Currently, the average temperature in the capital is lower than the climatic norm, head of the National Hydrometeorological Service Umayra Tagiyeva said.

In Shahdag, the air temperature was recorded at 0 degrees, as a result, the precipitation turned to snow, and even a 1 cm snow cover was formed, she said.

She noted that although this is a rare event, a similar case happened in Shahdag on July 1, 2019: "Both the record flooding events that occurred in June, and the processes recorded at the beginning of July, indicate the aggravation of the contrasts of climate changes, and increase of abnormal atmospheric events once again".

The head of the service noted that, as previously reported, the cold weather front caused intensive and heavy precipitation mainly in the northern and western regions: "For example, there was a heavy downpour in some parts of the Greater Caucasus, and the amount of precipitation falling in just 12 hours in Balakan was 83 mm (108 per cent of the monthly norm), in Zagatala it was 80 mm (104 per cent of the monthly norm). As a result, in the morning, the villages of Talachay, Gimir, Gimirbazar of the Zagatala region were flooded."