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Over 1,000 New York City police officers have filed to leave the department in 2022, raising doubts about the city's ability to maintain a substantive police force and maintain safety and security.

Former NYPD detective Jason Caputo and Blue Lives Matter NYC founder Joe Imperatrice weighed in on the law enforcement exodus on Fox & Friends First Monday, arguing that incentives for working with The Big Apple's police force no longer exist.

"You're losing qualified [people], you're losing experience, you're losing so much when it comes to that kind of stuff," Caputo told guest host Ashley Strohmier.

The former detective's comments come a month after he left his 18-year service and as others partaking in the exodus leave before receiving full pensions.

Caputo claimed the city is "steering away" from encouraging officers to apprehend criminals, adding that city and NYPD leaders are "putting victims and police in jeopardy."
nypd new york city shooting
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NYPD officers respond to the scene of a shooting that left multiple people injured in the Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn on April 6, 2021.
Strohmier shifted the discussion to New York City's "diaphragm law," which prohibits officers from placing suspects in choke holds or exerting pressure on a suspect's diaphragm and pointed to a recent example of MMA fighter Ro Malabanan, who helped take down a criminal suspect by securing him against the ground.

"The progressive city council would have went after an officer [if they had done the same move], they would have went after their job," Imperatrice said. "Any type of fight - especially martial arts - you end up on the ground, and that's what it's all about; you're trying to subdue the individual. That MMA fighter did nothing wrong, but he had to use his body weight to subdue them until officers arrived..."

Imperatrice and Caputo both claimed officers are risking "everything" to do their jobs amid a hostile environment toward law enforcement.

Caputo followed up on the topic, answering Strohmier's question about incentives for joining the NYPD by saying there are "none," and adding, "I wouldn't really encourage that many people to take this job anymore."
Taylor Penley is a production assistant with Fox News.