Ursula von der Leyen

European Union Intends To ‘Flatten The Curve’ For Electricity Use
The winds of autumnal change carry an ominous pre-winter chill for Europeans: General Winter is amassing to march his icy-troops into every household...

The current "energy crisis" facing the European Member States is the idiotic consequence of a pulpy nose in the hand severed from the face. Guided and cajoled by an American hand gripping the wrist, the European Union (and others) have finally brought the knife to their own faces. Britain and the United Kingdom have proven equally self-spiteful, and have similarly hacked at their own noses to express their Russian-focused spite; and other 'a-world-away' Anglophonic Western nations (Australia, New Zealand, Canada), have also taken up such a knife with a similar lock-step intent to slash and bleed their peoples: a hindsight mirror will someday reveal the magnitude of the West's self-mutilation.

Basically, the Western World, especially the Five Eye Nations, are deliberately being collapsed into energy poverty, and the vast societal and financial destruction that such a reality portends.

Life ends without energy; pertinently, current lifestyles, endeavours and lives can be beggared and controlled by a manufactured energy scarcity. Indeed, to "reset," any human industrial and commercial nexus-system (the current state of modern industrialised human life), the power needs to be turned off.

Once the darkness ends, and the electricity-circuits are eventually "reset," the one with the hand on the switch commanding, "Let there be light," will be the sole technocratic god: ironically, the very Dark Ones behind the coming rolling power outages. And with a flick of a switch, that god will demand subservience, submission and sacrifice — lest the golden switch be flicked off again, and again, and again...

Global energy lockdowns are coming — that is the plan. The excuse for 'rolling blackouts' will be the illusion of "energy scarcity."

"Flatten the curve" = destroy all human prosperity = enslavement to "The Great Reset" agenda

"Flatten the curve," was the first verbal command issued by the Pandemic Hoaxers, and anxious populations everywhere dutifully obeyed this dictate from above. It would be "only two weeks of lockdown" (as parroted by Chief Health Officers advising governments in all WHO-aligned countries), and everyone, everywhere, would reasonably do their part as a virtuous collective to "flatten the curve" of transmission and infection. And thus, it began...

The global COVID-19 PsyOp was truly a Pandemic of Authoritarianism.

Propaganda was artfully simmered-to-boil and stirred in a hyper-bowl, only to be ladled-cold into mouths ignorantly agape, and into minds media-bewitched.

The precipitating "virus scare" was negligible in contrast to the destructive actions pursued by diseased governments. Populations everywhere were naively infected by an irrational lockstep-response that suspended their liberty, while dismantling their livelihoods and lives. In the aftermath, many millions have had their lives prematurely ended, or permanently impaired by "vaccination." Immune systems have been severely degraded by coerced mRNA injections of the spike protein bioweapon. Currently, the perils of inflation (caused by lockdowns) augur a looming global-recession that will flick the pivotal domino that collapses the entire Global Financial System. The Dark Hand behind the scenes is ready — finger coiled, and itching to viper-flick.

Discerning minds can see the obvious: COVID-19 was a manufactured opportunity seized to snatch freedoms, under the compassionate pretext of "saving lives." It was also a psychological precursor, a primer, and means to warp and condition the susceptible Social Mind for planned future submission. All this was undoubtedly preplanned to facilitate a reset of the global economy, and to reset the human genome into an mRNA-induced weakness.

That was Phase One.

Phase Two: Energy Lockdowns is almost upon us...

On the 7th of September, the serving President of the European Commission, Usula von der Leyen, announced on behalf of the European Union that there was a need to 'flatten the curve,' to address global energy scarcity:
The first one is smart savings of electricity. What has changed over the summer, because of the elements I was just mentioning, is that we see that there is a global scarcity of energy. So whatever we do, one thing is for sure: We have to save electricity, but we have to save it in a smart way. If you look at the costs of electricity, there are peak demands. And this is what is expensive, because, in these peak demands, the expensive gas comes into the market. So what we have to do is to flatten the curve and avoid the peak demands. We will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours. And we will work very closely with the Member States to achieve this.1
In this context, forthcoming Energy Lockdowns, rolling blackouts, mandates and aggressive militarised policing will all be imposed to "flatten the curve" — this time, to save lives from the cold.

Disconnecting Abundant Russian Energy (Nord Stream 1 & 2) from European Markets

The former energy integration and supply pipelines between Europe and Russia had once assured mutual prosperity. Europe's tremendous energy requirements had been addressed. All mechanisms of an industrialised society and a prosperous nation require abundant energy: life is sustained by energy; energy is life — from productive satiated individuals, to lights-on nation-states. A European partnership with Russian gas suppliers was beneficial to the Eurasian transcontinental supply of cheap and readily available energy.

The imminent completion of Russia's Nord Stream 2 would have doubled the European supply from the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and would have guaranteed a symbiotic energy abundance into perpetuity. However, unwilling to relinquish the insane pursuit of unipolarity and global hegemonic dominance, the Western "Great Resetters" have actively sought, and have presently sabotaged, the European-Russian relationship.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict was engineered to serve this very purpose: to terminate Russian influence and energy from Europe (especially Germany) — to disconnect Gazprom's Nord Steam 1, and to permanently prevent the contractual finalisation of Nord Stream 2 that would commence supply to Germany.

Indeed, "The Great Reset" project cannot be allowed to be jeopardised by an emerging multipolar world; Russia cannot ascend to its rightful global role — only an apex One World Government ruling with a single Digital Currency over a digitally enslaved and chronically medicated humanity must emerge from the controlled chaos of combined pandemic, energy and food crises.

...Or so they hope.

Russia and its stalwart allies (both evident, and those currently silent), have other ideas: returning to the Gold Standard by backing their individual currencies with gold traded commodities, rather than the current US Reserve fiat system underpinned by endlessly printed flittering fluff.

Thus, the sovereign nation of an ascending Russia, and all other similarly motivated nations (BRICS Nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa & now Iran, Syria, Latin America and others) that were equally inspired by the commercial prospects of multipolarity (coupled with retained national sovereignty) need to be destroyed — Russia was their first formidable target... and Russia, seeing the Machiavellian Anglo-American play, preemptively countered their impending "Ukrainian-bridgehead" attack.

Russia would not allow herself to be "Balkanised" by a Western-NATO butchering and scavenging of her colossal corpse for commercial plunder. Her people and her culture would not be erased, enslaved and slaughtered to usher in a grand geopolitical "resetting." Indeed, modern Russia is a bastion of freedom, and the very Christian antithesis to Schwab & Co's vision of a godless-transhumanist perversion of our species.

On September 28, against the backdrop of rancorous Germans and Czechs protesting for the blessing of Nord Stream 2 to avert impending gas doom, both Nord Stream pipelines beneath the Baltic Sea were explosively-ruptured by saboteurs: undoubtedly, the usual Anglo-American cui bono bastards.2

This single act may directly contribute to the foreseeable deaths of tens-of-millions. In the direst of hours, there can can be no panicked rapprochement between Germany and Russia if the gas cannot physically be delivered...

Europe's Russian sanctions are a true sanctioning of Europe.

All boomerang "sanctions" on Russia have only degraded and paralysed the collective prosperity of Europeans. Perhaps this was always the intent, or, perhaps, Judo Master Putin has masterfully parried their impact and redirected the blow? This winter they will freeze as a result. Small businesses will be permanently "snowed-in," and so will many European lives: a foreseeable and preplanned tragedy.

Russia had strategically asked for all gas contracts to be renegotiated in a payment of rubles to circumvent the default US dollar payment system (the not so hidden hand behind the genocidal Ukronazis), and they would guarantee the flow of cheap Russian gas — Europe balked at the proposal, imposed additional sanctions, and fanatically armed and funded a Ukrainian proxy-war at the behest of their American masters. Truthfully, the compromised European Union did only as it was instructed, helpless and hapless to do otherwise.

Alas, the chains subjugating the European vassals lie limp and uncontested, having long moved in limitation beneath the gargantuan American Hegemon — there has been no need to test the durability of the enslaving links. Perhaps, this winter, a frozen and freezing people will finally warm to rebelling against the idea that slavishly serving American geopolitical belligerence is literally a coldblooded and cold-hearted pursuit?

The European Union has no independent leadership other than those fulfilling the dictates proposed by the transnational World Economic Forum; no self-direction, other than to incrementally dismantle all former aspects of modern European life, including most lives, as directed.

Europe needs to unshackle itself, before its soon-to-be-raging peoples are flash-frozen beneath the permafrost of its apocalyptic fate. It may already be too late...

Apocalyptic Winter Cometh

Those countries recently locked-down during Phase One of the Global Pandemic Hoax, have been primed, and are undoubtedly the focus of Phase Two: Energy Lockdowns. Volatile economies that are still struggling to recover from a period of prolonged pandemic lockdowns to "flatten the curve," will finally be flattened. Once the power is out, and rolling blackouts roll over all small businesses, the lights will be permanently out for many across Europe and The United Kingdom this winter — the Southern Hemisphere will be destined to succumb to a similar industrial and commercial freeze in the months to follow.

The global economies, unable to be powered, will collapse and segue into a preplanned "lifeline" dystopia of Universal Basic Income extracted from a Central Bank Digital Currency meted out by Social Credit Scores. Although this is the plan, it is not a predetermined outcome: awareness, knowledge and resistance will be the ultimate decider. Russia is resisting, countries are resisting — the people must resist!

It is ironic that we did all we could to tear the fabric of functioning society as we endeavoured to protect a small minority of the "most vulnerable" from catching a lab-leaked cold — and, now, mercilessly, our leaders are doing all they can to forsake all to the cold.

These psychopathic Globalist Technocrats, devoid of human warmth, have a chilling vision for all of us... it is time for humanity to rise, united, to flatten the curve of their inhuman influence.

The very preservation of our species depends upon it.

1 https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/SPEECH_22_5389

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