7 cows killed in a lightning strike.
© Prasit Tangprasert
Puttha Sa-ut points to the carcasses of her cows after they were struck by lightning in Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday.
Deadly lightning struck a forest during a rain storm in the Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima, killing seven cows instantly. The unusual occurrence happened yesterday and was reported by the Hook 31 Rescue Unit. That unit was called to investigate in the northeastern province in response to the incident that took place at around 12:10 pm.

The unit hurried to tambon Dan Chang, Bua Yai district to the village of Ban Nong Mek where the rare lightning strike had taken place. A local villager told the tale about how cows were grazing in a forest adjacent to the village when she took four of her cows to join other people's cows to graze.

It was just after noon when a big storm rolled in, dumping rain on the forest area. The villager gathered up her cows and move them under a tree to try to keep them safe from the storm. All the local people who brought their cows to graze moved to a nearby wooden shack where they could take shelter from the downpour.

While huddled in that shack, the villagers heard a loud crack of thunder and lightning struck the forest. A total of seven cows were killed by that lightning strike.

Maybe there's something about cows that attract lightning, as in May a woman was killed by lightning strikes also while in a cow field. All four cows belonging to the local villager were among the seven who died from the lightning strike. She said that the cows provided for her family and it was a huge loss for them.