On July 2, 2022, affected by the strong convective weather, heavy rain occurred in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. The Taiyuan Meteorological Observatory has issued a red warning of urban waterlogging meteorological risk, and the warning area was six urban areas.

Due the torrential rains, many sections of Taiyuan City, such as the Wayao Street on Qianfeng North Road and Mengshan Street on Xinjinci Road, were seriously flooded, and traffic was interrupted for a time. In addition, the depth of water accumulation in several other road sections ranges from 20 cm to 50 cm.

The depth of water near the west gate building of Xincheng, Xincheng South Street, reached 1 meter, causing some people to be trapped in the front room. Heavy rainfall also caused serious water accumulation in a parking lot near a local community, and dozens of cars parked in the parking lot were flooded in water.

In addition, a car was flooded under the Nanshe Street Bridge on the West Central Ring Road. Firefighters used rubber boats to approach the flooded car and guided the driver to climb out of the sunroof and transfer him to a safe area.

The local authorities received a total of 42 cases including flooded vehicles and people trapped in elevators due to power outages. The authorities suggested that residents should minimize going out on heavy rainy days.