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When the announcement was made that vaccines would be available for Covid-19 by the end of 2020, even as someone with no training in immunology, virology or vaccinology, three basic questions raised the alarm for me:
  1. Since the Infection Fatality Rate for Covid-19 was so small (0.096% according to the British Government), and skewed towards a demographic above the average age of mortality, why on earth would we need to inject whole populations?
  2. Since vaccines normally take years before they come on the market, how did the manufacturers of these products come up with them in so short a timescale, with one particular manufacturer, which had never brought a single medical product to market before, designing its product within 48 hours?
  3. Since normal vaccines take 10-15 years of safety data before they are allowed to be given to people, how did the manufacturers manage to circumvent time itself to understand the safety of these products in the mid to long-term.
Since those initial alarm bells started ringing, all my worst fears about where this shocking display of hubris might lead have slowly but surely been coming to pass. However, even taking into account all the jaw dropping data on adverse events and deaths from these products (see here for instance), nothing has made me more concerned than a recent study showing a shift towards IgG4 antibody production in those who have had repeated mRNA injections. As I say, I have no background or training in interpreting this kind of thing, so I am entirely dependent on those who do have such expertise to help me understand its implications. And since this study appeared, a number of excellent analysts, whose work has been extraordinarily helpful for anyone wanting to understand the truth about these products, have all been sounding the trumpet that its findings are extremely alarming and potentially very dire.

Here are some links variously describing the findings as "a biological time bomb," "the trainwreck of all trainwrecks," a potential "plague of IgG4-related disease on a subpopulation of humans" and "Philadelphia 2023". I would encourage readers to check these out, with the first one written by the excellent Igor Chudov perhaps the easiest for the non-expert to grasp.

The gist of what they are all saying is that the Pfizer mRNA shot (it was specifically the Cominarty product that was studied) appears to be causing its recipients to shift towards producing the wrong antibodies. Normally, the human body would produce IgG1-3 antibodies (particularly IgG3) to target viral infections. But in those who have had two or more shots, the immune response now appears to be driven by IgG4 antibodies. According to the paper itself:
"IgG4 antibodies among all spike-specific IgG antibodies rose on average from 0.04% shortly after the second vaccination to 19.27% late after the third vaccination."
The paper also shows that for those who subsequently had a breakthrough infection, this figure rose to an average of over 42%.

Why is this so alarming? IgG4 antibodies are those which help the human body to tolerate allergens (such as pollen, bee stings, and peanuts), so this massive shift towards them from IgG1-3 indicates that immune systems are being trained to tolerate, rather than fight, SARS-CoV-2 and potentially other viruses. It's as if the commanders of a nation's armed forces suddenly switched from training soldiers to fight enemies using guns, tanks, and artillery etc, to training them in how to welcome them with open arms by handing out bunches of flowers.

Sadly, I am hearing more and more anecdotal evidence that may well be confirming this phenomenon. Countless stories about people getting repeat infections, of people being unable to shift infections, of people getting persistent coughs, colds, flus that are lasting for weeks, rather than a few days as they would once have done. Whilst a persistent cold or flu might seem to be none-too-serious, if it is a sign of an immune system that is no longer trained to deal effectively with infections, but rather to tolerate them, this is very concerning. As Igor Chudov writes:
"The disease may seem mild if immune tolerance fails to elicit a strong reaction and stop viral replication. The virus, proliferating unopposed, damages the cardiovascular system more than in those who can mount a vigorous immune reaction."
Alongside all the other horrors we have seen with these wretched things, we now have hard evidence of how they may well be wrecking the human immune system, on an individual and potentially a population level. Barring some kind of miraculous change in circumstances, whereby either immune systems are somehow able to adapt and overcome the harm that has been done, or someone is able to develop a medical intervention that can reset it, the picture painted by these latest findings is extremely bleak. However, I see no such rescue coming our way until the reckless hubris that led to this situation is acknowledged, repented over, and the perpetrators held to account. As it is, there is little sign of this happening, with no official acknowledgment of the harm that has been done, and with all those behind this evil still in their post or enjoying their retirement.

Such concerning news cannot but lead me to offer up fervent prayer to the Father of all Mercy, that he would intervene in this tragic episode to deliver us. Praying that he would have mercy on those who have had their bodies and their immune systems damaged by these products. Praying that he would bring much of his church to repentance for its unquestioning support for these extremely dangerous products. Praying that he would bring the truth out into the open, such that the authorities and media are no longer able to hide behind their lies, that the perpetrators would be held to account, and that we might see substantial healing of whole populations — spiritually, mentally and physically. If this inspires any readers to pray similarly, I will see it as a small but significant victory in the midst of the tragedy that has been waged on so many by so few.
Robert Slane is the author of The God Reality: A Critique of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, and A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, The Universe & Everything. Thus has he written monthly worldview articles for the American health sharing company, Samaritan Ministries, and has regularly contributed to The Conservative Woman and the Canadian magazine, Reformed Perspective.