monsters. Others interpreted Nod as dark or even underground — away from the face of God.

Oh my!

I will never sing my kids that song about Wynken, Blynken and Nod again for now I must consider that, in some sense, the biblical Nod is America. And Cain is Biden.


Fortunately, I don't have kids — just cats — and they need kibble not fairy tales. They understand reality better than most people.

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