spain terrorist
The assailant is pictured wielding a long blade
A church official was killed Wednesday and several others injured, including a priest, when a man wielding a bladed weapon stormed a church in southern Spain, police sources said.

The fatal attack occurred at San Isidro church in the port city of Algeciras in the southern Andalusia region.

'Shortly before 8:00 pm (1900 GMT), a person launched an attack with a bladed weapon, killing one person and injuring others,' an interior ministry statement said, indicating the victim had died 'outside the church'.

One of the wounded, who was injured inside the church, was in 'serious' condition, it added. The attacker was arrested and is in the custody of Spain's National Police.

spain terrorist
The attacker's machete-like blade is pictured lying on the floor following the assault
Prosecutors opened a terror probe following the attack, led by a judge from the Audiencia Nacional, Spain's top criminal court which handles terror-related cases, the public prosecutor's office said without giving further details.

A police source told AFP the victim was a church official and said a priest was among the injured.

He said the attacker was wearing a long robe and had 'shouted something' while launching the attack.

The source did not specify how the attack was carried out but local media reports, citing witnesses, said the assailant was wielding a machete.

Grainy footage shared on social media showed the assailant stalking across a pedestrian street brandishing a long blade in his hands moments before his arrest took place.

A Spanish woman could be overheard saying: 'My God, people are mad. The man you can see there he is carrying an axe in his hand and has just hit someone over the head with it and left him on the ground.'

Several police were filmed marching the man under arrest to a patrol car before taking him away. Paramedics and investigators are pictured at the scene of a murder in Algeciras, Spain.

One local named only as Manuel who witnessed the attacks told a Spanish radio station: 'It's a miracle there wasn't a massacre.

'It all happened very quickly. This person tried to attack others.'

Juanma Moreno, the regional president of Spain's southern Andalucia region of which Algeciras is a part, tweeted: 'Terrible and gut-wrenching.

'They've killed a sexton and injured, at least, a priest in an attack in Algeciras. It is still under investigation but I condemn this crime. Intolerance will never be accepted in our society.'

The secretary general of Spain's Episcopal Conference, Francisco Garcia, wrote on Twitter that 'I have received the news of the incident in Algeciras with great pain'.

'These are sad moments of suffering, we are united by the pain of families of the victims and for the Diocese of Cadiz,' he added.