Philippi residents go on a rampage after a horrific incident that took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. The disgruntled community members in Philippi are reeling in shock after two people were allegedly mauled to death by three Rottweilers. Numerous residents were leaving the area as the City's Fire and Rescue services worked on dousing out structures that had been set alight.

Another person, who was also attacked by the dogs, allegedly owned by a local farmer, was rushed to hospital. However, it's still unclear, whether anything provoked the dogs. One of the deceased, Riedewaan Sias, was reportedly found lying outside, on a road close to the farm.

According to witnesses, the deceased face bore the brunt of his injuries as it was covered with bite marks. An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, said Sias was naked as his clothes were ripped to pieces. Distraught family members watched as their loved one was removed from the scene where he died.

As per Weekend Argus, Sias was walking to the nearby Egoli informal settlement shortly after 3am with another man when they allegedly saw the dogs attack a woman, who later succumbed to her wounds. The identity of the woman is still unknown.

Locals reported that the pair attempted to help her but were also targeted by the dogs while trying to help her. It still remains a mystery as to why the dogs were left to roam unleashed. The farmer was not present on the farm for questioning and attempts to reach him on a number provided were unsuccessful. The police said details surrounding the incident are under investigation.

The Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) confirmed that its inspectors assisted Law Enforcement and SAPS officials to impound three dogs after the incident. SPCA chief inspector Jaco Pieterse, cautioned dog owners on farms to fence their properties properly and put signs up as a notice to warn people against entering private properties. He also warned people who own dogs to make sure that their property is adequately fenced as per the law.