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Ask not what the woke corporations can do to you, ask what you can do to the woke corporations

For years now we've been trapped in a seemingly inescapable vortex of woke madness, one of the most baffling aspects of which has been the seeming determination of every corporation on the planet to embrace whatever fresh new horror bubbles up from the mindless Marxcissist mob nurtured by the social media algorithms.

We know this is all desperately unpopular. Talk to normal people on the down-low, and they'll mutter dark imprecations against the injustice and insanity of this intolerable and incoherent police state. But they won't mutter too loudly, and they'll look over their shoulders as they do it, lest they draw the attention of the mob and find themselves unemployed and unemployable.

At least, that was the case until recently. Increasingly it seems that people don't give a shit.

It's not that they have nothing left to lose, although with the state of the economy that isn't so far from the truth any more. Have you looked at the price of groceries lately? Of course you have. Or tried looking for a job recently? I don't mean some crap minimum wage position, but something that uses your brain, that calls upon the skill-set your expensive education paid for. Those are hard to get, unless you're gay, or a woman, or any skin colour other than white.

Still, for all that, people are by and large relatively comfortable. For now. They aren't starving in the streets. Yet.

No, what precipitated this latest revolt was that they came for the kids.

They started pushing their pervert propaganda into primary schools, educating kindergarteners on pronouns and middle-schoolers on the finer points of anal fisting. They started socially transitioning pre-pubescent children without their parents' permission or even knowledge, encouraging their gaslit indoctrinees to flounce around in chest-binders with cross-sex names in preparation for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. They cheered as boys in dresses humiliated their daughters at athletic meets, and looked the other way as girls were sexually assaulted by boys in dresses in the girl's room.

Parents have been pushing back against these sick groomers for a couple of years now in a thousand little brushfire school board revolts erupting across the country. Some got arrested. Some got called terrorists. Some were primly told to stop reading aloud from folios of filth, apparently inappropriate for the PTA but entirely appropriate to the elementary school library. In some cases they've had success - ousting the pedo-enabling soyjacks and AWFLs that had slithered their way into the school system when no one was looking.

Then Bud Light decided to use a TikTok tranny as the face of its brand, and the revolt against the revolting spilled out of the schools and into the streets.

Within days, America's most iconic beer brand had ruined itself. Sales dropped off a cliff, and have only continued to decline. They can't even give it away. Attempts to mollify the mob by putting on indefinite leave the sorority skank LARPing as a marketing exec whose bright idea the whole debacle had been did nothing to satisfy them. The mob was likewise unimpressed by a series of ads, invoking 9/11, Harley-Davidson, and whatever other symbols of working-class patriotic American chud masculinity Anheuser-Busch could think of. None of these constituted an apology, an open and honest mea culpa for making a mentally disturbed groomer the face of their brand. Indeed at this point, it is probably too late for an apology. Word has gotten out to the average apolitical American: if you drink Bud Light you're gay. Decades of conditioning notwithstanding, they don't want to be gay. "That's so gay" may not be so yesterday, but Bud Light is.

Target painted a bullseye on its back next, with their decision to put front-and-centre in its stores displays of children's clothing designed by a literal Satanist for aspiring self-mutilators to tuck their junk This revolt didn't even start on the Internet. Reports are that ordinary and very disgusted people just started ripping the displays down and vandalizing them without caring for the consequences. Target responded by trying to hide the displays at the backs of their stores, only for anons to start loading the entire inventory into their shopping carts, ring up a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise, and then forget their wallets and wander out the front door.

Both Anheuser-Busch and Target have seen billions in losses from sales and stock price collapses.

It looks like Chick-Fil-A may be next to get Targeted for the Bud Light treatment. The nominally Christian fried chicken company has built an image for itself as a conservative stalwart, standing in implacable opposition to the worship of butt stuff and infanticide that suffuses the rest of American corporate culture. So why would conservatives go after Chick-Fil-A?

It turns out that Chick-Fil-A has an executive officer devoted to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. That's right: the god-fearing, rock-ribbed Republicans have invited the wolves in the door. Their corporation is in the process of getting converged towards social justice. There is no one left who doesn't understand exactly what that means.

Will the boycott against Chick-Fil-A take off? Who knows? Early days yet. But they're certainly vulnerable. Their main market are conservative Americans, who are liable to buy their fattening junk for precisely the reason that the rainbow people and their allies refuse to patronize them. If it takes off, it will, I think, mark an important sea change in the War on Woke: the company will have been punished, not for outrageous promotion of the sexualization of children, but simply for having a DIE office ... something that almost every large company now has.

There's a very straightforward reason that every large institution is so determined to DIE, publicly embracing highly divisive political positions that disgust and alienate their customers. Which is very strange behaviour, when you think about it. It wasn't so long ago that Michael Jordan shrugged, "Republicans buy sneakers, too." Whatever their many faults, and they are legion, corporations once understood that it was far better to stay as far away from politics as they could, lest taking one side or another of a controversy alienated half their customer base.

ESG changed all that. By now I assume you've heard of Environmental Social Governance, the mafia tool developed by financial tarantulas like BlackRock's Larry Fink, which withholds credit to any corporation that fails to live up to arbitrary social justice standards. Don't have enough women board members? Insufficiently enthusiastic about the gay? Not enough black middle-managers? No funding for you.

ESG is the primary mechanism by means of which corporate America was turned into the hallucinatory playground of Gramscian Maoism that it has become today. It's the reason every corporate logo is going to be smeared with the progress pride colours tomorrow. It's the reason every beloved fictional and historical character is getting blacked, and every other new character is a lesbian. It's the reason your son can't find a job.

Perhaps the Omni-Boycott is the way we bring this whole rotten edifice crashing down.

I don't mean that the entire economy needs to be boycotted ... although a consumer strike would be a thing to behold. You could well argue that that's what it would take. After all, every single corporation has been converged at this point. Bud Light was not the first brand to use a man in a dress for its marketing; Chick-Fil-A is very far from the only corporation with an embedded social justice zampolit. Boycott one woke corporation, and you'll just have to replace their products with those of an equally woke competitor. Going after one corporation for something all the others are doing seems arbitrary, so how can that possibly accomplish anything?

The arbitrariness of it is precisely the point.

The idea is to put every corporation in the country into a state of constant, existential dread. Sure, they're only doing what all of the other corporations are doing. Sure, if they don't do it, BlackRock will yeet their line of credit. But if they do as BlackRock demands, there's the ever-present threat of a boycott, a collapse in sales, and a resulting market panic that tanks their stock price. And they never know just which policy or marketing campaign or new product line will draw the implacable and merciless rage of their customers.

This will make them extremely cautious.

There's an analogy here with the tactics the woke lampreys themselves developed during the dark days of the Terrible Teens. The constantly shifting definitions of acceptable discourse - what's okay today can get you cancelled tomorrow - had people walking on eggshells in no time. When the Great Shuttening came for the Internet, the Terms and Service and Community Standards of the Trust and Safety Councils were invariably and quite deliberately vague. You didn't know exactly where the line was that would get your account shut down, and that uncertainty likewise made people very cautious. You can't tiptoe right up to the line and stick your tongue out at the opposition when you don't know where that line even is, especially when that line can move abruptly and without warning.

In a similar fashion, America's corporations - and its institutions more generally - need to be kept in a state of terror through uncertainty. They need to be constantly looking over their shoulders, anxious that the Omni-Boycott will direct its baleful attention onto their business next, for sins against reality and the people that can be arbitrarily minor. Boards need to feel like they're caught between a BlackRock and a hard right place. Displease Larry Fink and the rest of the WEF goblins, and lose billions of dollars in access to easy credit; piss off your customers, and lose a larger chunk of billions in sales. That loss needs to be permanent and irrevocable: there can be no forgiveness. Once a brand has been Targeted, it must be crashed with no survivors, burned to the ground, and the earth salted. As 4chan's Anonymous used to say back before it became a collective of Reddit cringe, None of us are as cruel as all of us. Drawing the attention of the crowd needs to be the absolute worst thing that can happen ... much worse than any look of displeasure on Larry Fink's fat face.

Is this fair? Hell no. It's completely unfair. Disproportionately brutal punishment for something everyone is doing isn't fair in the slightest. Again: that's the point.

There are still a lot of good people working in corporate America. They've been walking on eggshells for years now, keeping their heads down and their lips zipped for fear of the HR harridans. They hate this regime as much as everyone else does. Quite possibly more, because they see it up close. The omnipresent threat of the Omni-Boycott will give them a great deal of persuasive power in the conference room, the Zoom chat, and the company Slack channel. "Look," they can say, "I'm not racist or whatever, but if we do this there's a good chance we'll get Bud-Lighted."

And as for that hive of scum and villainy at BlackRock, the ultimate source of the ESG pushing genderqueer race Stalinism on everyone?

What happens to BlackRock's financial empire when state governments, pension funds, and multinational conglomerates just stop doing business with them? Boycotts can work on multiple levels. What better defence against the ire of the Omni-Boycott than "we refuse to do business with BlackRock or any other financial entity with ESG policies?" Those trillions of dollars in assets under management might evaporate quickly. Who will leave their money in the care of an entity that no one will do business with, because doing business with them is the kiss of death for their own business?

I have no idea if this will work. Bud Light and Target are certainly encouraging proofs of concept. If nothing else, immolating the occasional corporation will be highly entertaining.

We can roast marshmallows.
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