serbia farmer protest 2022
Farmers from Vojvodina, Mačva, Stig and other parts of Serbia are organizing a protest ride today in order to draw attention to the pressing problems of agricultural producers that the state does not want to solve. Farmers who gathered at the pump on the road between Stara Pazova and Indjija started a protest drive towards Batajnica.

"Until now, farmers have not entered Belgrade with tractors and protested in the capital, every government has so far managed to avoid and prevent that." We are one step closer to that. If the Government of Serbia does not fulfill the demands of the farmers, the next destination is Belgrade - the Parliament", said Aleksandra Jovanović Ćuta, deputy of the coalition "Moramo Zajedno" and co-president of the Zajedno party.

By the way, earlier, the farmers started a protest drive in a convoy of tractors from the pump on the road between Stara Pazova and Inđija to Batajnica.

At the head of the protest column are three police cars. About 20 tractors and 40 people gathered at today's protest at that location.

At the beginning of the protest, the farmers said that they had properly announced the protest drive, but the commander informed them that they had legal problems. However, they decided to go on a protest ride despite everything.

In tractors and cars, most of the protest participants brought their children along. They blow their horns all the time, and the police are at the front and at the end of the line.

The column is about 200 meters long.

According to information, the farmers, as they told us, were called by the Ministry of Agriculture and told that they were headed to Požarevac.

"I joined this initiative today, but this is just the beginning." Neither the Government of Serbia, nor the president inspires confidence in us, we are not overthrowing the government, we are just trying to save our farms. We had high fuel prices, drought and all sorts of other things. We invested a lot, but we have almost nothing. We don't have corn, with the price we had last year, which was lower, but with less investment now, with this price, we won't have anything left," says Jovan Novanković.

"We are demanding our rights, first subsidies for milk and then the rest." We have invested a lot, but we have nothing, we used to work and Preševo ​​was being built, and today we are working and Belgrade on the water and Novi Sad are being built, and what about us? Where are we here? This is where dissatisfaction culminates," says Đorđe Sremčević from Karlovčić.

"We duly registered for the protest ride, but they tell us that now we have some legal problems." We just want our rights, and the price of fuel that is normal. We agreed with the others to fight. The state is asking for social peace, and we are asking to be paid the real price of sunflowers. We asked that the price for a ton of sunflower be 700 euros and that we can fill fuel at a preferential price of 179 dinars," says Radoslav Avramović.

Milorad Novaković, one of the farmers in the column, stated that today they will not block Serbia or the roads, but will have a protest drive.

"The state simply lowered the price of the premium from 15 to 10 dinars in a never-worse situation. I am telling the minister to force some of his associates to go on the field and that Serbia is not a few tycoons."

There are also blockades near Požarevac, where the bridge on Velika Morava is blocked.

Radoslav Adamović from the Initiative for the Survival of Serbian Farmers said earlier that the protest should first start at nine o'clock in Stig, after which the drive should start at 12 o'clock in the direction of Stara Pazova-Batajnica.

"The protest ride will start from Srbobran, probably towards Novi Sad, from Stara Pazova to Batajnica, Subotica and Sombor around the city, and in Požarevac, Stiga farmers will have their own plan," said Adamović.

He added that the municipalities of Žabalj, Temerin, Bačka Palanka will also protest and will start driving to Novi Sad. As Adamović pointed out, they will start the protest between 10 am and 12 pm.

"We are sorry that we have to disturb other citizens, but we are forced to react to the craziness carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture." "The protest will start at different intervals," he said.

We remind you that after a series of decisions by the top government to limit the prices of agricultural products, as well as not to contribute to making the burden of farmers easier to bear at a time when prices are galloping, farmers are taking to the streets.

As Nikola Mažić, one of the representatives of the Initiative for the Survival of Serbian Farmers, said, a two-hour protest ride will be organized in several parts of Serbia, which may turn into large blockades if their demands are not met.

"The state has already banned the export of wheat and oil, which it must not do."

Comment: It may be that banning exports, at a time of looming, life threatening, food shortages, may result in farmers going out of business, but will manage to sustain the country, and its stability, for a while longer than it would otherwise.

We had a dry year, with the worst sowing in the history of Serbia, plus with prices formed like this, it is inevitable that farmers will fail.

The worst situation is in Banat. We demand that the state does not interfere in the determination of prices, because only a few people make money in this way. Additionally, we ask that the price of sunflowers be at least 700 euros per ton and that we be allowed to pour 100 liters of fuel at a preferential price," Mažić explained earlier.