ESG's, diversity, equity, and inclusion, stakeholder capitalism, sustainability, CBDC's, transhumanism, Agenda 2030 — no doubt you've heard or read about these and any number of other terms that are meant to get the public with the new progressive and "forward thinking" policies and philosophies of the future. Of course you have; they are all part of the behemoth global elite-inspired policies and agendas of the so-called "Great Reset." But what's really behind them? What are they actually meant to accomplish? And how might these ideas, put into actual practice, affect the way that we live — or don't live?

Joining MindMatters once again is accomplished writer and researcher Michael Rectenwald. Author of Springtime for Snowflakes, Beyond Woke and The Google Archipelago — and in a most insightful progression — Michael tackles his biggest and most important subject yet with his new book The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty. With a depth and breadth that is unmatched, his new book delves into one of the most profoundly totalitarian and far-reaching new (and not so new) political, social, and economic agendas in contemporary history. Join us as we get our heads around what already promises to be the most monstrous and destructive developments of the 21st century, the Great Reset, and discuss what we can actually do in response.

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