Global engineering human transitions and servitude.
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Western governments declared war on their citizens long ago. The war has been given many names: Cognitive war, Information war, Psychological war, or the academic term Fifth Generational Warfare.

Some say it hasn't gone "kinetic" yet, but they are wrong. They are terrorizing the world with man-made bioweapons as lethal force and then offering the cures with second, third, and fourth injectable bioweapons.

It is a silent war. Most people have no idea they're even on a battlefield or that war criminals are in power all around them.

It was only months ago the war criminals increased their rhetoric and threats, asking openly if the "anti-vaxxers" should be tolerated, telling us it would be "a dark winter of death" for those that refused the clot shots, and admitting "I want to make life miserable for these people."1 They declared emergencies on protestors and seized finances in Canada.

They still ban people from travel, even domestic travel, make them prisoners on islands like New Zealand and force citizens into quarantine camps. The camp experiments may be on hold in Australia but the dress rehearsals were downright frightening. In Greece and Italy, they're still deducting money from the pensions of unjabbed pensioners. It's beyond cruel, beyond diabolical.


Yes, we're at war.

But why the jabs?

What is it about them besides injecting grotesque Big Pharma profits from taxpayer coffers to criminal corporations?

That's a good enough answer for the indoctrinated Sea Farer who hasn't made it to the forest let alone the mountain top, but it's entirely insufficient to explain everything else that has happened.

Why the mysterious death of whistleblowers like chemist and carbon specialist Dr. Andreas Noack who revealed mRNA vaccines contain tiny particles of graphene hydroxide that function as nano razor blades in the bloodstream calling anyone who injects these substances, murderers, as they cause clotting and micro clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, and strokes plus 9 pages of other "side effects"?

Why are there magnetic bodies with metallic objects sticking to people's arms?

We always assumed the answer to the mass forced vaccination campaign beyond Big Pharma windfalls was submission and obedience to drunken absolute power and to separate the dissenters from the herd, but even that only gets one to the lower forest. The violation of basic human rights including bodily autonomy for something that the science showed didn't even work just wasn't grounded in anything resembling reality or sanity. Yet, they pushed and pushed and divided families, coworkers, colleagues, and all of society.

They're still pushing forward with their global lock step agenda to tie these toxic jabs with participation in society through digital passports, controlled digital currencies, and threatening people's jobs, livelihoods, and even employer-subsidized health care.

Again, why?

I've had to unsubscribe from a dozen substack newsletters, many of whom were pioneers. And while courageous enough to speak out early and often, having grown their platforms exponentially with people desperate for the truth, they have since spent the past eight months taking their eyes off the ball, covering much of the same ground over and over like hamsters on a wheel. Far too many of them still hold delusions that the entire corrupt system can be reformed through direct action and voting.

They have not realized the fix is in on the election front and not just in the United States. Germany, Canada, and France had elections in the past year that were all suspicious whether through political party collusion to block populist movements or outright vote-rigging through ballot sabotage and computer alterations of total votes. Soros and the western swamp spent an untold fortune buying political parties in Hungary to topple the populist and popular Fidesz party but the Hungarian people were too smart and saw right through the five political parties conspiring against their favorite leader in Victor Orban. He won by a landslide which is probably the only chance any future unapproved candidates have in their controlled elections. Global tyrants have power and they will not let a frivolous performative exercise that gives people the illusion of hope like elections take it away.

These hamster wheelers on substack are still rummaging through peer-reviewed studies as if those still matter hoping "the data" will reveal something they don't already know but are too afraid to openly admit. Many prominent people are still afraid of being called "conspiracy theorists".

Their newsletters were polluting my inbox with dopey subject lines like "The Vaccines Definitely Don't Work" and "More proof they lied about vaccines." These people never read Sherlock Holmes? Have they never watched Gumshoe or Monk? Some of them have thousands of paid subscribers drooling over their tedious content, which is partly why we're losing this war.

The world has moved so far away from where most people still linger who consider themselves thoroughly enlightened on the scamdemic agenda but refuse to zoom out to see the bigger picture. They're still afraid of being called crackpots.
When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot.

- Schlomo Riskin
The war goes on and while many are left behind, the good news is millions more have noticed the insanity and are catching up and passing those pioneers by. They wonder why hospitals are still checking the vaccination status of transplant patients and if children, ask about the vaccination status of their parents. They refused life-saving operations on children if their parents weren't jabbed last year.

Some airline check-in desks are still asking about Covid vaccination status.

The question many of us have struggled with and the one most worthy of answering that still hasn't been answered about all of this complete insanity is why?

What is their Agenda? What is the REAL purpose of the vaccines?

Let's explore both questions.

In the words of a man who is rarely wrong but is often 'right again', "We know what their agenda is because they openly tell us."

We know these shots are all part of a depopulation agenda that has been an off-and-on affair for global elites since the first eugenics pseudoscience fetish. This is the mountain top where everything is clear, but people cannot make the final climb without accepting the fact that those in power everywhere want them dead. It's a depressing realization to put it mildly, but one where survival hinges on its immediate acceptance.

How did we get here and why are so many people still in the dark?

Silent War On Humanity

  1. Eugenics as Transhumanism (See #6 Singularity)
  2. Abortion as Women's Liberation and Empowerment
  3. Depopulation as Sustainable Development (Green/Carbon Scam)
  4. Gender Confusion as Empowerment (Biological denialism for Posthumanist androgyny)
  5. Technological Solutionism and Scientism aka "the science" (Controlling dogmas of the new religion to control the masses)
  6. Singularity (Deny humanity's natural evolution to merge the biological and technological through AI-Implants-Injections)
The eugenics agenda dates back to the late 19th century in Britain and the early 20th century at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory in the U.S. Pseudoscience research there led to legislation that resulted in the birth of the term 'Moron' and rendered over 30,000 women infertile through forced sterilization. This continued in some form all the way through the early 1970s. The flourishing eugenics movement in America would be imported by Nazi Germany and admired by their cadre of leadership including the notorious Dr. Joseph Mengele. That wasn't good for global management so it eventually had to be rebranded as transhumanism through engineering an obsession with technological solutionism by controlling "the science".

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