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Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, has been found guilty of "seditious conspiracy" for his involvement in the "Fedsurrection" at the US Capitol on January 6th. In a controversial twist of justice, he has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, highlighting the left's weaponization of the judicial system and their relentless mission to try to turn a "rowdy" protest into an insurrection.

Oath Keepers extremist group founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced Thursday to 18 years in prison for orchestrating a weekslong plot that culminated in his followers attacking the U.S. Capitol in a bid to keep President Joe Biden out of the White House after winning the 2020 election.

Rhodes, 58, is the first person convicted of seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack to receive his punishment, and his sentence is the longest handed down so far in the hundreds of Capitol riot cases.
Darren Beattie recently made an appearance on War Room where he shared his thoughts on the absurd Stewart Rhodes sentencing and its implications. According to Darren, such sentencing, along with similar cases, serves as a means for the government to lend "gravitas" to the January 6th event, which many Americans believe was orchestrated by federal authorities as a setup.

Washington Examiner:
A sizable majority of likely voters believe that the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021, was provoked by government agents secretly operating in the crowds, a stunning rejection of the blame that Justice Department prosecutors and a special House panel have put squarely on the head of former President Donald Trump.

While many had suspicions of undercover agents fanning anger in the crowd about Trump's electoral loss to President Joe Biden, the airing of never-before-seen videos by Fox's Tucker Carlson jumped that number to 65% in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey.
Darren added that the Regime is giving out these ridiculously absurd sentences as a way to send a threatening message to other dissidents. And, of course, as Darren always emphasizes, it all goes back to Trump. The Regime is constantly searching for ways to destroy Trump once and for all.

Darren then dives into the "Fedsurrection" and highlights two "smoking gun" pieces of evidence: Ray Epps' puzzling case and the outrageously implausible story of the D.C. pipe bomber. Revolver News extensively covered the mind-boggling pipe bomb incident, and our investigations uncovered major flaws in the FBI's account. In one of our articles titled "Google Earth Walkthrough Further Exposes FBI's Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Hoax," we exposed the FBI's version as laughingly absurd.

Recall that Kamala Harris curiously hid the fact that she was in the DNC building on January 6th, and it was only an entire year after the so-called insurrection that the press reported that the Vice President-elect was in the building the morning of the 6th while the pipe bomb was on the premises. Of course, as Vice President elect Kamala Harris enjoyed the protection of the Secret Service, this means that the Secret Service must have conducted a sweep of the DNC building before she entered.

According to Senator Ron Johnson, the Secret Service definitively affirmed that they swept the outside areas of the DNC building adjacent to the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking deck [...]

The notion that the Secret Service, the most elite protection detail in the world, swept the DNC building and managed to miss the pipe bomb is impossible to believe — either that or what transpired was such an act of such gross negligence that it is tantamount to deliberate malfeasance. Indeed, as the Google Earth satellite photo reveals, the pipe bomb was mere feet from both the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking garage, where the Secret Service claims it conducted a sweep.
Darren thinks the "pipe bomb" story is incredibly flawed and messy, to the point that it completely undermines the entire "Fedsurrection." It unravels everything.