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Victor Medvedchuk • Russian President Vladimir Putin
A court in Kyiv has banned the pro-Russian Opposition Platform -- For Life (OPZZh) political party led by jailed Kremlin-friendly politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

The Justice Ministry issued a statement after the Administrative Court of Appeals No. 8 handed down the decision on June 20, saying that the party's property and assets will be confiscated by the State Treasury.

Medvedchuk was captured by Ukrainian law enforcement in April after he violated house-arrest restrictions and tried to flee to Russia.

The leader of the OPZZh, which advocated close ties with Russia, was arrested last year on charges of treason and terrorism financing. The 67-year-old Medvedchuk denies the charges and calls them politically motivated.

Medvedchuk, who has vacationed with Putin and even made him the godfather of his child, is one of Ukraine's wealthiest individuals, with a fortune estimated at around $620 million by Forbes, including energy assets in Russia.

Ukraine placed sanctions on Medvedchuk in February 2021, freezing his assets, and took off the air three television stations it said belonged to him for promoting Russian propaganda.