Sault Ste. Marie has a 97 per cent chance of seeing a white Christmas from year to year. After all, to officially call a White Christmas you need 2 cm on the ground Christmas morning. We've gone slightly overboard this year.

Since Friday, the Sault has received over 77cm and that's not including accumulation from midnight Saturday to Christmas morning. Unofficially, another 30cm fell in that time frame.

To put things in perspective, last winter the Sault maintained a snow pack of 40 to 50cm - that was for the entire winter
. As of Christmas morning, we have seen over 100cm and it's still snowing.

Environment Canada says we could expect another 20cm by Monday when the snow squalls begin to wind down and temperatures start to climb to plus 5c by New Year's Eve.

Most of the U.S. and southern parts of Canada were hit by a massive winter storm producing blizzard conditions . Sault Ste. Marie managed to escape the brunt of that storm. As the low pressure slid to the north east, that allowed for a cooler air mass to move across Lake Superior that started Friday night. That has resulted in record snowfall thanks to snow squalls in the Sault.

The most snow to fall on Christmas eve was a mere 15.1 cm in 1977. The most snow on the ground for Christmas eve in the Sault was 83 cm in 1980. The largest snowfall for Christmas day was set in 1992 with 24.6cm . The most snow on the ground for Christmas day was set in 1980 with 80cm . We have shattered those records THIS YEAR.