A lightning storm caused quite a shocking scene after it zapped a massive wind turbine in North Texas, setting it ablaze before it came tumbling down.

Shortly after being struck, the wind turbine continued to spin, sending the flames in a loop and leaving rings of smoke behind.

Videos of the fire were captured Friday and were posted to Twitter by Chris Lopez.

The flames continued to grow and eventually took over the turbine, according to Lopez. The propellers came to a stop as heavy clouds of black smoke swarmed the sky.

"The start of it, then it just disintegrated," he commented on one video.

The Crowell Volunteer Fire Department got called out to the turbine and shared a video on Facebook.

In the video, the turbine propellers are seen dropping one by one as the flames continue to grow.

It's unknown if other structures in the area were damaged, though the turbine is located in the middle of a field. Farm equipment was a far distance away from the flames.